Dresses, Wanted!

Wanted Wednesday | Coast Occasionwear

When we started to put together this week’s Wanted Wednesday post, we had the best of intentions to use a variety of different sources. Unfortunately, though, we didn’t make it past the “new in” section at Coast: whoops. We’re hoping you won’t judge us too harshly, though, because look:

coast 'Lily-Anna' dress in navy

Lily-Anna dress, £180

A fairytale dress if ever we saw one.

Now, Coast is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to special occasions: so much so that we know of more than one bride-to-be who’s had to put “No Coast dresses” on the wedding invitations, for fear the guests would turn up wearing the same dresses as the bridesmaids. Even if you can safely take the bridal party out of the occasion, its usually a safe bet that at least one wedding guest will turn up in a Coast dress, which can sometimes make people a little wary of shopping there, lest they inadvertently end up committing a “same dress” crime. This is a shame, really: Coast is popular for occasionwear because they’re good at it, but if you’re worried about ending up with a dress twin at your next event, try something like this instead:

Coast Meslita fuill midi skirt

Meslita midi skirt, £125

Full skirts are, as we’ve noted, back in fashion for fall 2013, but they’re also classics which never date, which makes them a safe investment. This one is a dead ringer for some of the much more expensive Tibi midi skirts of last season, and it has a tulle under-layer for added drama. This is the kind of thing that works well for a special occasion, and which you can make look totally different by simply changing the top half, shoes and accessories (So you may end up wearing the same skirt as someone else, but you’ll still look different from them), and while it’ll never be exactly “casual”, we think it would look great with a sweater (a fluffy one, perhaps?) for day.

But back to the dresses, and specifically, to this dress:

mint lace dress‘Latia’ mint lace dress, £145

A brighter colour and a shorter, more modern shape made this dress stand out to us, but then again, we rarely meet a green dress we don’t like, so there is that.

Here are some more Wednesday Wants from Coast, for those times when being “overdressed” is the only way to be…


Ask the Fashion Police

Ask TFP | Why are you so pale?

For this edition of Ask The Fashion Police, we’re once again delving into our search referrers to answer the questions people ask Google about fashion and style. We’re also delving into the kinda, sorta-related world of social etiquette, which is awesome, because we could talk about etiquette aaaalll day, seriously. So let’s dive right in, shall we? Here are some of the burning questions on our reader’s minds lately…

is it rude to ask people why they're pale?


Is it rude to ask why people are pale?

Yes, it’s rude to ask someone why they’re pale: their skin colour is none of your business, and it’s not something they have any control over, either (unless, for some reason, they’re wearing pure white foundation, in which case we’d be curious too…). Instead of asking them why they’re pale, try asking yourself why it bothers you. You wouldn’t ask someone why their skin was dark (At least, we hope you wouldn’t), so don’t ask people to justify their pale skin, either: regardless of the intent behind the question, you’re likely to make the person feel uncomfortable, and that’s ALWAYS rude.

For more of our thoughts on people who want pale people to tan, go here.

Is it a fashion crime to wear knee high boots in summer in the UK?

Not if the weather makes knee-high boots the most appropriate thing to wear: and let’s face it, with the type of “summers” we tend to get here in the UK, they very often are. Increasingly these days, so-called “seasonal” dressing is starting to become a thing of the past. Our cold, wet summers, combined with the occasional unseasonably warm March or September means that it’s no longer unusual to see people wearing boots, or even coats, during the months when we’d normally expect to be in sun-dresses or shorts. Our rule of thumb is to dress for the weather you have, not the weather you think you SHOULD have. Context is everything. Yes, you’ll look pretty silly in knee-high boots at the beach, on a boiling hot day, but on a chilly day in July, they might seem perfectly appropriate.

Is it weird to repeat outfits in college?

No, it’s not in the least bit weird to repeat outfits: in college, or anywhere else. It’s just what people do in real life. If anything, it’s even LESS weird in college, because, well, you’re in college. You’re probably broke. No one expects you to be wearing a different outfit every day, so as long as your clothes are clean, and not falling apart, repeat away.

Can I wear a midi dress if I have a big stomach?

Yes you can: “midi” refers to the length of the dress, and length has no bearing whatsoever on the size of your stomach. If you want to draw attention away from your stomach, though, you can always try a skater-style midi, which will disguise the stomach more than a bodycon one: although, honestly, if you feel confident, there’s really nothing stopping you wearing any shape you like.

