Dress of the Day: Painted rose print prom dress from Warehouse

Painted rose print prom dress

This prom dress first caught my eye a couple of weeks ago, when it featured in Heat magazine (don’t judge me too harshly – I was reading it for, er, research purposes. Yes.). I liked it, not just for the ubiquitous floral print, which I think we’re all going to be sick to death of by the time this summer is out, but because of that lovely bright blue colour, which has something very refreshing about it.

Good for a wedding or any other kind of posh, Pimms-drinking summer occasion, it’s £75 from Warehouse.

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  • February 18, 2008


    You know, I love the theory of this dress but the to the shape and the particular size of the flowers have a feeling it is the sort of thing you put on someone super thin to make them look curvy and something curvy people couldn’t pull off.

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