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Style Stealer: Kate Middleton’s green Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Maja’ dress

Green Diane Von Furstenberg 'Maja' dress, as seen on Kate Middleton

Attention Kate Middleton fans, Royal watchers and people who are just a bit bored, and are reading this simply to pass the time: we interrupt our Emmys/Fashion Week coverage to bring you the news you’ve probably not been waiting for, which is that the Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Maja’ dress, as worn by Kate Middelton, is now available for us commoners to buy.

The dress, which is so loved by the Duchess of Cambridge that she’s now worn it twice (a move guaranteed to rock fashion victims to their very core) is available for £375 at Net-a-Porter, and $398 at Shopbop.

What do you think of it, though?

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Fashion Police at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards: the rest

Gwyneth Paltrow

We’ve shown you the reds, the blues and the lights, so we have one last Emmy gallery to show you. We were going to call this one “little black dresses”, but then we realised there were some purple and green and navy ones we’d missed from the previous galleries (Honestly, the organisers of these events just don’t think about the poor Fashion Police officers who will have to cover them, they really don’t…), so consider this the best – and worst – of the rest.

We’re particularly interested in your comments on Gwyneth Paltrow…

[Images: Fame Pictures]
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Fashion Police at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards: Pale & Interesting

Jayma Mays

We’ve shown you the reds and the blues, now here at the celebrities who chose to go pale and interesting to the 2011 Emmy Awards. Or pale and NOT so interesting: you decide…

[Images: Fame Pictures]
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Fashion Police at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards: The Reds

Lea Michele

Dresses which coordinated with the carpet were a popular choice at last night’s Emmy Awards. Here are just a few of them…

[Images: Fame Pictures]
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Fashion Police at the The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards: The Blues

Heather Morris

[Images: Fame]

Last night, as we’re sure you’re all aware, fashion fans that you are, saw the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards take place in Los Angeles.

Like every award show since time began, the Emmys are a great opportunity for celebrities to show off who has the best stylist and makeup/hair artists, as well as who managed to borrow the best designer gown for the event. And who did? We’ve sorted last nights celebrities into colour-coded groups, for your viewing pleasure, so take a look and tell us who was the best lady in blue at the 2011 Emmys?

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Say something nice about this gold Topshop maxi dress


We can’t think of anything nice to say about this gold maxi dress by Topshop Unique. In fact, if we came round to your house, say, and you were wearing this, we would think we got you out of bed. We’d also think it was 1972.

It’s Friday, though, and, well, it’s nice to be nice, isn’t it? So we’ll leave it up to you. If you share our view, you can consider it a challenge. If you don’t, you can consider it an opportunity to change our minds. If you just want to buy the dress, you can click here and have your £195 at the ready. Go!

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THOSE Topman shirts: offensive or not?

Topman shirt with Nice New Girlfriend What Breed Is She logo

Straw poll, jurors: Topman have withdrawn this shirt following complaints. Is it offensive? Should they have withdrawn it?

What about this one, which has also been withdrawn?

Topman shirt with I'm so sorry but logo...

The objections being voiced about this shirt centre around the idea that the thing being apologised for is domestic violence. We have to admit, that was the impression we got from it too, although we saw this for the first time already knowing that it had been withdrawn following a Twitter storm, and that may well have coloured our views.

Topman’s statement:

“We have received some negative feedback regarding two of our printed T-shirts. Whilst we would like to stress that these T-shirts were meant to be light-hearted and carried no serious meaning we have made the decision to remove these from store and online as soon as possible. We would like to apologise to those who may have been offended by these designs.”

What do you think: do either of these offend you? Should they have been withdrawn?


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Cleavage: How Much is Too Much?

Lindsay Lohan in a low cut dress

Our posts about Christina Hendricks’ breasts over the past couple of days got us wondering where you guys stand on the cleavage issue. This seems to be one of those questions which divides people, because whereas the first post had many of you commenting that the cleavage was “too much”, the follow-up attracted a few “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”, and “her breasts are great: why should she hide them?” comments: where’s the happy medium, we wonder? Is there one?

Just to clarify: Christina Hendricks does, indeed, have a fabulous figure – no one is denying that. But we think there does come a point when “flaunting” crosses a line into vulgarity, and we’re wondering where that line begins. For us, probably at the point where you look at someone’s outfit and don’t really notice what they’re wearing, because all you can think is “WHOA! BOOBS!” Or when the breasts appear to be trying to escape a too-small dress.

What do you think? How much cleavage is too much cleavage? And is Lindsay Lohan, above, crossing that line?

[Image: CWNY/Fame Pictures]
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Madonna tries to bring back shants

Madonna wears see through pants

Somehow, amidst all of the Fashion Week weirdness we’ve been witnessing lately, Madonna managed to get a pair of shants past our radar. Honestly, we take our eyes off her for ONE MINUTE, and she does this. And she was doing so well, too!

