Why We Don’t Follow the Red Carpet Any More


Amber writes…

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards made me heave a huge sigh of relief: not because of who won, or what they wore, mind you – I actually don’t have a clue who won, or what they wore. No, I was relieved simply because this year, as with the past couple of years, I don’t have to pretend to care about it.

No more late nights, trawling through image agencies, trying to work out who designed each celebrities dress, and get a blog post up about it ASAP. No more scratching my head and wondering what on earth to say about a sea of evening gowns that all start to look identical after a while. No more waiting for the backlash that always followed the expression of any kind of opinion whatsoever – negative OR positive – on a celebrity’s appearance. No more of any of that.

I realise I’m the odd one out here, and that my position is a particularly strange one given that I own a blog called The Fashion Police, but the fact is, I’m just not particularly interested in red carpet fashion. Oh, there’s the occasional dress that takes my breath away, and makes me wish I had a reason to wear something like it, but the fact is, I don’t – which is why I don’t find it all that interesting. What celebrities wear on the red carpet has no more relevance to my life than what sheep shearers wear in the outback: sure, I can admire the outfits from afar, and there’s some fun to be had in that, but I know I’m never going to have to wear any of them – and even if I did, I wouldn’t look like those immaculate women, with their perfect hair and makeup, and their figures honed through hours of workouts with an expensive personal trainer.

I understand that red carpet fashion appeals to people in a “how the other half live” kind of way  – or even just in a “look at the amazing clothes”, kind of way, which is why it’s important to say here that I’m not knocking anyone who loves this kind of stuff, and I do understand why they like it. But for myself, I’ve always been much more interested in what REAL people wear, in situations I can relate to. Or even what celebrities wear in their down-time: the clothes they picked out themselves, with the hair and makeup they threw on before heading out the door.

On the red carpet, you don’t see any of that. You see celebrities wearing borrowed clothes (not even they can afford to buy a different couture gown for every event of awards season, knowing they’ll never be able to wear it again without being ridiculed in the fashion press), and with professionally done hair and makeup: and, for me at least, that’s just not relatable. I said earlier in this post that I wouldn’t ever look like a celebrity on the red carpet, but that’s only true if you assume I had to buy my own dress and do my own hair. I guess if I was lent a gown by Oscar de la Renta, and had a top makeup artist and hair stylist to get me ready to the cameras, I’d have a much better chance of looking OK – and none of that would be anything to do with me at all.

That’s why I love the airport outfits over the red carpet gowns. I’m fascinated by what an actress or model wore on a quick Starbucks run, but not so much on what she wore to an event which she was “dressed” for. More than that, I’m interested in what people like you and me wear to those places: to the airport, to the coffee shop, to work. Those are the outfits that inspire me: the ones I might draw some inspiration from, and maybe even end up buying, because they’re much more likely to be in my price range.

And that’s why you won’t find any more red carpet coverage here at The Fashion Police. There hasn’t been for a while now, I know, but I figured some of you might like to know some of the reasoning behind that decision. There are plenty of sites out there offering that kind of commentary, after all, so if you love looking at red carpet looks, you’ll have no shortage of options: and when you’re done, don’t forget to come back and check out some everyday fashion, for people like us.


Fashion Police Picks of the Day: Black and white stripes at Boden

Boden Maggie Ottoman dress

Boden Maggie Ottoman dress, £89.50

The Boden spring / summer 2016 collection hit the website earlier this week, and there’s a whole lot of stripes going on. There are other colours and patterns too, you understand – in fact, all of the items we’re about to show you come in a selection of other colours – but it’s the black and white stripes that jumped right out of the page at us, and those items are the ones we’ve selected for our Picks of the Day.

The abundance of stripes, you see, is a very good thing, as far as we’re concerned. There’s just something about bold stripes that manages to be both classic and contemporary at the same time, and although many people refuse to wear horizontal stripes, thinking they’ll make them look larger than they are, we’re here to tell you to set aside that fear and give them a go: you might just be pleasantly surprised. The Maggie Ottoman dress shown above, for instance, will actually make your waist look smaller, thanks to the stripe pattern: and the fit and flare shape is one that flatters many different figures. It’s not the only stripe item to have caught our eye, however: we also love this structured top:

Boden Maggie Ottoman top

This is the kind of thing you can throw on with a pair of jeans or cropped pants for easy, effortless style, which will allow you to look like you made an effort, even when you didn’t.

stripe midi skirt

Finally, the Maggie Ottoman midi skirt uses that same, distinctive stripe pattern, and attaches it to a full skirt, with pleats at the waistband. It’ll be as easy to wear as it is on the eye, and there’s even a pair of stripe shoes to wear with it, should you happen to be a fan of the matchy-matchy look.


