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adult onesies

Adult Onesies: the horror continues

It’s no good, fellow officers. We’ve tried our best to find adult onesies cute n’ hilarious, just like everyone else on the planet seems to, but it doesn’t seem to matter how hard we try, we will never understand why grown women would want to dress like this: Rabbit onesie No, not even in the privacy of their own homes. You see, you may see an outfit that’s “comfy”: we see one that, on all but the very coldest of evenings, would be like wearing your own portable sauna. And which would require you to get totally naked if you wanted to use the bathroom. (Unless it has one of those special, er, “flaps” to make that easier. Given that…


Modelling is Hard: Menswear Edition

Modelling is Hard. It’s hard for everyone, of course: all of those poor models who work so hard, only to be told that they need to eat a sandwich, or get some “curves”, or some other kind of bodysnark. It’s hard for them all, but modelling is particularly hard for this guy: You may recognise him as one of the stars of last week’s Crimes of Fashion Roundup, in which he modelled a pair of fetching pink towel trousers, and some pants made from feathers. Now here he is: he’s lost his pants, and he’s wearing what is possibly the most ridiculous outfit we’ve seen all year – so far – but just look at our guy, still smiling through…

black shoes with white socks

Style SOS: Can you wear black shoes with white socks?

“Is it wrong to wear black shoes with white socks?” This question was submitted last week, and we were actually quite surprised to realise we hadn’t already addressed this subject. Although it might surprise some of you to hear it, in “real life” (i.e. when we’re not playing at being Fashion Police officers on the Internet) there are actually very few style-related “crimes” that really bother us. This, however, is one of them: Socks and shoes: ASOS This particular photo is actually a slightly lesser crime than that involving black dress shoes, white athletic socks and a dark suit of some description, but the principle is the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, wearing high heels or…

three pairs of printed trousers

Three Things: Printed trousers

Forever 21 // Topshop //¬†Zara Printed trousers appeared on the style scene a couple of seasons ago, and while some of you loved them, and were more than happy to pledge allegiance to our new printed pant overlords, others were reluctant to accept that they’d be expected to walk around with patterned legs all summer long. We understand both points of view, but in recent months we’ve found ourselves coming down in favour of the printed trousers. They make a nice change from jeans, and if you find the right print they can also be a slightly warmer alternative to skirts and dresses on those chilly summer days we tend to get here in the frozen north of the UK….

model in see-through top

Ugly sportswear, and other crimes of fashion: our weekly roundup

To kick off this week’s Crimes of Fashion roundup, we bring you THIS: Everything: Andrea Crews No wonder this model is scratching her head and looking confused. She’s participating in what is possibly one of the worst outfits we’ve ever arrested – and we’ve arrested a LOT of outfits, so that’s quite the achievement. “How did this happen to me,” she’s wondering. “How did I get here? The booking agent told me it was a sportswear shoot and that I’d be wearing jogging pants… but then THIS?” Well, to be fair, she IS wearing “jogging pants”, according to the description on the website. They’re just like no jogging pants we’ve ever seen before – or want to see again, for…


Fashion Confessions: I Got Stuck Inside My Clothes

In the latest in our Fashion Confessions series, Fashion Police founder Amber McNaught¬†remembers that one time she got stuck inside her clothes. And by “that one time” she means “those two times”… I say I got stuck inside MY clothes: that’s not quite accurate. They were actually Zara’s clothes, and that’s Zara as in the store, not some friend of mine, who might have at least have been able to help me out of my predicament. So there I was, in the Zara changing rooms one fine day, clutching a fabulous pair of skinny jeans. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always find skinny jeans problematic in the fit department, and by that I mean “they don’t”. Fit,…

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