For more advice on how to wear midi dresses, go here.

Why are celebrities shoes always too big?

It’s because they’re not actually THEIR shoes. Many, if not most, of the clothes and shoes you see on the red carpet are borrowed: they’re sent to the celebrity by a representative of the designer who made them, so the celebrity will wear them to an event, and thus give the designer some publicity. Quite often, the shoes which are sent to celebrities are samples, and they’re sent in whichever size is available, which may well be too big, or too small. This is unfortunate, because it makes the celebrity look like they bought the wrong size of shoe, when actually they just borrowed them, and will be sending them back in the morning. Honestly, if we had to walk the red carpet, we think we’d rather wear our own, cheap shoes which fit us, than borrowed designer ones we could’t walk in, but each to their own.

[Image © Yulia | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images]
Crimes of Fashion

Fashion Crime Friday | Rabbit shoes, shredded chaps and mesh skirts

Well, Fashion Crime Fighters, it’s almost the weekend*, but before you scoot off to enjoy it, let’s end the week with a quick clean-up of the Fashion Police Jail, shall we? Take a quick look at these recent arrests, and let us know whether we should keep them under lock and key, or set them free, absolved of all guilt:

1. The Rabbit Shoes

red rabbit fur shoes

Rabbit fur shoes, $650

Oh dear. Quite apart from the fact that animals died to create these shoes (Which some would argue is a crime in itself), we can’t help but think we’d feel like we were putting our feet INSIDE the rabbit if we tried to wear these: we’re not sure if it’s the almost blood-red colour that’s doing it, but there’s just something vaguely gruesome about them somehow. Oh, and they also lool like stiletto slippers. So there’s that.

2. The shredded chap jeans

shredded chap jeans

Shredded chap jeans, $525

It would be bad enough if this was a pair of ripped tights/leggings  being worn under denim cut-offs, by a 13-year-old girl going through a rebellious phase. But nope: the shorts are ATTACHED to the leggings, making this a Stuck Together Clothes Crime, if ever we saw one. And they’re $525, which makes them completely freaking ridiculous, seriously: trust us, there are cheaper ways to look like you just pulled your pants out of a dumpster. One way, for example, is to just pull your pants out of a dumpster. Congratulations! You just saved yourself $525!

3. The Mesh Pencil Skirt

mesh pencil skirt

Mesh pencil skirt, $145

The Opening Ceremony website describes this skirt as “Nonchalant but never sloppy… perfect for days without plans.” Now, we don’t know about you, but where we come from, walking around in a see-through slip would be seen as pretty darn sloppy, to be honest. They got one thing right, though: this IS perfect for days without plans. Like, days when you don’t plan on leaving the house, for instance. Please don’t leave the house without your clothes, folks: you’ll thank us for this advice later, we promise you.

Aaaand that concludes our roundup for this week, so now it’s over to you: are these crimes of fashion, or do you want us to set them free, so you can buy and wear them?

Outerwear, Style On Trial

Style Trial | Pink coats

pink coats: fashion trend for winter 2013

We’ve already talked about pink as a colour trend in general for winter 2013, but there’s one area in which all of that pink is really going to dominate: outerwear.

For some, the pink coats will come as a welcome relief from all of the grey, black and navy that retailers usually try bombard us with as the weather gets colder. Why do fashion designers think that when the weather’s gloomy, we’re going to want our clothes to be gloomy, too? We will never know. What we DO know, however, is that they’ve recently had a change of heart: last winter saw an infusion of pastel coloured coats into the outerwear market, and this season the trend continues, but with just the one shade – baby pink.

The good news here is that baby/powder pink is much more wearable than it’s sister shades, ‘Pepto Pink’ and ‘Barbie Pink’, and while those colours will be represented this winter too, many of the coats on offer are pale enough to force us to screw up our eyes, squint at the screen and wonder, “Is that pink… or is it just beige?” The paler the pink, the easier it is to wear it, and to pass it off as just another neutral, but at the same time, there’s no denying that the BRIGHTER the pink, the more fun it’ll be to wear, too. If you like pink, that is.

