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Model in winter clothing

POLL: What’s your favourite fashion season?

Autumn is the fashion blogger’s favourite season. How do we know this? Because at around about this time every year (and sometimes even earlier), all of our favourite fashion bloggers start talking excitedly about coats! and boots! And coloured tights! And long winter evenings spent snuggled up in front of…

Gwen Stefani with big hair in London

Gwen Stefani is 42 this week, has very big hair

Gwen Stefani celebrated her 42nd birthday earlier this week, and continues to provide all the proof we need that you don’t have to give up all interest in style once you hit 40, like some people seem to believe. Seriously, she looks as good as she ever did, doesn’t she?…

Jeffery Campbell flatform shoes with stripe soles

Frankenshoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Sporty’ flatforms

With the creation of these shoes, the lines between “fashion victims” and “clowns” will become even more blurred. Thanks, Jeffrey Campbell. Actually, for a long time now, we’ve suspected Jeffrey Campbell, enemy of feet, is playing an elaborate joke on the fashion victims of the world. Knowing that they will…

Five Fashion Bloggers Wear...

See how five different women style the same item

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Don't be a fashion criminal...

Crime-fighting advice from The Fashion Police

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Myth Busters

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Style S.O.S!

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Style Basics

The Fashion Police is a style crime-fighting force dedicated to fighting crimes of fashion and solving style dilemmas. Whether they're arresting ugly items of clothing, answering Style S.O.S. calls, monitoring incoming trends or interrogating items of clothing in order to report back on their fit and quality, The Fashion Police keep a close eye on the world of fashion, and aren't afraid to call it as they see it. The Fashion Police blog is aimed at people who care more about style than fashion, and who won't be swayed by fashion trends and fads...