Fashion Police Picks of the Day 04.01.16

In this new series, we’ll be bringing you a selection of our favourite items, available to buy now, on the UK high street. Starting with…

Topshop Baxter jeans in mid-blue

Topshop Baxter jeans in mid-blue, £40

Topshop’s ‘Baxter’ jeans are the perfect skinny jeans for people who don’t really like skinny jeans. By that, we mean they’re definitely skinny, but they’re not skin-tight, so they won’t create that “sausage-casing” look that’s become so familiar over the last few years. It’s been increasingly hard lately to find skinny jeans that aren’t super-skinny, and sometimes it feels like there’s no middle-ground between the legging look and boyfriend jeans – which can also be hard to pull off. These jeans, however, are everything you need: we just wish they’d stock them in more washes!

pink coat

Pink double-breasted coat, £85

Pink coats were big in winter 2013, but they still look just as cute now, and this one comes in the kind of classic shape that will continue to look good for years. Oh, and it would look good over those jeans, too…

black rib dress

Miss Selfridge black rib dress, £35

It can be hard to find dresses that are casual enough for everyday wear, but smart enough to make you look like you’ve made the effort, but we think this little Miss Selfridge number checks all the right boxes. It’ll look good with boots and tights for a causal, daytime look, but won’t look sloppy if you decide you want to dress it up a little.

midi skirt

Eva Franco ‘Epoque’ midi skirt, £168

Finally, it’s no secret that The Fashion Police are fans of a good midi skirt, and this one by Eva Franco is a very good midi skirt, as far as we’re concerned. Sure, it’s on the pricey side (As you’ll probably know as soon as we tell you we found it at Athropologie…), but it’s unusual enough to turn heads anywhere you wear it – and we love the sweater shown here, too.

Fashion Trends, POPULAR

5 Terrible Fashion Trends We’d Like to Leave in 2015

It’s a new year, which means we can expect a whole new set of fashion trends: some of which we’ll love, some of which we’ll hate so much we’ll instantly want to throw them into fashion jail. 

Before that happens, though, and in the spirit of a new start, here are some of the fashion trends of 2015 which we’re hoping will stay there, rather than following us into 2016…

I woke up like this

01. ‘I Woke Up Like This’ on everything 

It wasn’t particularly clever the first time we saw it, and it definitely wasn’t making us laugh by the 67,556th time, either.

the 70s look

02. The 70s look

Although the retail world beat the 70s look to death this year, we actually didn’t see too much uptake of it on the streets, which makes us wonder if this one was really as popular as the fashion magazines and clothing stores would’ve liked us to believe. We’re not saying the 70s look can’t work if it’s done right (the problem is that it rarely IS done right, unfortunately…), but we’ve had it thrust upon us for almost two years now, so we reckon it’s time for a change. Anything would be better, really…

goat hair slippers

03. Furry shoes

This is another one that was all over the fashion press, and the shoe sections of Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter et all, but we’d be really interested to know how many pairs of these shoes were actually sold: and who to. Let’s all just agree to leave these in 2015, and never speak of them again. Deal?

bad denim by Cheap Monday

04. Ridiculous denim

We’re not sure how 2015-specific this one is, but denim has been getting out of control for a while now, and we think it’s time to get it back under control. Denim, you’re on your last warning: if we have to speak to you about this again, you’re going straight to Fashion Jail, you hear?

05. Awful overalls


We realise we’re fighting a losing battle here (and also that the example we’ve used here possibly owes more to the 70s trend than the overalls one), but as long as retailers keep making clothes that look like this, we’ll keep fighting the good fight. Don’t worry, Fashion Force: we won’t abandon you to Overall Overlords…

What To Wear

How to Wear a Red Pleated Skirt 3 Different Ways

red pleated skirt from Topshop

Pleated skirts go in and out of fashion all the time: but for every woman out there who somehow manages to look effortlessly elegant in them, there’s another one wondering why she just looks like a little old lady, rather than a Pinterest Princess. 

The pleated skirt can take a bit of careful styling to get right: to help you on your way, here are three ways to wear this red pleated skirt by Topshop…

Red Pleated Skirt, Take One: Dramatic

red pleated skirt with matching sweater and leopard print shoes

sweater / shoes / watch

Some might dismiss this look as too matchy-matchy, but when you think about it, if it was a red dress, rather than a sweater and skirt, you’d probably have no issue with it, so don’t let the fear of being “too matchy” hold you back! Actually, looks which concentrate on just one colour can have tons of impact, despite being super-simple to pull together. For this look, we’ve added a pair of leopard print pumps, for added drama, plus a swipe of bright red lipstick – simple but stylish.

red pleated skirt with stripe top and black flats

top / shoes / sunglasses / bag 

Red pleated skirt, take two: classic

Black, white and red: it never gets old, does it? There’s something about a stripe top with a red bottom that instantly looks classic, so we’ve paired Topshop’s red pleated skirt with one of H&M’s off the shoulder tops (they’ve been releasing these all year, in a variety of colours, and they’re an awesome – and inexpensive – wardrobe basic) for a classic, chic look. Just add a pair of pointed flats and you’re good to go.

red pleated skirt and white t-shirt

t-shirt / sneakers / jacket / bag

Red pleated skirt, take three: casual

There are those who believe skirts can’t ever be casual, but this outfit is here to prove them wrong: it doesn’t really get more casual than sneakers and a t-shirt, and it’ll be just as comfortable as any other “casual” look you can throw together too: we promise.

Style Basics

5 Five New Year’s Resolutions for a Stylish 2016

New Year's Style Resolutions

Happy New Year, Fashion Force!