And if you DON’T like pink? Well, chances are you’re getting some serious Elle Woods vibes from all of this, and muttering about how you wouldn’t be caught dead in such a stereotypically “girlie” colour. Happily, of course, you don’t actually HAVE to: there will be plenty of other colours for your coats, so you’ll still be able to find something to suit you, we’re sure.

Here’s a small selection of pink coats: don’t forget to tell us what you think of them!

Zara pink coat

Zara, £179

Ted Baker pink coat

Ted Baker, £299

pink coat by Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha, $1,465

Rochas pink coat

Rochas, $1870

Club Monaco

Club Monaco, $329

pink wool coat

Stills, £530

pink coat by Red Valnetino

Red Valentino, £544

Zara, $139

Zara, $139

Outerwear, Wanted!

Wanted Wednesday | H&M Trenchcoat

H&M trenchcoat

H&M trenchcoat, £69.99

At this time of year, as summer fades to fall (or starts to, anyway) trench coats are as ubiquitous as pumpkin spiced lattes and fashion bloggers gushing about how autumn is their favourite season. Why are we showing you this one, then? It’s not as if you need any help tracking down a trench coat right now, is it?

We’re showing you this one, because it’s a little bit special: so much so, in fact, that we were really surprised to find out it was from good ol’ H&M. With its deep yoke and full skirt, this has the look of a much more expensive brand, and while it’s certainly true that the price is a little higher than we’d generally expect from H&M, we’re going to cross all of our fingers and toes, and hope that the quality justifies the price tag. The fact that this is sold out online in beige (it’s still available in some sizes in black, however) gives us reason to believe that hope might not be in vain, but if you’d like to find out for yourself, you can either have a look for it in store, or simply do what we normally do in these situations: bookmark the page, and go back and check it every so often – you might just get lucky.

You also might just look like a female Sherlock Holmes in it if you’re not careful, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.


Fashion Police

Wanted Wednesday | Fluffy knitwear

fluffy green cardigan

green cardigan, £38

fluffy knitwear from Topshop

Fluffy sleeveless top, £50

fluffy blue sweater

Fluffy blue sweater, £34

Fluffy knitwear is everywhere for autumn, and you can colour us happy, because if we can find a way to be warm, AND feel ever-so-slightly glamorous, we’re going to take it. And if we can find a way to do it without having to spend an absolute fortune in the process, we’re DEFINITELY going to do it.

Topshop have a great selection of fluffy knitwear at the moment, and you’ll find cardigans, sweaters, tanks and tees, all with that fuzzy-wuzzy feel. Just looking at them makes us want to curl up on the sofa with a mug of hot coffee and a really good book. Just take our advice, and either invest in a lint roller or wear them with fabrics like silk or similar, so all that fluff will just slide off, rather than clinging to your clothes, and making you look like a crazy cat lady. No offence to crazy cat ladies.



Wanted Wednesday | Classic style staples

Wanted Wednesday from The Fashion Police

For this week’s Wanted Wednesday, we’re taking a look at the Boden Autumn/Winter collection: and no, we’re not being sponsored by them – a quick browse of the website ended up with us being sucked in for long enough to fill up our basket with a bit of a Fantasy Shop, so we figured that was a good enough sign to feature them.

These items may not be the most exciting or stand-out pieces you’ll ever find, but the approaching autumn has us thinking about stocking up on basics, and Boden have those well and truly covered. In fact, in one of those “you must buy your entire winter wardrobe from one store” conundrums, we reckon we could probably hit up their website and walk away with a selection of classic pieces that never go out of style. For instance…

The little black (or red, or green…) dress

Boden Libby dress in black

Boden 'Libby' dress in red and green

Boden ‘Libby’ dress, £69

We don’t for a second believe that every woman “needs” a little black dress, but on a purely personal basis, we wouldn’t like to live without a simple, block-colour dress that can be dressed up or down as required. Boden’s ‘Libby’ is just such a dress, and it comes in a great range of colours, too.

2. The skinny black pants

skinny pants by Boden

Skinny black pants, £59

One of our Closet Heroes, these skinny black pants have some detailing on the seams to give them a more “urban” feel. Apparently.

