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acne long-sleeved sweaters

Fashion Crime Friday | Shoulders and sleeves

Sometimes we love not being “edgy”. When you don’t have to worry about whether your outfit is edgy/on-trend enough, for instance, these Acne outfits become simply something to make you smile, as opposed to something you might actually have to consider wearing: [All items available at Acne] Suspects # 1…


Wanted! Best Basics by Phoenix J

e’ve talked a lot about capsule wardrobes and closet essentials lately, and it’s a subject close to our hearts. We believe that the secret to being stylish in any situation (and ever having one of those “I have nothing to wear!” moments, is to have an arsenal of tried-and-trusted basics…


Sizeable shows you what clothes look like on different shapes

When we wrote about Fever London’s ‘Perfect Fit’ campaign, in which they used models in a range of sizes to showcase their clothes, we said that while it was a great idea, it was unlikely it would catch on, due to the logistics of retailers having to photograph each item…

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See how different women style the same item

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Don't be a fashion criminal...

Crime-fighting advice from The Fashion Police

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Myth Busters

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Style S.O.S!


How to wear the nautical look… without dressing like a sailor

It’s no secret that The Fashion Police are fans of the nautical look, which is more of a spring/summer classic than it is a fashion trend. But how do you wear it without looking like you’re en-route to a sailor-themed costume party? This is the question we were asked by…

polka dot playsuit

How to Wear a Playsuit

Playsuits have never been particularly high on The Fashion Police’s list of Looks We Love (Yes, there is an actual list…). While they can look great on the hanger, this is a look that can be rather infantilising on a grown woman, and for those of us no longer in…

how to look good fast

How to Look Good Fast

Do you ever look at those perfectly coiffed and made-up women you see on the morning commute and wonder how on EARTH they do it? How do THEY find the time to apply a full face of makeup and create an elaborate hairdo every morning when YOU’RE still stumbling around wiping the…

Style Basics

The Fashion Police is a style crime-fighting force dedicated to fighting crimes of fashion and solving style dilemmas. Whether they're arresting ugly items of clothing, answering Style S.O.S. calls, monitoring incoming trends or interrogating items of clothing in order to report back on their fit and quality, The Fashion Police keep a close eye on the world of fashion, and aren't afraid to call it as they see it. The Fashion Police blog is aimed at people who care more about style than fashion, and who won't be swayed by fashion trends and fads...