jeans with sweater tied around the waist

Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes: Phillip Lim pants with attached sweater

Phillip Lim jeans, $595 Just in case you hadn’t realised, the 90s grunge look is currently going through a bit of a revival, and with it comes that “look, I’ve casually tied a sweater around my waist!” look showcased in the image above. Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with tying a sweater (Or, better yet, a lumberjack shirt…) around your waist. In fact, sometimes it’s the most convenient way to carry such an item at times when it all-of-a-sudden becomes too warm to wear it, but you want to keep your hands free for something else. It happens. We wouldn’t describe it as the cutting edge of style, exactly, but… it happens. And now it’s “trendy”, which means that…


Scary Slippers: when footwear goes bad

Berhard Willhelm cotton and leather slippers, $325 We don’t normally waste our officer’s time on fashion crimes of the “indoor clothes” kind, because as people are always telling us, why should we care what people wear in the comfort of their own homes? And why indeed: we may not fully understand why some people relax at home by stuffing their feet inside a pair of stuffed teddy bears, say, or any of the many other “comedic” slippers people seem to love so much, but we’re not going to arrest them for it either. (Unless they start wearing them in public, obviously, as has happened with our arch nemesis, the adult onesie. When that happens, all bets are off.) We do…

red and white stripe bikini with bow

Beautiful Bikinis | Swimwear Roundup Part 2

Earlier this week we took a look at some of our favourite one-piece swimsuits, so today we’re redressing the balance by focusing on some beautiful bikinis. Although bikinis can be a little daunting if you’re not totally comfortable about bearing all on the beach, they remain a summer classic, and luckily there are enough different shapes and styles to suit just about everyone. Here are some bikinis we’re currently loving the look of… Gallery: Beautiful bikinis

shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Style SOS: Which shoes to wear with skinny jeans?

The post ‘What shoes to wear with skinny jeans‘ has been moved to our sister site, ShoeperWoman.com – please click here to read it! All shoes: Shopbop No one likes the “cankles” effect, and wearing shoes designed to chop the leg in half at the ankle are a really easy way to create cankles where they don’t exist. This becomes even more of an issue with jeans which hug the ankles anyway, which is why so many people have trouble working out which shoes will look good with skinny jeans, and which ones will create the dreaded “golf club” effect. ShoeperWoman helps solve that dilemma with some skinny jeans styling suggestions. If you’re looking for some posts to read here…

retro inspired fashion

Wanted! Retro-inspired style from Eucalyptus London

Love retro-inspired fashion? Well, you’re probably going to love our latest find, Eucalyptus London. And you’re probably going to hate us for introducing you to them only to reveal that, although they do have their own website, it doesn’t offer online shopping. Boo! Worry not, though: the brand is stocked by a variety of larger retailers, including Modcloth in the US and Atom Retro in the UK, as well as at a variety of other stores and sites, a full list of which can be found at the Eucalyptus website. And with that out of the way, here are some of our favourite pieces from the summer collection… Retro-inspired style… Amy dress, £78 Carla dress, £75 Regina dress, £84 Marina…

selection of one pieces in three different styles and colours

Wonderful one pieces | swimwear roundup

One pieces from M&S and House of Fraser One pieces used to be considered the frumpy older sisters of the sexier, more stylish bikini, but these days one pieces have come into their own, and are once again starting to be seen as a glamorous alternative to the bikini, rather than the last-ditch option for those who aren’t quite brave enough to bare all. Far from being “frumpy”, one pieces can be hugely flattering on just about any figure. The right one piece will hold you in, create curves even if you don’t have any, and allow you to actually go for a swim without worrying about something falling out of your bikini. Oh, and you won’t have to worry…


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