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Pixie Lott floral outfit

Style Trial: Pixie Lott does florals

The Pirates! In an adventure with SCIENTISTS! Ah, for some reason, the name of that movie never fails to raise a smile from us. And so, too, does the sight of Pixie Lot, wearing head to toe – but not belly – florals. This little outfit is by Dolce & Gabbana, and Pixie has cleverly avoided the “little old lady” effect that floral print can so often have by flashing the aforementioned midriff in bra top, pencil skirt and blazer. There’s even a little bit of the fashion blogger’s favourite thing – pattern mixing – in the shape of the polka dots on the sleeves. So daring! What’s the verdict, though? Did she succeed in making floral print palatable to…

Mad Men cast ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Mad Men cast Ring the Opening Bell of the New York Stock Exchange

Oh, come on guys! You’re not working at the New York Stock Exchange, just ringing its bell – why so office-appropriate? We think there should be a law stating that Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, Kiernan Shipka, January Jones and John Slattery have to dress like they’re from the 60s at all times. It’s too jarring to see them in these dull modern clothes. We need more coffee… [Image:]

floral pants

Trends on Trial: Floral Pants

Floral pants: beloved by fashion bloggers, and… it’s really just the fashion bloggers, isn’t it? Oh, and elderly people, of course. Because, let’s face it, it’s really easy to venture into “little old lady” territory when you’re wearing a nice pair of floral slacks, isn’t it? Still, floral pants are currently being touted as a “hot trend”, and thankfully not ALL of them are “slacks”. We doubt we’ll be seeing many little old ladies squeezed into a pair of super-skinny floral jeans, for instance, although honestly, nothing would surprise the jaded eyes of The Fashion Police. Will we be seeing YOU in them, though? The pants in question range from the aforementioned skinny jeans to a slightly looser silhouette in…

A-Morir sunglasses

Strange Sunnies: A-Morir Spring 2012

Sunglasses: they’re always either a little bit boring, or a bit bit crazy. These ones by A-Morir won’t leave you much change out of £500 in some cases (some are cheaper, though. And by “cheaper” we mean they’re only £300), and we’re questioning how, exactly, you’d be able to see with them on, but maybe that doesn’t matter when you’re rich, and a fashion victim, who knows? Would you wear any of these? Click here to buy them if you would.

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