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Style Trial: Flower garlands

If personal style blogs are to be believed, a lot of women spent a large part of last summer prancing around the woods with giant flower garlands on their heads. The trouble with this, of course, is that personal style blogs possibly AREN’T a great indication of what people who AREN’T bloggers are actually wearing. We saw dozens of photos of bloggers apparently wearing this look in day-to-day life, for instance, but we’ve yet to see someone standing in line at the post office, or wandering around the supermarket looking like an extra from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This begs the question: are people actually wearing flower garlands? IS there a way to make this look work outside of a…


Trend Trial: Dungarees

DUNGAREES: the word alone is enough to strike fear into a Fashion Police’ officer’s beating heart. We’ve made no secret of our dislike of the bib overall – or “dungas” as Vogue likes to call them. To us, they’re a really easy way to look like an overgrown toddler, or alternatively, like a farm boy, and while we have nothing against either toddlers or farm boys, we’d rather leave that particular look to them, thanks very much. With dungarees – sorry, “dungas” – being touted as one of the big fashion trends of the year, however, and the stores we love slowly starting to fill up with denim overalls, we figured it was time to re-visit that opinion, and ask…

fashion criminal

How to look like a fashion criminal … even when you’re not one

Let’s face it: no one actually WANTS to look like a fashion criminal. And yet, sometimes even the most stylish people out there can make a good outfit turn bad, just by making one simple mistake. We figure if you know what those mistakes are, you’ll also know how to avoid them, so here are some quick ways to look like a fashion criminal – avoid them at all costs! Wear shoes you can’t walk in Look, we love heels as much as the next woman: they’re part of the Fashion Police uniform, in fact. If you’re going to wear heels, though – or any shoes, really – you have to be able to walk in them. There’s no easier…

purple studded shorts

The Long and the Shorts of It: our weekly fashion crime roundup

It may be just a few days since our last Crimes of Fashion roundup, but we’re sure you’ll agree it would’ve been irresponsible of us to allow this particular item to go free for even one more day: Studded shorts, £95 Studded. Dip dye. Shorts. If ever there were four words which should never appear together in the same product description, those four would be the ones. Add in the fact that these are ACID WASH shorts which have been subjected to the dip-dyeing/studding crimes, plus the super-short nature of the beasts, and we think we have ourselves a style emergency here. At first glance you might have been excused for assuming these were from Hot Topic, or some other…

zara colourblock sandals

High Street Hero: Zara colourblock ankle strap sandals

Zara ankle strap sandals, £49.99 You may well recognise these sandals. Their predecessors were a huge hit last year, and we’re fairly sure there was a point last summer when it was illegal to call yourself a fashion blogger unless you owned a pair of the green/blue or coral/tan sandals. Well, it looks like Zara has taken note of the success of the style: not only have they brought it back (in a slightly re-vamped form) for this summer, they’ve also managed to keep the stock levels high, which is something of a miracle for the Spanish chain, which has a tendency to sell out of items fast. This year’s version of the shoe has the same high ankle as…

how to look good fast

How to Look Good Fast

Do you ever look at those perfectly coiffed and made-up women you see on the morning commute and wonder how on EARTH they do it? How do THEY find the time to apply a full face of makeup and create an elaborate hairdo every morning when YOU’RE still stumbling around wiping the sleep out of your eyes and wondering if there’s enough coffee in the world to wake you up? How come their clothes are never creased and their accessories are always perfectly chosen? What’s their secret, and how do you get in on it? Or, to put it more realistically: what’s their secret and how do you hack it? You’d much rather spend extra time in bed than get up at…

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