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Style Trial: 10 Crosby by Derek Lam shiny wide leg trousers

Well, the Foot Snatcher certainly did a number on this poor model, didn’t he? One minute she had feet, the next minute just acres of shiny fabric billowing around the floor. It’s possible that the Snatcher had accomplices on this particular mission, however: we know that many of our readers are more than happy to aid and abet the Snatcher in his work, so putting feet aside for the moment (which is actually what the Foot Snatcher himself does, isn’t it? And what these trousers do. Fancy that!), what say you to these 10 Crosby by Derek Lam trousers, Fashion Police jurors? We thought they’d be impossible to wear without looking like a space-age hippy, but then… Hmmm. Now we’re…

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Floral wide leg pants

From the “It Could Be Curtains” Files: SUNO Flowy Wide Leg Pants

What is it with floral print, seriously? Why is it so hard for designers to use it without it looking like they pulled down an old pair of curtains, Scarlett O’Hara style, and got busy with the scissors? While we’re on the subject: what is it with wide leg pants? Is there some rule we’re not aware of stating that they MUST be made in the brightest, or most hideous print possible? Look, we’ve said nothing about the Curse of the Wide Leg Red Pants that has been sweeping the internet lately. We know most people seem to love them, even although their wearers have all blatantly been Foot-Snatched, and some look like they’re wearing stilts, too. (OK, we’re going to say…

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Abbey Clancy in a revealing lace dress and high heels at the GQ Men of the Year Award

Fashion Criminal of the Week: Abbey Clancy at the GQ Men of the Year Award

We know what you’re thinking… …great shoes, no? And we know it’s only Wednesday, but we’re still confident that Abbey Clancy’s lace “dress”, as worn to the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London last night, will prove to be the worst celebrity outfit of the week. We really hope so, anyway: we’re not sure our nerves could take many more like this, we’re on our 12th cup of coffee today already. You’ll find some more outfits from last night’s awards in the gallery, including one from poor Charlize Theron, who had her feet snatched while standing on the red carpet: don’t worry, Charlize, we’ll catch that Foot Snatcher one of these days, you see if we don’t! [Images:…

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See through black skirt with black pants

Monday Morning Mysteries

It’s Monday morning, and The Fashion Police have some mysteries to solve. Namely: Mystery 1. The mysterious case of the missing skirt This model. Why is she out in her knickers, plus a tulle underskirt? What happened to her skirt? Is there some kind of evil Skirt Snatcher plaguing Fashion Land? Does he – or, indeed, she, because fashion crime can be committed by anyone, people, remember that – have any connection to our old nemesis, The Foot Snatcher? We’re going to open a file: if you hear of any snatched skirts, remember to call The Fashion Police…

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Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend stages fake flashing, Fashion Police investigating

Do not adjust your monitors, that’s a real person. And, you know, it probably takes quite a lot to horrify Marilyn Manson, but if the expression on his face is anything to go by, his new girlfriend (If, indeed, that’s who this is underthe mask. Our money’s on it being someone completely unlikely. Like Simon Cowell, say. Or the Foot Snatcher.) has managed it. Want to see why Manson looks so shocked? The image under the jump contains no actual nudity, but it’s possibly NSFW anyway. You’ll see what we mean.

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Capes: Coming to a pair of pants near you, soon

There’s a caped crusader in Fashionland, people, but before you start getting excited, let us just tell you that we’re pretty sure he’s using his powers for evil rather than for good. Well, it’s about time we had a new supervillain around here, wasn’t it? Especially seeing as so many of you insist that the Foot Snatcher should stay out of jail… This latest villian takes the form of a cape. It’s not just any old cape, though. It’s a cape on a pair of trousers. Why would trousers need a cape? Your guess is as good as ours. What we DO know, however, is that the combination of cape + pants doesn’t come cheap. These Hakaan ‘Papaver’ trousers (We…

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Cheryl Cole has feet snatched at X Factor US auditions

Cheryl Cole is currently in LA to start her new job on the X Factor US judging panel, and as you can see, things haven’t exactly got off to a great start for poor Cheryl, who had her feet snatched at the first round off auditions: ouch! Cheryl was also attacked by the ongoing colour-blocking trend. It was obviously an, er, hair-raising experience for her. (Sorry.) As regular readers will known, The Foot Snatcher is one of The Fashion Police’s arch enemies. We’ve been after this dastadly villain for a while now, although lately our detective work has been greatly hampered as we believe the Foot Snatcher is being harboured by the fashion community, and even by some of our…

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Flares make a comeback: will you be wearing them?