3. The Pointed Slingbacks


Pointed slingbacks, £79

We’re aware that there’s already a fair bit of black in this selection, but these are the kind of shoes it’s hard to go wrong with. Well, if they were good enough for the likes of Audrey Hepburn…

4. A selection of sweaters

Boden knitwear

When you live in a cold climate, you just can’t have too many sweaters/long-sleeved tops. Ideally, we’d want a closet full of every colour and print under the sun (Well, maybe not this print, now we come to think of it…), but these three would do for starters. Then the rest

What do you think of Boden? Ever shopped there?

Crimes of Fashion

The Emperor’s New strass tulle jumpsuit

Well, looky here, everyone: it seems our old friend the Emperor has gotten herself a simply FABULOUS new jumpuit! Can you see it?

see through jumpsuit with strass crystals

This cost the Emperor no less than £2375, so it MUST be good, mustn’t it? And if you have any doubts that it’s good, let us quell them by pointing out that IT’S DESIGNER. Every good fashion victim knows that DESIGNER = GOOD, so it’s just a shame that this particular piece of art could only ever be worn (at least in the manner shown above) in the privacy of your own home, because if you’re going to spend that much money on a tulle jumpsuit, you’re going to want people to see it, aren’t you? The visible seams! The visible underwear! All of those tiny strass crystals:

Well, if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting tiny crystals all over an item of clothing, it may as well be a totally sheer jumpsuit, no?

Oh, and just in case it isn’t obvious, yes, all of the above is sarcasm. We’re as mystified as ever by the existence of garments like this one. Who buys them? For what purpose? And even if you DID have a spare £2375 down the back of the couch, would this be the best possible use for it, do you think? Couldn’t you find/make something similar, if you really, really needed it (WHY?) for much less than that? Which, we guess, brings us right back to the question of why, in the wide world, you would ever, ever need such an item? To wear over something else? To wear UNDER something else? WHAT?

If you can solve this mystery, please do, so we can update our case files accordingly. Until then, we’ll file this one under Daylight Robbery and hope the Emperor comes to her senses soon…

Buy it here 

Fashion Trends

Next Autumn/Winter 2013 preview

Next Autumn Winter 2013

Next Autumn Winter 2013

We feel like we should have called this post “Mad for Plaid” or something similarly cheesy: that IS what almost all of these photos have in common, after all.

Next aren’t the only brand to be embracing plaid for Winter 2013: in fact, most of the brands we’ve previewed so far have included the print in some form or another, and that’s not surprising – it’s yet another one of those so-called “trends” that are actually not trends at all, because they crop up at the same time every year.

While Next aren’t the only ones touting plaid as an important part of the upcoming season, however, they do seem particularly enthusiastic about it, putting it on shirts, trousers, skirts and even tights. This season’s plaid is the grungy, outdoorsy type, rathwr than the preppy, tartan variety of last season: think lumberjack shirts and cabins in the woods, as opposed to cashmere sweaters and strings of pearls.

What do you think of it, though? Take a look at the gallery below to see some more…

Gallery: Next Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Gnome shoes, by Irregular Choice

gnome-heeled shoes

gnome holding up shoes

gnome shoes

We’re used to Irregular Choice using quirky/crazy/delete-as-appropriate embellishments on their footwear – that poor crushed bunny from last season springs to mind – but gnomes? Aren’t there some kind of gnome-labour laws to stop people forcing the little guys to support their body weight on their heads all day long? Because there should be. It’s not The Fashion Police this gnome needs: it’s a union rep, to make sure gets a fair wage for his day’s work, regular breaks, and maybe some health insurance into the bargain. He’s going to need it.

OK, we jest: we’re sure no gnomes were harmed in the creation of these shoes. Or we hope not, anyway. Given that you won’t be committing an ACTUAL crime by wearing them, then, what we want to know is whether you think you’d be committing a FASHION crime by doing it. Would you be happy to walk around balanced on a couple of tiny gnomes, or are these guys just too “quirky” for their own good?

Now for the question we never would’ve imagined ourselves ever having to ask:

Do you think gnomes and shoes are a good combination, or are they a crime of fashion?

Fashion Polls & Debates

Red trousers on men: fashion crime?

What do you think when you see a man in red trousers? That he’s brave? Stylish? Cute? Original?

