Paris Hilton works the “dress like a toddler” trend


It’s time for a quick Fashion Masterclass, courtesy of Paris Hilton, folks. This week, Paris shows us the importance of checking your reflection from the back as well as the front before you go out – you know, a bit like Victoria Beckham probably does with that fancy-pants mirror of hers. Failure to check out your rear-view can result in the above crime of fashion: from the front – looking pretty cute. But from the back? Looking like a giant toddler in stilettos. Ouch.

Of course, that diaper-effect could just be caused by a rogue gust of wind, but actually I tend to think that these baggy pinafore dresses (or jumpers, if you’re in the US) can have a bit of an infantile look about them if you’re not really, really careful. And hell, I know we all want to look younger, but this is taking it a bit far…

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