We hope you’ve had an excellent start to 2016. If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’re starting the year the way you mean to go on: and that means resolutions a-plenty. Here are some style-related resolutions to help you on your way to your most stylish year yet…

01. Stop caring what people think 

One thing most stylish people have in common is the fact that they exude confidence. Think of the most stylish person you know: can you even imagine her/him standing in front of the mirror and agonising over that outfit? Probably not: because truly stylish people know what they like, and they don’t really care what other people think of them. It can be hard to get into this mindset, but once you stop constantly seeking approval from outside sources, you’ll be able to start wearing what feels good – and that’s normally what LOOKS good, too.

02. Stop buying clothes you won’t wear 

It can be so tempting to blow your budget on an amazing party dress or fabulous pair of shoes – especially if it’s on sale. It’s only a bargain if you’re actually going to wear it, though, so unless you have the kind of lifestyle that requires a constant stream of party dresses, your wardrobe will be better off if you invest in the type of clothes you’ll actually wear on a day-to-day basis. Spending the most money on the items you’ll wear most often might not give you the same buzz as those one-off purchases that you’ll never wear again, but it WILL result in a more stylish wardrobe in the long-run.

03. Clear out your closet once every season…

… or at least twice a year, if possible. Aim to go through everything you have for spring/summer and for autumn/winter, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or flatter, and work out what you need to buy to fill any resulting holes.

04.  Try something new

We’re big fans of the concept of the signature style, but it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut, and to keep wearing the same old things, even if they no longer suit you. We all change constantly, which means it’s good to re-evaluate our core closet every so often by trying something new. That doesn’t mean you have to buy it, or even wear it – just trying it on in the store will tell you everything you need to know – but every time you go shopping, try taking something you normally wouldn’t wear into the fitting room with you: you might be surprised by how much you like it, and if you’re not? Well, at least you know!

05. Create a capsule wardrobe, even if you don’t intend to stick to it

The capsule wardrobe was super-popular in 2015, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Even if you don’t want to restrict yourself to wearing the same collection of clothing all the time, however, we recommend taking the time to pull together a capsule wardrobe consisting of the items you consider to be absolutely essential. Doing this will not only help you work out what your style really is, and to identify any items you need to buy, it will also make sure you always have something to wear – even on days when you’re absolutely lacking in inspiration.

Here’s to a stylish 2016!

What To Wear

5 Alternatives to Dresses for New Year’s Eve

We love dresses. And, chances are, you probably love dresses too – or like them, at least. 

Sometimes, though, no matter how much you like something, you just feel like a change. Here are five things to wear on New Year’s Eve – and not a dress in sight!

tuxedo jacket

A tuxedo jacket

A menswear-inspired tuxedo jacket is dressy enough for just about anything, and makes a really nice alternative to a dress. Wear with tailored trousers if you want to keep it classic, or over leather/sequinned leggings for a more contemporary look.

black jumpsuit

A jumpsuit

We never thought we’d see the day when we’d be actually recommending you wear a jumpsuit, but jumpsuits have come a long way from the days when they were mostly denim and/or so baggy you could probably parachute in them if you really had to. We’d willingly wear this one from ASOS, which would look fantastic with a pair of killer heels, some simple jewellery and a bold red lip.


red culottes

Culottes have been trendy for a while now, but don’t let that put you off: they offer all the comfort of your favourite pair of loose trousers, but all the style of a skirt or dress: and, OK, the ones shown are technically a jumpsuit, so there’s a little bit of crossover with the previous option, but you’ll also find them on their own, ready to be paired with a sparkly top, or other evening-appropriate item.

Dress shorts

dress shorts

Yes, you heard us: dress shorts. It’s time to ditch the idea that shorts are only for summer, only for casual wear, or only for the under 20s. If we had legs like this girl, we’d wear short-shorts all the time, and nothing you could say would stop us, but even if you don’t have long, model legs, shorts can can be a surprisingly dressy option, as long as you go for a pair that are tailored, and wear something not-too-revealing on top. Yes, you’ll need a bit of extra confidence if you’re not used to showing of your legs, but if ever there was a time to try something new, the start of a new year is definitely that time…

Fancy Pants

Boden party trousers

Finally, there’s no shortage of dressy trousers on the market for those who don’t want to wear either a dress OR any of the above. We love Boden’s party trousers, which come in three different colours. 


6 of the Best… Little Black Dresses

little black dresses

Where would we be without the little black* dress?

It’s chic, it’s easy to wear, you can dress it up or down as required and there’s pretty much one for every taste. With the Christmas party season well under way, the little black dress is about to get a serious workout, so here are six of our current favourites from the UK high street…

01. Rare London bustier midi dress, £55

Tulle skirts have never been trendier, but they also have a classic glamour to them that’s hard to beat. This one is just £55, and will make you feel like a movie star: or a ballerina, as the case may be…

02. Ted Baker bardot neckline bodycon dress, $195

Simple and elegant, this bodycon dress by Ted Baker is the kind of dress you can wear many different ways, without anyone realising its exactly the same dress.

03. Chi Chi London jacquard midi dress, £62.99

If you love dresses, you probably already love Chi Chi London, but if you haven’t heard of them, this is THE brand for special occasions. This jacquard midi dress is black with a touch of gold, to make it a little more interesting. A fitted bodice and full skirt complete the retro-inspired look: just add red lipstick and a great pair of heels and you’re good to go.

