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iphone cases

8 Instagrammable iPhone Cases for your iPhone 6

All iPhone Cases: Shopbop iPhone cases aren’t just accessories for your phone, as much fun as it can be to play dress up with your tech every now and then. No, iphone cases are also important accessories for your Instagram feed: and yes, fashion bloggers, we’re talking to you here. Oh come on, we all know you like to artfully arrange your phone with a carefully-placed cup of coffee, and probably an open ┬álipstick too, for good measure. (Note: you know never to use that lipstick, don’t you? Because it won’t look nearly as good on Instagram once it’s been used a few times, will it?) OK, we’re joking: we’re not saying you should buy these iPhone cases (or anything…

style lessons from fashion blogger fails

Style Lessons We Can All Learn from Fashion Blogger Fails

Style Lessons We Can Learn from Fashion Blogger Fails… When you’re a fashion blogger, you end up having to look at a whole lot of photos yourself, and let’s be honest, you’re not always going to like what you see. These fashion blogger fails – for want of a better expression – might make you cringe at the time, though, but there are important style lessons to be learnt from them, if you’re willing to pay attention. Here are some style lessons we can learn from fashion blogger fails… Outfits should look good from every angle Ever noticed how some fashion bloggers only ever show you their outfit from the front? That’s sometimes just an oversight, or because they didn’t…

3 Things Stylish Women Do on the Weekend

3 Things Stylish Women Do Every Weekend

Well, it’s finally Friday: the weekend is just hours away, and for most of us, that means it’s time to kick back, relax, and not think about anything more taxing that what to watch on Netflix, or what topping to get on that pizza we just ordered. Not so for stylish women, though. OK, so stylish women are just people, at the end of the day: they also chill on the sofa, watching Netflix and eating pizza. Or, at least, we hope they do, because a life without Netflix is no life at all. They also, however, use the extra time at their disposal to prepare for the week ahead, and make sure it’s as stylish as they are. Well,…

how to find cheap bridesmaid dresses on the the UK high street without making your friends hate you

How to find cheap bridesmaid dresses on the UK high street – without making your friends hate you

“Why are bridesmaid dresses so ugly?” – said every bridesmaid ever. But… “Why are bridesmaid dresses so EXPENSIVE?” – said pretty much every bride ever. (Or whoever is responsible for purchasing the bridesmaid dresses. Here in the UK, they’re most often paid for by the bride, but in some other countries bridesmaids are expected to foot the bill for their own bridesmaid dress, making the search for cheap bridesmaid dresses even more important…) Herein lies the problem: traditional bridesmaid dresses tend to be both ugly AND expensive. No one wants to wear one, and no one really wants to BUY one either. But cheap bridesmaid dresses sound… well, cheap, really. And probably nasty, too. Is there a way to find…

fall fashion trends 2015

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: the 70s look

Well, you don’t have too look too far to figure out the fall fashion trends 2015, do you? A quick look at Zara’s ‘new-in’ section reveals that the 70s look is still alive and well – and just as big a fashion trend for fall 2015 as it was was for winter. And summer. And spring. And… we honestly can’t see an end in sight to this one, folks: which will be good news for some of you, and very bad news for others… A-line dress over wide culottes Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Culottes The good news is that, as with most trends, the fall fashions don’t take the 70s look completely literally, so you’re not necessarily going to find…

Luandry tips to make clothes last

Laundry Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer

We all want our clothes to last as long as possible: here are some laundry tips to make your clothes last longer – the ‘laundry 101’ if you will… Laundry tips & tricks from The Fashion Police Don’t buy dry clean only if you’re not prepared to pay for cleaning We’ve all been there – you find something you love… but it’s dry clean only, and you know you’re not going to be willing to haul ass to the cleaners every couple of weeks, or cough up the cash for constant dry cleaning. It’ll be OK if you hand wash it, right? Or even machine wash on a low temperature? WRONG. While it’s definitely true that some clothing with “dry…

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