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Guess What It Is

Anyone feel like hazarding a guess at what this is? Without cheating by scrolling down the page for the answer, we mean? Is it a sleeping bag? A tent? Some kind of Ikea lampshade cover? Because it totally looks like an Ikea lampshade cover, don’t you think? It isn’t, though….

cropped wide-leg trousers with fringe detail

Fringe Fashion Crimes

1 / 2 You know those home-made posters people put up when they have a room to rent, or something to sell? The ones with the little strips cut into the bottom of the page, each with the person’s phone number on it, so you can tear one off and…

tulle hoodie

Who said hoodies were boring?

Ah, the humble hoodie! It’s probably never going to be considered the most stylish item of clothing out there (Then again, we said that about Birkenstocks, and look what happened there. Never say ‘never’, Fashion Force…), but they’re one of those items most of us own anyway. They come in…

Is It Offensive?

Well... is it?

Don't be a fashion criminal...

Crime-fighting advice from The Fashion Police

Myth Busters

Style S.O.S!


How to Wear a Full Skirt

The current trend for full skirts has The Fashion Police jumping for joy: with their dramatic silhouette and retro-inspired feel, this is one trend we can definitely get behind. Although full skirts have been around for a long time,  however, they can be tricky to wear without feeling like you…


How to dress up your winter coat

Winter coats: Collectif Remember Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, and her amazing selection of outerwear? At this time of year, we often wonder why more people don’t take a leaf out of Blair’s book and turn their trusty winter coats into outfits all on their own, as opposed to simply the…


What to Wear When You Work From Home

With an ever-increasing number of people choosing to work from home, whether by running their own businesses/freelancing or by telecommuting for their existing employer, today we answer the all-important question: what to wear when when you work from home? What to wear when you work from home? Before we try…

Style Basics

The Fashion Police is a style crime-fighting force dedicated to fighting crimes of fashion and solving style dilemmas. Whether they're arresting ugly items of clothing, answering Style S.O.S. calls, monitoring incoming trends or interrogating items of clothing in order to report back on their fit and quality, The Fashion Police keep a close eye on the world of fashion, and aren't afraid to call it as they see it. The Fashion Police blog is aimed at people who care more about style than fashion, and who won't be swayed by fashion trends and fads...