04. Lipsy embellished prom dress, £68

From a midi-length dress to a midi one: Lipsy’s embellished prom dress has a sweetheart neckline without the hassle of going strapless.

05. Coast ‘Kimbly’ bow cocktail dress, £49

If you DO want to go with a strapless option, however, Coast’s ‘Kimbly’ cocktail dress is down to just £49 on sale: there are still some sizes left, but you don’t want to wait too long to grab one!

06. Gaynor Maxi dress by TNFC, £80

Finally, for those times when full-on glamour is the only way to go, TNFC’s sequin maxi dress makes us want to invent an excuse to wear it. Any excuse’ll do…

*Or navy, or red, or green, or blue, or whatever your signature colour happens to be.

Fashion Police

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Fashion Blogger in your life

Christmas gift guide for fashion lovers

OK, ‘fess up? Who still hasn’t finished their Christmas shopping?

Well, worry not: thanks to express shipping and the good ol’ internet, there’s still time to pull this thing off, so here are some suggestions for what to buy the fashion blogger in your life…

01. Absolutely anything by Kate Spade

Fashion bloggers love Kate Spade: partly because the stuff is super-cute, of course, but also (mostly) because it looks good on Instagram, let’s face it. John Lewis has an awesome selection of Kate Spade stuff – take your pick!

02. Ban.do stationery

Another one for the “looks good on Instagram”set, Ban.do makes cute stationery, often with slogans which fashion bloggers just can’t resist – and we speak from personal experience, here. This pen set is available at ASOS, and would make a nice stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

Speaking of ASOS…

03. An ASOS Premier Subscription

An ASOS premier subscription costs £9.95, and gets the recipient free next-day-delivery for a year – absolutely essential for those last minute outfits they just can’t live without.

04. A Michael Kors watch

If you’re feeling particularly extravagant (or just need to score some major Brownie points), the statement watch is always a safe bet: Shopbop’s selection has something for everyone.

05. A Starbucks gift card 

Help her get her Pumpkin Spice Latte fix – and also provide her with a handy prop for outfit photos, with a Starbucks gift card and /or travel mug. It might seem impersonal, but for some of us, there’s no greater gift than coffee. Except maybe wine and shoes…

06. A subscription to Vogue magazine

It’s the fashion bible, and even if she doesn’t have time to read it, it will – once again – make a hady backdrop for all of those flatlays on Instagram…

What’s that we hear you say? You don’t actually know any fashion bloggers? Don’t worry: these will all work for just about anyone with an interest in style and an Instagram account!

Christmas gift guide for fashion bloggers

What To Wear

5 Style Mistakes Not to Make at the Office Christmas Party

5 style mistakes to avoid at the office Christmas party

Ah, the office Christmas party! A time to connect with your colleagues over canapes and cocktails, celebrate the end of another working year, and maybe get to know them a little better, away from the stress and formality of the office.

The office Christmas party, however, can also be a sartorial minefield for those who secretly quite like having a dress code to stick to, and don’t have a clue what to wear when their trusty tailored dress or trouser suit is off limits. To help you along, here are 5 style mistakes to avoid at the office Christmas party…

01. Dressing like you’re going to the club afterwards

Even if you ARE going to the club afterwards, it’s not a great idea to break out that bodycon mini dress in front of your boss – and your boss’s boss. And your boss’s boss’s boss. And so on an so forth. You might not be at the office, but you WILL be back in the office after the holidays, and you’ll be seeing all the same people who are now seeing your cleavage in all its unrestrained glory. You don’t have to be quite as buttoned-up as you would be in a totally professional setting, but it IS a good idea to still try to present a professional image – so if you’d wear it to the club, maybe stash it in your bag and change into AFTER the office party.

02. Dressing like you’re at the office

If your office party is just a few drinks around the photocopier at the end of the working day, then you’re obviously not going to have much of an option here, but if the Christmas party is taking place off the premises, and you’ll be going home to change first, don’t just turn up in something you’d wear to work. You might think it’s the safest – and therefore best – option, but while it will at least ensure you don’t make mistake number one, it will ALSO make you look like a bit of a party pooper, who resents being forced to have fun. Even if you ARE reluctant attendee at the office bash, and are just waiting it out until you can make your exit without causing offence, it’s a good idea to keep those thoughts to yourself, and try to at least LOOK like you’re joining in. So put your game face on – and your party clothes, too.

03. Wearing the same thing every year

We all know that person who has just the one party outfit, and who rolls it out every year, and to every special event. We’re not saying you have to maintain a closet full of sequins, or invest a lot of money in clothes you’ll hardly ever wear, but if your little black dress has started to become a standing joke, and your colleagues are taking bets on whether or not you’ll manage to get one more year out of it, it might be time for a refresh.

