model makeover

Model Makeover: Saving Models from Crimes of Fashion

Modelling is hard. We know this from the many years we’ve spent patrolling the world of fashion. No one knows what those poor models suffer in the name of fashion: well, no one except other models, obviously. Forced to wear ugly outfits, to pose in ridiculous ways, and to keep on smiling, even when they’re wearing leggings as pants, these poor models are often suspected of committing crimes of fashion, when the reality is that they are but helpless victims. Today we’ve decided to stand up for the models: to help them, rather than simply arresting them, and we’re doing it with a Model Makeover – a simple challenge in which you get to re-dress a model, in a style of your…

Rihanna for River Island campaign

Rihanna for River Island: the verdict

After what feels like the longest build-up in fashion history (well, this year at least…) the Rihanna for River Island collection finally arrived online this morning. We take a look at some of the pieces and ask what you think of them: will you be shopping the Rihanna for River Island collection, or do you think Rih’s gone out of her way to create some crimes of fashion? Let’s take a look… We should probably begin this post by saying that not being part of the demographic that could reasonably be expected to want to dress like Rihanna (and to have the lifestyle to make that possible: i.e. most of this stuff wouldn’t go down well at the office, but…

Valentino bow dress

Dress of the Day: Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress

Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress, £599 This dress is possibly the girliest thing that’s ever existed. Naturally, then, some of you will absolutely hate it, for that very reason. Equally naturally, though, we couldn’t possibly have NOT shown you it. Us, resist the lure of a floral-print dress, with added bow? That’s never going to happen, which is why this random Tuesday morning in March is being brightened up (for us at least) by this Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress. We know what you’re thinking, though. “But Fashion Police,” you’re saying, “What kind of shoes would you wear with a dress such as this?” Well, we’d probably go with something like these, to pick up the blue…


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