IMPORTANT! There is nothing wrong with Elsa Pataky’s baby bump! We are not the E! Network! Everyone calm down!

[We posted this on Facebook earlier today, but wanted to put it here too, just so we don’t miss anyone…] It’s come to our attention that, yet again, the E! Network “Fashion Police” show has brought the Fashion Police name into disrepute by apparently mocking Elsa Pataky’s baby bump on air. We’re getting a bit of abuse on Twitter about this (This has extended to people asking if our Twitter account should be shut down: things like this could obviously have quite serious implications for our brand and business, and it’s really disturbing to us that people will do things like this without checking to make sure they’re targeting the right person…), so we just want to clarify once again…


Looks We Love | Colourful pastel coats

The Elgin Avenue wears ASOS’s pink cocoon coat [available here We know those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are probably getting ready to hang up your winter coats by now (we know we are), but as the weather has yet to catch up with our style sensibilities, we’ll probably have to put up with them for a couple more weeks yet. As it happens, though, this winter’s coats were more of a pleasure to “put up with” than usual. We loved the trend for pastel outerwear in all the colours of the rainbow, and have high hopes that it sticks around until NEXT winter, because after enjoying all of those candy-coloured coats, we’re even more reluctant than usual to…


Charlotte Olympia has a message (in a bottle) for you…

Charlotte Olympia sandals, $1916 The main thing we’ve come to expect from Charlotte Olympia over the years is that… you never really know what to expect. The Queen of Quirk, as we’ve dubbed designer Charlotte Dellal, is famous for her eccentric approach to shoes (We say that in the nicest possible ways), but these platform sandal are unusual even for her. With a “glass” bottle for a heel (We’re assuming that’s reinforced plastic rather than real glass; we shudder to think of the damage we’d manage to do with ACTUAL glass shoes!), these turn the “message in a bottle” into a wearable piece of art, complete with sand, shells and a cork stopper. Interesting and unusual though they are, the…


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