Paris Hilton’s shoe line: what do you think of it?


Paris Hilton manages to be criticised for …. well, for almost everything she ever does, really… and her shoe collection has been no exception. By "Paris Hilton’s shoes", here, we are, of course, referring to the shoes Paris designs, rather than the shoes she actually wears, although we’d be very surprised to find out that Paris did anything more taxing here than call up the actual designer and say, "Let’s have a lot of Barbie pink".

That said, the real designer of these shoes probably didn’t spend too many sleepless nights coming up with the idea of stiletto peep toes and the like, and s/he certainly didn’t spend a lot of time coming up with the Louboutin-esque sandals which caused a bit of scandal when the line was first released.

Overall, while we think the silver peep toes are just fine and dandy, we don’t think this collection is really rocking our world – which is probably why it’s taken us so long to get round to writing about it.

Whaddya think?  Will you be stepping into Paris Hilton’s shoes? If you will be, all of the shoes on this page can be found at

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