Or do you simply think the man in question must be gay… or an idiot?

men in red trousers

[Pants: ASOS]

According to a recent poll by researchers You Gov, most people will have one of the latter reactions to the sight of a man in red pants. How do they know this? Because they conducted a poll on it, obviously, asking members of the British public to share the first word that springs to mind when presented with a man in red trousers. Here’s how the British public responded:

what do you think of men in red trousers

So, most people who see a pair of red pants will think “red”, then. Not much gets past the British public, does it?

In second and third place, however, are the words “gay” and “idiot”. “Bright” and “brave” come in 4th and 5th respectively, before things take a much more negative turn, with “yuk”, “odd”, “prat” and “clown” all ranking highly. Nice.

The conclusion? Most people aren’t huge fans of red pants on men. (As for how they feel about red pants on WOMEN, meanwhile, we just don’t know. Perhaps there’ll be another poll soon to give us the answer to that. In the meantime, you might want to think carefully before wearing those red jeans you bought when they were the height of fashion last year…)

So, what do we think about this? Well, while there’s no doubt in our minds that the clothes we wear send out certain messages about us (And many people use clothing to manipulate the messages they want to send) we’re just not convinced that wearing a certain item of clothing tells you anything at all about someone’s sexual orientation, or level of intelligence. In fact, while we all have our own opinions about various items of clothing, and we’re not (And shouldn’t be) afraid to express them, those opinions revolve purely around aesthetics and personal taste: it seems pretty harsh to brand someone an “idiot” just because of their choice of pants, and as far as we’re concerned, the only thing red pants tell you about a man is that…he likes red pants.


What do you think about this? Are you surprised to find that some people have such strong reactions to this particular item of clothing, or do you agree with them?

What do you think of men in red pants?


Wanted Wednesday | Most Wanted Fashion

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to show you a completely random selection of fashion items which we want to buy right now… but probably won’t, because they’re mostly hideously expensive. Well, we can dream, can’t we? And seeing as we’re dreaming, we may as well start off with this Roksnada Ilincic dress, which is a snip at just $1,510:

black and green wiggle dress

Buy here

It’s not cheap, and we don’t normally go for combinations of black n’ brights, but this dress is so beautifully cut, and so full of film noir-style drama that we’re willing to let it pass.

Here’s something else we don’t normally go for:

polka dot skater dress

Buy here

It’s Stuck-Together-Clothes, y’all. We normally have zero tolerance for Stuck Together Clothes, but even although this is a dress pretending to be a skirt and top, and even although we’d PREFER it to be an ACTUAL skirt and top (So much more versatile to be able to wear them both with other items, no?), we’re not even going to pretend we don’t love the full skirt and polka dots, because we do. So there.

Next up is this little Zara necklace, which is £29.99:

Zara flower necklace

Buy it

We don’t normally pay much attention to Zara’s jewellery selection – we’re normally too busy wondering just how on earth they managed to persuade all those fashion bloggers to buy THAT skort – but this caught our eye, and we thought it was very pretty, especially for that kind of price-point.

Finally, it’s much too warm to be thinking about coats right now, but when we DO start thinking about coats, we’ll probably be thinking a lot about this stripe one from Oasis, who can do no wrong at the moment, as far as we’re concerned:

monochrome stripe coat

Buy here

At £72, this is probably more of an Autumn piece than a Winter one: we doubt it’ll be warm enough to see you through the darkest days of the winter, but it’d make a nice change from the ubiquitous trench coat when September rolls around.

What do you want this Wednesday?

Fashion Trends

Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter 2013

Marks and Spencer Winter 2013 preview

We’re not going to lie to you: the second we finished uploading these photos, we headed straight over to the Marks & Spencer website to see if any of this stuff was available yet. Specifically, we were looking for the coats. Oh, those coats! At a time when most high street outerwear collections have been uninspiring to say the least, we think M&S have really pulled through, with a selection of luxe-look, vintage-inspired styles which are just packet full of good, old-fashioned glamour.

And ARE they available yet? Well, some of them are. Certain items, however, such as the powder blue coat (which is such a refreshing change from the usual dull winter colours) is already starting to sell out in some sizes, however, so if you do see something you like from this collection, you might want to buy it sooner rather than later. Yes, even although it’s still only August. Well, summer IS the best time to buy coats, after all, and sometimes it’s the ONLY time to buy them before they sell out completely. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Take a look at the collection below, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it!

