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Strange Shoes |Footwear Fails on Trial

While browsing Louisa Via Roma this week, our undercover officers discovered the following footwear offences – or possible offences, depending on your opinion: DSquared2 mink and suede pumps, £810 You’re probably never going to convince us that real fur on footwear is a good idea, but even if you could,…


Distressed jeans are distressing

Go Jane has been on the Fashion Police radar for a while now: in fact, sometimes looking at the site is a bit like looking into out very own jail. There are a lot of things we could take issue with there (plus a few things we quite like, let’s…


The Dress-Like-A-Toddler Trend Gathers Pace

You know, it’s probably not fair to describe the Style Suspects in this post as being victims of the “Dress Like a Toddler Trend“. After all, how many toddlers do YOU know who have a hat like THIS: [Buy it here for £343] Yes, this is a hat. A £343…


Crime of Fashion? Moschino does Underwear-as-Outerwear

[Buy it here for £150] Well, it looks like Moschino are on track to win the coveted Fashion Criminals of the Year title (which isn’t actually a thing, but totally should be, don’t you think?). We’d give them the award mostly for their dedication to encouraging people to dress like toddlers ,…

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Style S.O.S!


Stuck in a Style Rut? Here’s three quick ways to climb out…

Stuck in a style rut? Sick of opening up your closet every morning, seeing the same, tired old items staring back at you, and not wanting to wear ANY of them? Got tons of clothes but absolutely nothing to wear? Here are three quick ways to climb out of that…


How to Find Your Style

Don’t know what to wear? Sick of opening up your closet every morning and staring at the contents in despair, or trying on outfit after outfit, only to end up settling for that ancient pair of jeans and a sweater, because you just don’t know what you like any more,…


How to look good at the beach

There’s nothing more fun than a day at the beach, is there? The sun, the sea, the sand, the awkward attempts to look and feel like you’re totally at ease wandering around in public in what amounts to little more than your underwear… Well, OK, maybe not that last bit….

Style Basics

The Fashion Police is a style crime-fighting force dedicated to fighting crimes of fashion and solving style dilemmas. Whether they're arresting ugly items of clothing, answering Style S.O.S. calls, monitoring incoming trends or interrogating items of clothing in order to report back on their fit and quality, The Fashion Police keep a close eye on the world of fashion, and aren't afraid to call it as they see it. The Fashion Police blog is aimed at people who care more about style than fashion, and who won't be swayed by fashion trends and fads...