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Dress of the Day: French Connection ‘Summer in Eden’ dress

French Connection ‘Summer in Eden’ dress, £120 If you read our article on  “Spring Staples’ last week, you probably gathered that we’re big fans of the current French Connection collection. These clothes may not be the most exciting pieces you’ll find, but they’re the kind of simple, stylish basics that SHOULD be really easy to find, but which somehow AREN’T. (Why IS that, we wonder? Why is always easy to find a pair of leopard -print harem pants, say, while the perfect black cardigan or perfectly fitting pair of jeans remain elusive? One of life’s great mysteries, we guess…) And no, we’re not being paid to say that, we promise: just giving credit where it’s due! We showed you a few…

trousers with cut -out sections

See-through clothes, and other crimes of fashion

It’s time for our weekly roundup of all of the suspected crimes of fashion we’ve come across in the past few days. This week, our roundup mostly focuses on see-through clothes, and other ways to look like you’re naked when you’re actually fully (or at least partially) dressed. It’s not going to be pretty, so we’re just going to dive right in and get this first one out of the way, so we can all wash our eyes out with eyeball bleach, and then get on with our lives… Fashion Crimes of the Week | See-through clothes edition 1. The “I may as well be naked” bikini Look. We’re not saying you need to wear a burka to the beach, and we’re…

retro model in green dress

Dress of the Day: Vivien of Holloway ‘Grace’ circle dress

Vivien of Holloway ‘Grace’ circle dress, £110 It wasn’t intentional, but Friday seems to have become our day to showcase dresses by some of our favourite vintage reproduction/retro brands, and far be it for us to fight fate. If the universe requires us to show you these dresses, then by God, we will! (Er, if you could imagine us shaking our fists at the sky while delivering that line, that would be ace…) This is the ‘Grace’ circle dress by the awesome Vivien of Holloway. It comes in a variety of different prints and fabrics, and it’s also available in a wiggle style, but we’re showing you our favourite version because, well, it’s our site, and we are its supreme…


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