Gallery: Marks & Spencer Winter 2013 Collection

Fashion Trends

ASOS Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

ASOS Autumn Winter 2013 collection

A few things jump out at us about the ASOS Autumn/Winter 2-13 collection:

1. Leather. Lots of it. Mostly on skirts and dresses, but there’s plenty of other leather to be found, too. We’re loving some of the dresses, and we particularly like the full leather skirt: a great way to put a modern spin on a classic item.

2. Wet-look fabrics. High shine, high impact… high likelihood of getting you arrested for committing crimes of fashion? We’ll see.

3.Grunge-inspired plaid. Every single year. Every. Single. Year.

4. Orange. We’d make a lame “orange ya glad” joke here, but we just bet ya ain’t – glad, that is. Well, it’s a tough colour to wear for many of us, but if you can make it work, it can have a whole lot of impact, so it really just depends on whether or not you can pull it off: or THINK you can.


patterned jumpsuit

We’ve been staring at this for a very long time now, and we’re still no closer to being able to imagine anyone looking good in it, but if you think you can prove us wrong, go for it.

Some of these items are actually starting to filter onto the ASOS website already (Damn those retailers and their eagerness to put an end to summer and get us all into our winter duds ASAP!), while the rest will be available at some point in the coming weeks. Now that you know what you’re going to be dealing with from ASOS this winter, however, we need to know how you feel about this collection. Are you excited to wear any of this, or do you think it should all proceed directly to Fashion Police jail, without passing ‘Go’ or collection $200? Tell us in the comments sections – but take a look at this first:

GALLERY: ASOS Autumn/Winter 2013

[All items: ASOS]
Fashion Police

DOTD | Oasis ‘Kora’ ruffle pencil dress

Oasis ruffle pencil dress

Oasis ‘Kora’ dress, £65

We’re big fans of neutrals for winter, and that’s going to work out pretty well for us this year, because if the fashion pundits are to be believed, pale neutrals are going to be, like, SO this season. Or something.

Pale colours might seem counter-intuitive at the muddiest, rainiest time of year, but assuming you can keep them (reasonably) clean, they make for a nice change from all of  the dull winter colours many people tend to cling to once autumn rolls around, and an all-white (or beige, or gold, or pale pink) outfit can also have a luxurious feel which darker colours sometimes lack: probably because the delicate, easy-to-ruin colours tell the world, “Hey, I don’t have to work for a living, I just lie around on a chaise all day, keeping my clothes clean!” Or that’s how it seems to us, anyway.

In terms of this particular dress, well, Oasis have been killing it in the dress department lately, and this is no exception. We like how the clean, unfussy lines are enlivened only by the ruffles on the sleeves, with their touch of black: a minimalist style which needs just a pair of killer heels to make it perfect.

Buy it here

Fashion Trends

River Island Autumn/Winter 2013

winter 2013 fashion from River Island

Well, this is … confusing. We just can’t make up our minds what River Island’s winter 2013 fashion collection is all about.

There’s an outdoor/woodsy/grungy vibe from the plaid, and the fur, and the beanies.

There’s a mod/60s vibe from the shift dresses and tall boots.

There’s a 50s vibe from the midi-length full skirts and dresses.

There’s a vintage/30s feel to the long pink dress.

There’s a really quite perplexing green metallic blouse, which wouldn’t look out of place on Crystal Carrington, circa 1985.

Is it all things to all people, or is it just a bit of mish-mash of styles and looks? We think this requires further investigation, so let’s take a look at the evidence…

Gallery: Winter 2013 fashion from River Island

Fashion Police

DOTD | Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Halton draped metallic jacquard dress

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Halston dress

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Halton draped metallic jacquard dress, $765

You know those questions people sometimes ask you? The ones about “If you had to pick just one store/brand to shop in for the rest of your life, which would it be?” We hate those questions. Seriously, who could possibly answer that? For one thing, our style might change in the course of a lifetime, and we’re pretty sure we won’t be wearing the same things as 90 year old we did as 25 year olds. Well, not EXACTLY the same, anyway. Then there are seasonal and lifestyle factors to take into account, too. What if you chose a store/brand that didn’t do swimswear, for instance? Or which did fabulous party wear, but left you totally unequipped for a walk in the park, say. Conclusion: it’s just not possible or advisable to stick to one brand for everything, or for the rest of your life.

Other than with dresses, of course.

