Would you wear… a panther hat?

Framcesco Ballestrazzi’s black velvet panther hat is certainly one of the more unique pieces of headwear we’ve seen in a while. Yes, this is us trying to be tactful. You COULD say that this is a fabulous example of “fashion as art” – a daring statement piece that only the most courageous fashion mavericks will ever dare to wear. Or you COULD say, “OMG, that dude is, like, totally wearing a panther on his head!” Which side are YOU on?

black velvet panther hat with elastic strap

Well, THIS doesn’t look awkward in the slightest, does it?

Having already addressed the thorny issue of whether rabbits and shoes should ever mix this morning, we guess the next logical question is…

Would you wear a panther hat?

(Uh, we’d just like to pause for a second here to quietly reflect on how downright STRANGE the world of fashion can be, sometimes. OK, we’re done. Back to the panther hats!)

We’re not talking about the Florida Panthers. Or the Carolina Panthers. Or the, er, Nottingham Panthers. Or the… gee, there are a lot of sports teams named after panthers, huh? We’re not even talking about panther vision hats. No, we’re talking about hats that are designed with the express purpose of making you look like you’ve just beheaded a panther and are now wearing ITS head on YOUR head, like some kind of trophy. It won’t keep you warm. It won’t allow you to see in the dark. It won’t express your support for a particular ice hockey team: GOOOOOOO PANTHERS! Nope, it’ll just provide you with a very expensive (£424) fashion statement, the statement in question being, “Look! I’m wearing a panther on my head. Tee hee!”

black velvet headband with panther head

In the paragraph above, we’ve basically just answered our own question: NO, we would not wear a panther hat. We’re just not edgy/fashion-forward/quirky/rich enough to pay $645.

Buy what about YOU, though, Fashion Police officers? Would YOU wear this hat? And if so, would you pay THIS much for it?

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