Click here to buy For a long time now we’ve been bemoaning the status of the skinny jean as the ONLY choice in denim at the moment (even those of us who love them can see that a little bit of variety wouldn’t hurt every now and then), so when we heard that flares were destined to be one of the big looks of this winter, we knew right away that some of you would be ripping your skinnies off and dancing in the streets with gay abandon. Which is actually a kind of weird mental image, so moving on… The return of the flare is, of course, part of the 70s revival that’s currently hitting the fashion world, and…

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Fashion Trends: the very literal interpretation of the shirtdress

(L-R: Elizabeth and James, LNA, Thakoon, Theory) These models all look angry. Seriously, look at them: they’re like some pissed-off model gang members, getting ready to challenge us to a fight. What rattled their cage, do you think? Oh yeah: probably whoever it was that ran up to them and stole all their pants. First we had the Foot Snatcher and now there’s a Pant Stealer on the loose. The work of your fashion crime-fighting force is never done, readers. In this case, however, we can rest easy. Well, sort of. These ladies haven’t, in fact, been robbed of their pants: they’re wearing – sorry, we beg your pardon, “working” – one of this season’s big trends: the shirt dress….

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Fashion Police Glossary: What all those fashion terms actually mean…

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Wondering what a particular fashion term actually means, whether you’ve read it here at, or elsewhere in the fashion blogosphere? Our glossary of fashion terms has been developed to give you the answers! Something we’ve missed? Drop us a comment and we’ll add your term to the Glossary! A Adult Onesies B Bandals C Coatigan D Daylight Robbery Dress Like A Toddler Trend, The E Eyeball Bleach F Fashion Victim Foot Snatcher, The I Impostor Footwear J Jeggings P Peep-toe boot rule, the S Shants Shell suit Shress Shrop Skapris Sock Horror Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes W Wear or Die [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”single”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Peaches Geldof’s leggings shredded by wild animals, Fashion Police investigating

 Peaches Geldof is a "celebrity" we tend to see rather a lot of these days, and now we're seeing even more of her, after her leggings were apparently mauled by a pack of wild animals as Peaches walked through central London, yesterday. "This was a horrific attack on an innocent pair of black leggings," said a Fashion Police officer. "It left poor Peaches flashing rather more thigh than would generally be considered decent, and we'd hate to see the tan-lines she would've been left with if the sun had been out. Lovers of fashion should rest assured that the Force is pulling out all the stops to bring these depraved animals to justice – and we'll also be supplying Peaches…

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Star Style Wars: The ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ premiere

He’s Just Not That Into You has a dazzling array of female stars (only two of whom aren’t called Jennifer/Ginnifer, which must have made things confusing on set), so naturally, when the film premiered this week, The Fashion Police decided to start a Style War between them all. You’ll find pictures of Drew Barrymore, Jenifer Connelly, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston and Ginnifer Goodwin under the jump. Your task is simple: tell us who you thought was best dressed. And, if you feel like it, tell us who you thought was worst dressed, too…

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Katie Holmes and her latest jeans look: wide leg, scraping along the ground

Oh my God, look! Someone stole Katie’s left leg! Whoops, sorry, our mistake! We thought the legendary Foot Snatcher had struck again there, but no, it’s just Katie Holmes continuing to educate the world about all of the different styles of jeans there are out there. This week Katie has gone for the wide-legged look, and, once again, she looks like she’s favouring jeans that are a couple of sizes too large for her. Why does she keep doing this, we wonder? We’d have to agree with those of you who’ve commented that they’re probably not Toms, because that would make the jeans too small, so whose are they? Katie has matched the oversized jeans with her oversized Birkin bag….

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