TOO. MUCH. INFORMATION, Madonna. Rule of thumb: if we can see what colour the lining of your pockets is, your pants are too sheer. These pants fail to pass that test. Back to jail they go…

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New York Fashion Week: Zac Posen Spring 2012 runway

Zac Posen Spring 2012 runway collection at New York Fashion Week[All images: PRPhotos.com]

Zac Posen, Spring 2012. So much eye candy. So much to love. So many reasons to wish we could keep all (or, OK, most) of these dresses at the Fashion Police HQ, and force the fashion criminals we arrest to wear them. Sure, it would technically be rewarding bad behaviour, but how else will they learn?

Fashion Police

New York Fashion Week: Derek Lam Spring 2012 Runway

Models for Derek Lam Spring 2012

[All images: PRPhotos.com]

New York Fashion Week is almost over, which is good news for us, because it means we can soon stop feeling guilty about not really caring enough. We tend to adopt a “What happens on the runway, stays on the runway,” rule for Fashion Week: in other words, until the garment actually goes into production, and starts showing up in stores, and on people who AREN’T being paid to strut down a runway in them, our officers don’t really concern themselves too much with any crimes being committed.

All of that said, sometimes we do enjoy the spectacle, so here’s the Derek Lam Spring 2012 collection: enjoy!

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Christina Hendricks’ breasts would like to thank you

Christina Hendricks in black top and white pencil skirt

“Hi, Fashion Police readers, it’s Christina Hendricks’ breasts here.

We don’t know how to thank you. Just yesterday, we were on the point of giving up completely. There we were, the helpless prisoners of that satin dress: held down and trapped in its death-like grip. We were doing our best to break free – in fact, we’d made it almost as far as Christina’s chin – but we could get no further. And honestly, everyone was pointing and staring, and we just felt STUPID, really. “When will she stop doing this?” we asked each other. “We know we’re SUPER AWESOME and all, but there’s more to Christina than just us. When will she realise that she doesn’t HAVE to get us out every chance she gets? WHEN?”

Anyway, it was your words that finally set us free. “Christina Hendricks’ bosom looks ridiculous,” said Nina. “Sometimes less is more,” agreed Sima. “My boobs are feeling sympathy pain just looking at her poor squashed girls,” said Zoe. And somehow, SOMEHOW the message got through, because here’s Christina at an event last night, and LOOK! You can’t even see us, can you? We were so comfortable under that black turtleneck, we can’t even tell you! And sure, some other parts of Christina were complaining BITTERLY about this look, but sure, you can’t have everything, can you?

Christina Hendricks’ breasts

[Image: Fame Pictures]
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Nicki Minaj would like more attention, please

Nicki Minaj in leopard print body suit and blonde wig

Nicki Minaj is still using New York Fashion Week as opportunity to market herself as having an “interesting” fashion sense. In a move clearly designed to get everyone talking about her, here she is doing the “Look! So zany! So wacky!” thing by matching her shoes to her body suit thing, to her hair. (Note: Matching your shoes to your hair is generally going to end badly. Just FYI.) The problem is, it’s working. Well, here WE are, talking about her. Damn, we walked right into the trap!

It’s a vicious fashion circle, this one. The more they dress strangely, the more attention they get, and the more attention they get, the more they dress strangely… and so the cycle continues. What Nicki here will have to beware of, though, is something we call The Gaga Effect. The Gaga Effect basically states that after a certain amount of “OMGCRAZY!” dressing, interest will suddenly and dramatically tail off, as everyone become desensitised to the strangeness, and starts saying, “Well, if it was someone else it would be shocking, but that’s what you expect from Nicki Minaj, isn’t it?” And before you know it, the would-be wacky dresser is being carried into venues inside a giant egg in order to keep the shock value going. Tragic.

Seriously, this outfit already seems pretty ordinary compared to THIS one, doesn’t it? And yet, imagine if Victoria Beckham wore it! Or Sarah Jessica Parker. Or almost ANYONE other than Nicki, Gaga or Rihanna, who should really look into starting their own gang. They could call it the Wacky Dressers Club, and they could swap tips on how to try and shock people with clothes, even although no one is even remotely shocked any more. Katy Perry could be in it, too. Think about it: it would keep them busy at least. That has to be worth something, no?

Our tip: really interesting dressers don’t have to rely on shock value to get their photos taken. Let this be a warning to you all. But especially you, Nicki Minaj.

[Image: Fame Pictures]
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Fashion Week: Kirstie Alley walks the runway for Zang Toi

Kirstie Alley in blue floor length dress for Zang Toi at New York Fashion Week

At first we thought this was one of Disney’s Evil Queens (or maybe a good one, let’s not judge), but nope, it’s Kirstie Alley, making her modelling debut at the age of 60, on the Zang Toi runway at New York Fashion Week. Yes, we know, it IS a bit odd, isn’t it?

