Dress of the Day: Cream/black dress from Dorothy Perkins


A small change to the Dress of the Day format: instead of picking a dress and telling you what WE think of it, we're just going to pick a dress and let YOU tell US what you think. We''ll even provide a handy poll for your answers, but you should, of course, feel free to drop us a comment too, if you prefer.

We're starting off with this cream and black dress, which is £32 from Dorothy Perkins. What do you think? You'll find the poll under the jump…

What To Wear

Style Challenge: What to wear with a sequin blazer


We've decided to go easy on you this week.

When we wrote about the current trend for sequins yesterday, quite a few of you said you were more than happy to welcome sequins into your lives and wardrobes, so hopefully this will be less of a "challenge" and more like a bit of fun for a Friday afternoon.

With that said, we now invite you to create an outfit to wear with this sequined blazer, which is £80 from Warehouse. You'll find the rules of the game under the jump: please be sure to read them before starting to create your outfit!

We'll start to publish your outfits next week, but please be aware that we usually publish the results of this game in batches, so if your outfit isn't in the first batch, it just means we haven't reached it yet!

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Celebrity Fashion

Penelope Cruz spotted commiting “drop crotch pants” offence at London premiere of ‘Broken Embraces’


Penelope Cruz: "I'm beautiful enough that I can totally get away with these drop-crotch pants, right? Even although they DO make me look like a giant, mutant toddler?"

Pedro Almodovar: "Did I ever tell you I do a bit of undercover work for the Fashion Police from time to time, Pen?"

Penelope Cruz: "You're not taking me to the premiere, are you?"

Celebrity Fashion, Style On Trial

Celebrity Style on Trial: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Preen mini dress


Gwyneth Paltrow had herself a bit of a fashion renaissance last year, when she suddenly started wearing skyscraper heels and tiny little skirts. And she's still doing it. Here she is attending the Children of the City's Champions of Hope Gala this week in a Preen mini dress and… yes, a pair of high heeled boots.

This particular style of "ripped effect" bodycon dress has been popular on the red carpets of the world this year, but what do you think of Gwyneth's attempt to work it? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Tell us in the comments…

Shoes, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Boots pretending to be (sequined) socks, by Viktor & Rolf


We're all familiar with the crime of fashion that is Boots-Pretending-to-be-Socks, but what if the socks in question are encrusted with sequins, like these Viktor & Rolf numbers? What then, readers? Is it still a crime of fashion, or does the presence of so many shiny sequins serve to distract you from the fact that your socks are still stuck to your shoes.

We THINK we know what the answer to this question will be, but then again, you've surprised us before, so we put it to you know: what do you think of these sequin sock/shoe combos by Viktor & Rolf? Would you convict or acquit them of crimes of fashion?

(If you want to acquit them, you can buy them at Colette, where they're $655.)

Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

When leggings mate with jeans…


… you get Sivvy’s ‘Sophie’ cropped skinny jeans, $242 at Shopbop.

Unlike our old friend girls jeggings, which are merely leggings PRETENDING to be jeans (Impostor Alert! Impostor Alert!), these are an actual hybrid: skinny jeans with a jersey insert. Which is… an idea. And if you’re someone who has difficulty making your mind up in the morning (“Jeans or leggings?” So much choice!”) you may even think it’s a pretty good idea at that.

Do you, though? Would you pay $243 to find out what it’s like at that border where jeans and leggings meet? Or does the photo tell you all you need to know?


Handbag of the Week: Kenneth Cole New York Foldaway Small Satchel


The Fashion Police are rather partial to multi functional bags that can be carried in more than one way, so if the lovely colour of this one hadn't caught our eye, the fact that it can be carried either in the hand or over the shoulder probably would have.

It's by Kenneth Cole New York, and it looks like the kind of bag you'd be able to use for both formal and casual occasions fairly easily. It's also available in grey, and is $338 at Piperlime.

Fashion Police

Bai Ling back under Fashion Police arrest


She's been out on parole for a few months now, but tonight The Fashion Police can confirm that hardened fashion criminal, Bai Ling, is once more safely under lock and key, having violated one of the terms of her parole, namely the condition that she wear ACTUAL clothes at all times.

As we're sure you can see, Bai has gone back to wearing accessories only, and is seen here in a wide belt and what looks like a large bib. Don't worry, though, readers, the streets are safe once more, and Bai will have plenty of time now to think about what she's done.

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends: Sequins on everything for Autumn/Winter 09


Fashion's gone a little bit Serena Van Der Woodsen this season, and by that we mean: sequins. Lots of them.

Actually, it's only the cardigans that really remind us of Serena (although we wouldn't be surprised to see her in the leggings either), but for Autumn/Winter 09, our beloved designers haven't stopped there, and have given just about everything a liberal sprinkling of sequin. Dorothy Perkins, for instance, has a whole page of the stuff. Jackets and tops seem to have had the worst of it, but if you're a Shoeperwoman reader, you probably already know that sequined shoes are very much in evidence at the moment, too.

So, what do you think of this? Will you be getting your sequin on, or is this look just too OTT for your tastes? Tell us!

Sequin bomber, £20, Matalan; Sequined cardigan, £65, Mango; Sequin boyfriend jacket, £70, Dorothy Perkins; Sequin ankle leggings, £40, Topshop; Shoes, £100, Kurt Geiger, knitted sequin cardigan, £85 Topshop

Fashion Fraud Squad, Shoes

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Martinez Valero Vs Manolo Blahnik


 When Shoeperwoman alerted the Fraud Squad to the case of Martinz Valero Vs Manolo Blahnik yesterday, we we a little surprised to find that Manolo Blahnik apparently had nothing to say about this blatant copy of the famous 'Carrie" shoes from the Sex and the City movie. Of course, it's easy enough to spot which is the cheaper shoe, but as Dana pointed out over at Shoeperwoman, $164 isn't all THAT cheap for a knockoff: although we guess it does compare favourably to the $995 you'd pay for the Manolos.

The Valero shoes are also available in gold and silver, and you can get them at Zappos. Would you buy them?

Fashion Police

Fashion DIY: Wool & the Gang knitting kits at Net-a-Porter


Any knitters out there?

It's been a long time since The Fashion Police tried to knit anything more ambitious than a scarf, and even that failed miserably, but these Wool and the Gang kits make us want to take up the needles again. Not only do we love the name, these contain everything you'll need to make various garments, ranging from scarves and hats to waistcoats, legwarmers and gloves. Each kit provides you with needles, Peruvian wool, a pattern, a sewing needle and two patches, one of which reads "Knit-a-Porter". Hee!

Not being knitters ourselves, we're not sure how affordably-priced these are, but prices range from £64 – £120, and you can see the full range here.


Subway Map Print dress by Francis means you’ll never be lost in New York again


Planning a trip to New York city? Worried you might get just a little bit lost? Worry no more, readers, just slip on the Subway Map Dress by Francis, and you'll have a map of the entire New York subway with you at all times! (If you're going somewhere that happens to be printed on the rear of the dress, though, well, good luck with that…)

What's weird about this one is that we're not even describing it as a crime of fashion. Would you?

BUY: Subway print dress, $186


Topshop make sweet handbags. Literally.


These are either sweet in a super-cute way or sweet in a "rots your teeth" way. What they definitely are is sweet in a "looks like a sweetie in a wrapper" kind of way, which is exactly how Topshop wanted them to look.

What do you think of these, readers? Want to carry a giant piece of candy on your shoulder? If so, you can buy them at Topshop, where they're £22 each.