When it comes to dresses, we’re fairly sure Vivienne Westwood could keep us happily clothed forever. We’d never get tired of her wonderful creations, and we’re confident we’d find something to suit almost every occasion,

This dress, for instance, would be our winter cocktail party dress. The metallic jacquard has a sumptuous, Christmassy feel to it, the cut is tailored to perfection, exactly as we would expect from Dame Viv, and it’s unusual enough to feel special, but classic enough to stand the test of time.

It’s also $765, but then again, this IS a fantasy, after all…

Buy here

Fashion Police

Primark Autumn Winter 2013 Preview

Primark Autumn.Winter 2013

Primark Autumn Winter 2013

OK: it’s August. We’re still enjoying the summer, but as reluctant as we are to even think about it, Autumn will soon be drawing in, which means it’s time for us to start taking a look at the Autumn/Winter collections and passing judgement upon them.

As always, we’re kicking off with a look at the new season looks from Primark, who are already selling some of these items (although not all of them) in stores. This is, needless to say, a very small selection of what the brand will have to offer (Primark is to fast fashion what McDonald’s is to fast food, after all, and their selections are changing constantly), but it gives you a small taster of what you can expect, which seems to be lots of dark clothing (Surprise, surprise!), lots of plaid (Even more of a surprise!), and a small, but very welcome, smattering of lighter, brighter pieces, such as the pale pink outerwear.

Perhaps it’s because the summer has been a particularly nice one (Now, that actually IS a surprise!), or perhaps it’s just the way this collection has been shot, but this collection seems very dark and dreary to us, and not exactly the kind of thing that’s guaranteed to have us running to our nearest store to buy some of it.

That said, when the winter gets under way, we may find ourselves changing our minds on that one. For now, though, we’ll turn the evidence over to you, in the form of the gallery below. Your task is to take a look at the evidence and deliver your verdict: what do you think of the Primark Autumn Winter 2013 collection? Does it leave you feeling inspired for the upcoming season?

Gallery: Primark Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

Fashion Police

DOTD | Mary Katrantzou Babelonia metallic jacquard dress

Mary Katrantzou jacquard floral print dress

Mary Katrantzou Babelonia metallic jacquard dress, $4710

At just under $5000, this dress is going to be strictly fantasy-league for most of us, which is probably why Net-a-Porter still have all sizes in stock, despite it having been available for almost a week now. High price aside, the print on this is just spectacular with its tree motif in metallic jacquard, and a simple shape to allow the print to stand out. Speaking of the shape, we’ve already talked about full skirts, and how they’ll be a big trend this fall, but frankly, we don’t think you can go wrong with this kind of shape, and that’s a good thing, because if you’re spending $5k on a dress, you REALLY don’t want to get it “wrong”, do you?

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Skirts, Wanted!

Wanted Wednesday | Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt

Anthopologie isn’t a brand we feature nearly often enough here on TFP. It’s not that we don’t like it: far from it, in fact. But as much as we love some of Anthropologie’s products, we often find them just a little bit overpriced, and so, rather than taunt ourselves with things we can’t actually afford, we have a bad habit of ignoring it altogether.

We’re making an exception for the Emeline skirt, though:

Anthropologie Emeline tulle skirt

Anrthropologie ‘Emeline’ tulle skirt, £128

Now, this is tulle. It’s cream. And even although full skirts are very much in fashion this year, it’s definitely not the kind of thing that you’d  find yourself wearing every day, or even every week. Well, not unless you were Carrie Bradshaw, that is. It has that kind of feel about it.

If you’re willing to overlook these small, but important, points, however, we think this skirt could be all kinds of awesome. We probably wouldn’t wear it with THOSE shoes, of course, but we’ve always been complete suckers for items of clothing which could have the word “fairytale” applied to them, and we think this is definitely a “fairytale” skirt. It’s full, it’s flouncy, it’s delicate and diaphanous… we could go on, but we think you get the picture. (Oh, and at £128, it’s not exactly cheap, but not exactly the most expensive item we’ve ever shown you either.)

This would be perfect for a special occasion, but if you want to try to dress it down, it wouldn’t be impossible: hard, yes, but not impossible. We think it would look really cute with a simple sweater and a pair of flats, for instance, and although that still wouldn’t make it “casual”, well, we’ve always reckoned “casual” is over-rated anyway….

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