Of course, we’re all for designers using women of all ages, and all body shapes on the runway. Kirstie Alley wasn’t quite what we had in mind there, but hey, it’s a start. (Although we somehow doubt all the “real” women out there will be drawing inspiration from this particular look for Spring 2012…)

[Image: PRPhotos.com]
Wear or Die

Wear or Die: The Long and the Short of It

Two pairs of ugly shorts

It’s Wear or Die time again! And we think we know which way you’ll jump this time, but God knows, you’ve surprised us before, so the only thing that’s certain about this game is that nothing is certain. And that ugly clothes will definitely be involved.

Today’s choice involves two pairs of shorts: on the left, Bless’s crochet shorts, and on the right, Topshop’s cable wool shorts. You, readers, must wear one of these items. If you don’t, you must die. And actually, in this game death is not an option, so basically you’re stuck with the shorts, sorry.

Which would you choose?

Crimes of Fashion

EAR Fashion: Calourette Ear Ring

Silver ring with two ears by Calourette

Sometimes the items we arrest are large, in-your-face fashion criminals: the kind of items of clothing which no one could possibly miss, were you to walk down the street in them. And sometimes they’re smaller, more subtle details, which still make us do a double take and wonder if some designer is trying to mess with us again.

This ear ring by Calourette falls into the latter category. Yes, those are two ears on the front. No, we can’t really think of a less likely object to put on a piece of jewellery. Well, have YOU ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself: you know what this outfit needs? An extra pair of EARS! Because the two I have on my head just AREN’T ENOUGH. (If you have, you actually sound like the kind of person we’d love to have a drink with sometime. We bet you have some stories to tell…)

The fact  that this ring is relatively small and unobtrusive, however, makes us see it almost as a Fashion Criminal badge of honour: a secret signal by which fashion criminals will be able to recognise each other, even if they’re not committing any obvious crimes in the rest of their outfit that day. It’s like the Peep Toe Boot Rule, only much more subtle.

Want to join the club? It’s £99 and you can click here to buy it at ASOS.

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Michelle Williams channels Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Vogue October 2011

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Vogue

We don’t normally feature magazine spreads here, because, well, we figure that’s what the magazines themselves are for, but we couldn’t resist this time, because we absolutely love these photos of Michelle Williams, shot by Annie Leibovitz for the October edition of Vogue.

Michelle plays Marilyn Monroe in the new film, My Week With Marilyn, and channels the blonde bombshell perfectly in these images, thus guaranteeing that we’ll watch the film for the fashion alone.

The October issue of US Vogue is on news-stands from September 22nd.

[Images: Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE]

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in Vogue October 2011

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Fashion Police at the NYC premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It

Christina Hendricks in a revealling pink silk dress

It must suck having a movie premiere during Fashion Week. There you are, dressed to the nines, possibly looking better than you have in years, posing and pouting like your life depends on it (Which, in the world of celebrity fashion, IT TOTALLY DOES), and no one even notices because they’ll all too busy worrying about who was sitting front row at Marc Jacobs, and whether Anna Wintour has managed to crack a smile yet. (Note: she hasn’t.)

Luckily for the poor celebrities who paraded their fashion finest at the I Don’t Know How She Does It premiere, The Fashion Police still care. We’re there for you, celebrities. Or, at least, we’re there to haul your ass to jail if you start committing crimes of fashion. Sorry, but that’s how it goes.

Sarah Jessica Parker herself left us underwhelmed on this occasions, so we’re leading today with Christina Hendricks, who wore her breasts, we mean a salmon pink dress. Take a look at the gallery to see what everyone else wore, and, of course, to tell us what you think…

[Images: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures]

What To Wear

What to Wear With Peep Toe Boots: Style Challenge results

What to wear with peep toe boots

Is there a way to circumvent the Peep Toe Boots rule, and actually make the shoes that dare not speak their name work? That was the question we posed in last week’s Style Challenge, and now here are your answers!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this: your outfits have swayed even us! Now, take a look through the gallery and then vote for your favourite in the poll you’ll find under the jump!

Continue Reading

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New York Fashion Week: Nicki Minaj is trying to out-Gaga Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj in yellow skirt and green tights

We’re not fans of the “Look at me! LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE! I’m so wild and kerrraazyy! Say I’m wild and kerrazy!” school of “fashion” some stars go to. To us, it pretty much just translates as “I can’t get attention any other way, and I really need attention, so I’ve dressed like I fell out of the Ugly Clothes Tree and hit every branch on the way down!” It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s definitely not “edgy”, because let’s face it: throwing on a bunch of mis-matched clothes doesn’t exactly take a lot of skill, does it? Any one of us could do it. It’s just that we don’t, because… we don’t actually have to bother finishing that sentence, do we?

Anyway, here’s Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week, trying to out Gaga Gaga. And here, meanwhile, is Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga in a gold skirt and strange sunglassesAt least she sometimes wears cool shoes.

[Images: Fame Pictures]