04. Wearing something totally over the top

The office party is a good opportunity to let your colleagues get to know the ‘real’ you, as opposed to the work version of yourself which you present Monday – Friday. It’s NOT, however, an opportunity to show off and make yourself the centre of attention, so even if you think it’ll be hilarious to turn up dressed as Santa Claus, or wearing a sweater that plays Jingle Bells, try to resist…

05. Not making an effort

At the opposite end of the scale are those people who REALLY can’t be bothered, and who don’t mind showing it. Even if you’d rather be somewhere else, try to remember that your employer has made the effort to do something nice: it’s only fair that you ALSO make an effort, and leave the sweatpants at home…

What To Wear

What to Wear on Christmas Morning : cute loungewear and sleepwear options

Most of us will put a bit of thought into what we wear on Christmas day – but we’d argue that what you wear in Christmas morning is just as important. Well, no one wants to look back at photos of themselves in a ratty old dressing gown or worn out pair of PJs, so here are some smart-but-comfortable options for a stylish morning with zero effort required: any time is a good time to invest in some new nightwear/loungewear, and the best thing about these pieces is that because they’re not “Christmas” themed, you can wear them all year round…


chritmas morning outfit

joggers / sweatshirt / slippers

We never thought we’d see the day when we’d be calling jogging pants “stylish”, but joggers have come a long way, and these cashmere ones from Topshop will add a luxury touch to your loungewear: in fact, you probably won’t want to take them off, and hey – that’s OK, too. Well, it IS Christmas, after all…

loungewear outfit for Christmas morning

leggings / cardigan / cami / slippers

A cosy cable-knit cardi (Which will be a useful addition to your wardrobe for other occasions, too), a comfy pair of leggings, and snuggly slippers : because you CAN be comfortable and stylish at the same time…

nightwear set

pyjamas / dressing gown / slippers

Because sometimes you just don’t want to get dressed. And you shouldn’t have to.

loungewear outfit

socks / PJ bottoms / hoodie 

Finally, a loungewear look so cosy we wish we were wearing it right now…

Oh, and if you’re wondering why you should even care about what you wear around the house or to bed, the answer is you shouldn’t… if you don’t want to. But taking the time to find clothes that make you feel good – even if no one will see them but yourself – is a really easy way to feel a little better about yourself, so it’s worth that extra bit of effort: promise.


6 Christmas Jumpers We Don’t Totally Hate

Here at The Fashion Police, we’re not fans of Christmas jumpers. 

No, not even when they’re being worn “ironically”. Yes, it’s OK that you hate us for it, because seriously: who WOULDN’T want to wear a hilariously ugly sweater with a cartoon picture of Santa Claus stuck on the front? Er, we wouldn’t. And, more to the point, we wouldn’t want to waste our money on something we’d just be wearing for the sake of “joining in”, so assuming that we absolutely HAD to wear a Christmas jumper, here are some of the jumpers we’d choose…

6 stylish Christmas jumpers

01. H&M ‘Honey It’s Cold Outside’ jumper

We’re fond of a good ol’ slogan sweater, and although the slogan on this one is definitely Christmas appropriate, it’s not so specific that you couldn’t go on wearing it all winter long. Because, let’s face it, it’s ALWAYS cold outside at this time of year, isn’t it?*

(*In the northern hemisphere. Yes, we know it’s summer in Australia…)

02. Dorothy Perkins glitter bow jumper

Now THIS one we’d consider wearing all year round. Well, we DO love a bow – and a sequin bow is even better.

03. Boden ’25’ jumper

Boden can always be relied on to bring a touch of class to the Christmas jumper party, and this one is so subtle we almost missed the reference altogether. (It’s December 25th, obviously. But you knew that, of course.)

04. George sequin snowflake jumper

We know that all of our selections so far have been grey or beige, by the way. We know… we just don’t care, because if that’s what it takes to get us into one of these things, then that’s what it takes.

05. Collectif Chrissie Deer Jumper

Just for you, here’s one that isn’t grey or beige: it isn’t baggy or oversized either, like so many Christmas jumpers are, so that naturally makes it our favourite.

06. Oasis Stag jumper

We’re not sure this one even counts as a Christmas jumper, but hey: it’s sparkly, it’s wintry and we’d wear it – so we’re counting it.


Fashion Police

Sales season has officially started…

sales season

Attention, Fashion Force!

Black Friday might still be a few days away, but the sales won’t wait, and there are already tons of bargains to be had. You don’t have to be in the US to take advantage of the discounts either, because while Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be associated with the Thanksgiving holidays, they’ve recently spread to the UK, too, with many international retailers jumping aboard the bandwagon, and claiming Black Friday as their own. (Yeah, we know it’s weird, but if it means we get a discount on that coat we’ve been eyeing, we’re not going to complain…)

One of the first brands to get sales season underway is Shopbop, whose sale started today, offering savings of up to 25% on all full-price and sale items: can’t say fairer than that, can you? Sale details are below: just click here to visit the site, and enter the code GOBIG15 at checkout to claim your discount!


Shirts & Tops

5 Tops to Wear With Leggings

When we talked about what to wear with leggings, we mentioned that the number one rule to bear in mind is that whatever you wear, it ideally has to cover your crotch. 

