spring staples

Spring Staples: classic, basic looks for the new season

Although we’ve never been big fans of the idea of of “staple” items (Everyone’s lives and tastes are so different that there really isn’t a “one size fits all”…), we’re nevertheless always fascinated by what’s generally considered to be be “classics”. And with the days gradually starting to get longer and lighter, what better time to take a look at the generally accepted Spring staples? These are just a few of the items which normally appear on lists of wardrobe staples for the coming season: they definitely won’t be staples for everyone, but they are classic, basic items which pop up around this time every year… (P.S. Most of our chosen items came from French Connection, but are the kind…

white dress with short sleeves

Dress of the Day: La Petite S*****’s belted stretch linen-blend dress

La Petite S*****’s belted stretch linen-blend dress, £695 Last week, we talked about how white is being touted as a “hot trend” (cringe) for Spring 2013. Bright white dresses aren’t the easiest things in the  world to wear. They’re dramatic. High-maintenance (especially if, like us, you have a fondness for red wine, but a complete inability to drink it without spilling some…). They can make you look a bit like a nurse, or someone from a sci-fi movie. When it’s done right, though, white can be jaw-droppingly awesome, and we think this dress is a great example of white done right. The key here is in the simplicity. This dress is totally classic, and very “basic” in design, but it’s made so perfectly…

why models look dead

Why models look dead, and other fashion questions answered

Every so often, The Fashion Police delve into our virtual mailbag by consulting the search terms people type into Google which lead them to this site. Many of those terms take the form of questions, so, in order to try to help those poor lost souls wandering out there in the fashion wilderness, we take it upon ourselves to answer those questions (or try to, anyway). Here are some of the burning questions on our visitor’s minds this month: if you’ve ever wondered why models look dead, and if you really HAVE to wash your clothes, read on… Why do models look dead? Didn’t you hear? Looking alive is SO last season… OK, to give this a more serious answer:…


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