Paris Hilton is Most Stylist Internation Person, says MTV Hong Kong. Fashion Police beg to differ.


I don’t think there can be a woman among us who didn’t give a little involuntary wince of pain upon seeing Paris’s boobs in this photo. Seems like Paris was going for a kind of ‘Blonde Ambition era Madonna look here, and that’s a pretty risky thing to do at the very best of times, but here it’s just all gone horribly, horribly wrong, with Paris apparently just squeezing her way into a dress designed for a much shorter person, and then making a half-hearted attempt to protect her "modesty" with a bit of see-through chiffon. And that’s saying absolutely nothing of the "double boobs" effect created by the ill-fitting bodice of the dress. More evidence that money can’t buy a dress that fits…

Ironically enough, in the same weekend that Paris made this dubious sartorial decision, she was also named Most Stylish International Person by MTV Hong Kong. I wonder if they’ve asked for their award back yet?

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