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes, it does: but sometimes the simplest items of clothing can be the hardest to find, so, with that in mind, we’ve sent our officers out to comb the world of fashion and identify some tops to wear with leggings, to keep you on the straight and narrow…

Topshop neat-fit chambray shirt

01. Topshop neat-fit chambray shirt

Longline shirts are always great tops to wear with leggings, and the humble chambray is something of a modern classic. Topshop’s neat fit chambray isn’t too baggy, but is cut long enough to cover the crotch: wear with boots or ballet flats for a classic, casual look.

mulberry tunic top

03. Dorothy Perkins mulberry tunic

When you’re looking for tops to wear with leggings, anything described using the word “tunic” is usually a safe bet. Tunics are basically mini dresses in “top” form, so they’re almost always going to be long enough to wear with leggings. This one by Dorothy Perkins is a great colour for autumn/winter: add a camel coat and plaid scarf for an extra cosy look.

Boden cashmere sweater

03. Boden relaxed v-neck

Words like “relaxed”, “slouchy” or “boyfriend fit” are also good indicators that a top will be suitable to wear with leggings: when you’re wearing something as skintight as leggings on your bottom half, you want to go for something a bit less form-fitting on top. Soft cashmere is always a good decision, and will help add a touch of luxury to your casual looks: Boden’s v-neck sweater would look particularly good with leather-look leggings and heeled ankle boots.

Oasis cami top

04. Oasis dip-back cami

Although leggings generally work best as casual wear, you can dress them up if you want to – particularly if the leggings in question are leather-look, velvet, or have a slight sheen to them. This cami top from Oasis is cut fairly long, so should just cover the crotch: wear it with a black blazer and a pair of killer heels.


05. H&M fine knit dress

OK, so this is technically a dress, not a top. It’s short enough to give the same kind of effect as the tunic top above, though, so we won’t tell if you don’t…

What To Wear

What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to wear to a job interview

Working out what to wear to a job interview used to be a whole lot easier. 

Back in the days when many jobs came with set dress codes, there tended to be a much bigger divide between what people wore to work (typically suits or other, similarly tailored pieces), and what they wore in their free time. Now, however, as more and more people enter creative fields, and workplaces become more relaxed, working out what to wear to a job interview – and even what to wear once you’ve got the job – can be a bit of a minefield.

There are obviously still plenty of jobs which have easy-to-work-our dress codes, or even uniforms. This article isn’t for people in those kind of jobs, though. This article is for people interviewing for the type of positions where they just don’t know what they should be wearing. We can’t tell you EXACTLY what to wear to a job interview, obviously – that’s going to vary from job to job, and what works for one role might be completely inappropriate for another. But here are some basic guidelines that should help you decide what to wear…

Try to find out what people already working for the company wear

The quickest and most reliable way to work out what’s considered appropriate dress for the company you’re interviewing with is to see for yourself. What do the people who work there wear? If you know someone who already works for the company, this will be really easy for. If you don’t, however, just ask. For some reason, a lot of people don’t feel they should ask what to wear to a job interview, but there’s really nothing wrong with doing just that: no one expects you to be a mind readers, or to just automatically know what the company culture is like, so a simple, “Can I ask what your dress code is?”, directed to the person inviting you to the interview, should be enough to give you all the information you need.

And if all else fails, well, what if you just so happened to be walking past the office when people were arriving or leaving for work? It happens, right? We’re obviously not suggesting you cut two holes in a newspaper and behave like a stalker, but there’s no harm in just walking past, is there?

Dress more smartly than you think you need to

Once you have a rough idea of the kind of thing people wear, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Now, you don’t need to go all-out here and wear a three-piece suit (especially not if you’re interviewing with a company that’s super-casual: you’ll just look and feel horribly out of place), but you do want to be just a little smarter than you’d usually dress. So, if you’ve done your research and found out that people at this company tend to wear ripped jeans and sweaters, say, you’re going to want to wear smart jeans (dark wash, no rips or tears, no fading) with a dressier top or blouse. If people wear casual dresses, wear a slightly more formal dress, with maybe a blazer over the top say. Your goal here is to look like you’ve made an effort, while still looking like you’ll fit in with the rest of the team. Speaking of which…

Don’t be too over-the-top

Having a strong sense of personal style is all well and good, and many people place a great deal of importance on their right to wear what they want, and express their personality and creativity through their clothing. That’s awesome, of course, but the thing is, work isn’t the place to do that: and a job interview REALLY isn’t the place to do it. Because the person interviewing you isn’t interested in how creative you can be with clothing (unless you’re interviewing for a job in fashion obviously, in which case you don’t need this post anyway, do you?) All they care about is how well you’ll be able to do the job, and – as much as you might not want to hear it – how well you’ll fit in with everyone else.

A lot of people take immediate exception to the idea that they should try to “fit in” anywhere – workplaces included. If you want to make a success of your chosen career, though – or just not to end up getting fired – you DO have to make certain compromises, and you do have to make the effort to get along with the people you work with. You might not think that what you wear has any bearing on how well you can do your job, or how you’ll get along with your colleagues, and you’re absolutely right : what you wear has absolutely nothing do with either of those things. None of that, however, changes the fact that your interviewer will judge you on what they can see of you at the interview: and if your chosen outfit makes them feel that you might not be a good fit for the rest of the team, you’ll have less of a chance of being invited back.


Don’t overlook the obvious

There are some tips relating to what to wear to a job interview that seem too obvious to even mention them here. You all know not to wear too much makeup, don’t you? (Some makeup is fine, obviously: just try not to look like you fell head-first into the MAC counter on your way to the interview) Or to turn up looking like you’re going clubbing afterwards? You know to comb your hair, and brush your teeth, and give your clothes a quick going-over with a lint roller: of COURSE you do.

