Dress of the Day | Definitions Check Blosson Print Dress

Definitions Check Blossom Print Dress, £59 This dress is so pretty that when we first came across it we assumed it must be too expensive to even think about buying. As it turns out, however, it’s a pretty reasonably £59 from Very, who we’ve now made a mental note to check out more often. We really like the two-tone blossom print on this dress: the shades of pink, lilac and yellow all work together really well, while the fitted bodice and flirty skirt will make it the kind of thing you could dress up with heels for an evening out, or wear with a casual jacket and sandals on a spring day. As for the rest of the summer collection…


STYLE STEALER | Jennifer Hudson’s polka dot skirt and red heels

We loved this polka dot pencil skirt/ red heels outfit, which Jennifer Hudson wore to a charity event in London last week. On paper, this might not sound like anything to write home about, but this is the kind of classic look which never really goes out of fashion, and which has tons of impact, despite its simplicity. Polka dots and red shoes always create a vaguely retro feel, but we love the way Jennifer has given this look a contemporary feel with the slouchy t-shirt and zip-front coat. She looks effortlessly elegant, with the bright red lips providing the perfect finishing touch to an outfit which could be easily adapted to a variety of different occasions. If you want…


High Street Vs High-End | Camera clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia and Accessorize

They’re not identical, they’re not even the same type of bag (One’s a clutch, one’s a cross-body bag, but the latter could probably be carried like a clutch too, if you wanted to), but ultimately these are both bags designed to look like cameras, which makes us wonder: Which is your favourite, and which would you buy? The bag on the left is just £25 from Accessorize [buy it here]: it’s the cross-body version, but as we mentioned above, although it’s larger than the high-end option, you could probably tuck the chain inside and carry it clutch-style. It has a gold body with a matching strap, and is one of a few quirky clutches available at Accessorize right now. (We’re partial…


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