PajamaJeans: the solution for people who like to wear their pyjamas to the store

Like to wear your pyjamas in public? Tired of people looking at you like … well, like you just crawled out of bed? Don’t worry, folks, there is a solution, and it’s brought to you by the kind people at Pajamagram: introducing the PajamaJean!

These are exactly what they sound like: fleece-lined pj-bottoms that are designed to look like jeans, and yes, they were actually developed in order to cater to the needs of the growing number of “Pyjama People” who can be seen wandering around wearing the same clothes they slept in.

A good idea? Well, the company claim the product has been flying off their shelves, so obviously a lot of people think so. Will it just encourage the idea that there’s no need to get dressed in the morning, though? Time will tell on that one: if you’d like to buy yourself a pair of these, though, they retail for $59.95 and are available here. At least they look better than the Snuggie!

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