While we don’t want to patronise you by implying you need us to tell you about any of these things, though, the fact is that if you speak to anyone who conducts interviews on a regular basis, you’ll quickly discover that so many people DON’T know these things: or choose to overlook them. So don’t be one of those people, is what we’re saying. The most important thing when working out what to wear to a job interview is to demonstrate that you’re taking it seriously, and have respect for the person interviewing you, and the company you work for. So dress with the same amount of care you would for any other important event – and good luck!

Crimes of Fashion

How to save money on high fashion items

You COULD spend $282 on this paint-spattered shirt:

paint pattered shirt

OR you could just spatter paint over an existing shirt for free. (Or for the cost of the paint, if you don’t have it. It probably won’t cost you almost $300, though.)

Similarly, you COULD spend £795 on this KitKat inspired clutch bag:

Kit Kat clutch bag

OR you could just buy a REAL Kit Kat and carry that around with you instead. You won’t be able to carry your stuff in it, true, but you can’t carry a whole lot of stuff in a clutch bag either, and you can’t eat one either – which you can do with the real Kit Kat.

You COULD pay $430 for this extra-long-sleeved sweater:

long-sleeved sweater

OR you could simply take an old sweater you no longer wear much, and stretch the sleeves out as far as you possibly can – you know, like you sometimes did when you were a little kid? YOur mum may have yelled at you back then for ruining a perfectly good sweater, but now she’ll just be relieved you didn’t spend $430 on an attempt to look edgy…

You COULD spend $755 on this dress:

high fashion dress

The dress is just the check print bit over the top, by the way: don’t be getting carried away and thinking you’d get the blouse and skirt too for that price. You’ll have to buy those separately. So you COULD buy a “dress” and THEN buy some other clothes to wear UNDER your new dress (You could argue here that a dress which requires the purchase of additional items in order to make it wearable isn’t a great deal, but as our detractors are always telling us, if you think that, then you obviously don’t know anything about fashion, do you?), OR you could once again take an existing dress (or raid your fabric box, if you have one), cut it unto shreds, them basically just throw them at yourself and hope they stick. Same effect, vastly different price-point. Sorted.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide to saving money on high fashion – until next time, Fashion Force!

What To Wear

What to Wear In Vegas

what to wear in vegas

Wondering what to wear in Vegas? Amber writes…

So, lately I’ve noticed quite a few people have been arriving at the site looking for info on what to wear in Las Vegas, and it just so happens I can help with that, having just returned from a quick trip there last month. This was our second time in Vegas, although at a different time of year, so my first tip is all about the seasons…

When are you going? 

A lot of people think of Las Vegas as a permanently hot place, but it actually gets pretty cool in winter, so your first task is to check the weather for the dates you’ll be travelling, as you would with any other destination. We visited in late September, which meant stifling daytime temperatures, which turned cooler in the evening, although still warm enough to walk around in short sleeves. In December, meanwhile, it was cold enough for me to need a coat during the day, and a thick sweater underneath it at night: don’t be seduced into thinking it’ll always be hot!

Pack light layers, even in the summer

This might seem like crazy advice, because in the height of summer, Vegas feels like the hottest place on earth. The reason I’m advising that you bring some light layers, however? Air con. The air con in the hotels and casinos is normally set to “freeze your ass off”: I’d walk in from the Strip feeling like I was about to expire from the hear, and within a few minutes I’d be shivering with cold – I actually had goosebumps walking around some of the casinos, because it was SO COLD. I also had to bundle up in our hotel room: we could adjust the air con, but it never seemed to be warm enough for me, so if you tend to feel the cold, you’re going to want to carry a cardigan or light sweater – yes, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Which brings me to my next point.

Bring a medium/large bag that’s easy to carry

If you want to do Vegas properly, you’re probably going to spend most of your time out and about, and that means you’ll have to take anything you’ll need for the day (including that sweater) with you. Bring a bag that’s large enough to carry your daily essentials, so you don’t have to keep returning to your hotel, and make sure it’s a bag that’s easy to carry. My small cross-body bag was fine for the first hour or so, but really started to dig into my shoulder after a while – I prefer to be hands-free when I’m out exploring, but a wider strap would probably have been more comfortable. Speaking of comfort…

Comfortable shoes are a daytime essential

The first time I went to Las Vegas, I imagined it would be all-glamour, all the time, and that all I’d need would be a selection of my best party dresses and skyscraper heels. If you’re going out clubbing, you’ll need that kind of stuff for evening, sure, but during the day you’re going to walk MILES. Even just walking around your hotel will involve a fair bit of walking, and if you want to see the strip, prepare for sore feet. Or don’t: pack your most comfortable shoes, and wear them during the day – save the heels for the evenings! Having said that…

Vegas isn’t a dressy town

Or not for the most part, anyway. Obviously there are plenty of clubs and bars where you’ll be able to get dressed up to the nines and not feel out of place, but as you walk around town, and go in and out of the hotels and casinos, you won’t see many people dressed up – other than the occasional bride, that is. Most people, in fact, will be dressed like tourists, and with an emphasis on comfort – shorts, tees, sneakers, etc. You don’t have to dress like that if you don’t want to, but for sightseeing and exploring, you don’t have to be too fancy.

