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Style on Trial: Parker Posey really likes the colour red – do you?

Parker Posey in a red dress with red tights and shoes

“Parker Posey” is such a fantastic name, isn’ it? Every  time we hear it, we think she should get a job as Superman’s sidekick or something, because she totally has the nane for it. And she kinda has the style for it, too, because as soon as we saw  this particular outfit, with its combination of red dress, red tights and red shoes, we thought it looked like some kind of superhero costume. Maybe that’s just us.

As you fashion-followers know, monoblocking has been touted as a “hot trend” this season, so it’s possible that Parker has just decided to take a leap aboard that particular bandwagon. Either that or she just REALLY wants to be labelled a “Scarlet woman”.

Anyway, what do you think? Has she pulled it off? Do you love the head-to-toe-red look? Or are you so distracted by the Vivienne Westwood toe shoes that you can’t see anything else?

Red toe shoes by Vivienne WestwoodInnocent or guilty? 

[Images: Fame Pictures]
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