With that said…

Vegas is a town where anything goes, (Literally, I mean: walking down Fremont street, we passed a man wearing nothing but a thong, and no one was giving him a second glance. It’s that kind of town.) which makes it a great place to experiment a little and wear whatever you want to wear, without worrying about looking out of place. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I hasten to add.) You really can’t BE out of place in Vegas, so wear what you want, and have fun – that’s why you’re there, after all!

Fashion Police

Style Lessons We Learned from Dita Von Teese

Style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

A few weeks ago we brought you some style lessons we learned from Audrey Hepburn, so today we’re turning the spotlight on another of our favourites: here are some style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

Red  lipstick isn’t optional

Have you ever seen Dita without bright red lips? We doubt it. Dita knows that red lips can totally transform your look, and will instantly create the impression that you’ve made a serious effort with your appearance – even when you haven’t. They say there’s a red that suits everyone: we’re not sure that’s true, but it would be fun to find out.

Grooming is everything

This is not a woman you’ll ever see with chipped nail polish or messy hair. Impeccable grooming can seem impossible to maintain when you have a busy life (and when you DON’T have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists on hand), but paying attention to detail can make the difference between looking fantastic and just looking OK. NOT paying attention to detail, meanwhile, is an easy way to ruin an otherwise great look, so if you can spare the extra time, it’ll be worth it.

Heels with everything

OK, so this is one lesson we’re sure you won’t want to hear, but we couldn’t ignore the fact that Dita Von Teese is rarely spotted without her stilettos! With that said, not everyone can wear heels, or even WANTS to, so if you’re in the anti-heels brigade, the lesson we’d take from this one is that shoes can make or break your outfit. They don’t necessarily have to be high shoes, just make sure they’re the RIGHT shoes for your outfit – and also that they’re in perfect shape, too. The cobbler is your best friend in this respect, and a little bit of polish goes a long way!

You don’t have to fake tan

One of the things that makes Dita Von Teese stand out from so many other celebrities is her refusal to hit the bottle – the fake tan bottle, that is. Instead, Dita embraces and even plays up her pale skin, refusing to change it to suit other’s people’s sense of aesthetics. Whatever your skin colour, remember that you don’t have to change it for anyone: your skin looks exactly the way it’s supposed to, and while there’s nothing wrong with using fake tan if you want to, you should never feel pressured to change your skin colour – it’s perfect the way it is.

Or follow fashion

This is a lesson we also learned from Audrey Hepburn, but one thing a lot of stylish women have in common is their refusal to follow fashion. Instead, they stick to the clothes they know suit them best – even if that means wearing something totally outwith the “norm”, or sticking to the same kind of styles over and over again. Fashion can be fun, and it’s fine to experiment – but if you know what you like, you don’t have to change it just to keep up with trends!

Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Gucci Horsebit-detailed goat hair slippers

scrolldown fug

We seriously thought this was a joke at first. It looks like one, right? Smartly-dressed woman: maybe not everyone’s style, but she looks like she’s made a bit of effort with a classic jeans/blazer/scarf combo. Then you scroll down the page and…

goat hair slippers

NO. No, no, NO. Goathair slippers should not be a thing. Seriously: leave the hair to the goats, people, because this looks absolutely ridiculous AND costs £1,230. When we first laid eyes on them, the fact that they were described as “slippers” made us think they were one of those “hilarious” animal-themed house slippers people like to wear. You know the ones that make you look like you stuffed your foot inside a teddy bear, or a monkey, or whatever? Yeah, we hate those too, and will never understand want to dress up as toddlers at home, but the key to that sentence is the phrase “AT HOME”. At least those things aren’t actually designed to be worn out on the street: these, however, ARE, and if you’re wondering what on EARTH you’d ever wear with them, Net-a-Porter suggest “floaty skirts and dresses”. Which we actually fully support, if only because it would be absolutely hilarious to see people walking around in a floaty dress and a pair of slippers that look like they’re still alive.

If you think the slippers are a little bit too much, however, maybe the clogs will be more to your liking?

Gucci clogs

Or maybe not.

Gucci aren’t the only brand making incomprehensibly furry shoes this season, though: nope, Maison Martin Margiela are it too, with these grey faux fur mules:

faux fur mules

We wouldn’t have expected any less of them, really. These are ‘just’ $1,360 at Shopbop, if anyone’s interested: and, if you are interested, you can rest assured that there’s plenty more where those came from.

Fashion Police

It’s Shopbop Sale time again!

Shopbop sale

It’s our favourite time of year, folks! No, we’re not talking about Autumn – don’t worry, you won’t get any photos of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes here – we’re talking about something even better: the Shopbop sale.

The latest Friends and Family event kicked off today, and will run until Friday, giving you the chance to save 25% on your favourite brands. All you have to do is enter the code INTHEFAM25 at checkout – do check here first to see the list of brand, exclusions, though, as well as the terms and conditions: we don’t want you setting your heart on something and getting all the way to the checkout, only to discover that the discount doesn’t apply. We’ve been there, and we never want to go there again.

Soooo, what are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be shopping?