Roundup | Plaid skirts

So, tartan/plaid/check.whatever you want to call it, will be big for winter 2013. Is it just us, or did we write that same line last year, and the year before, and the year before that, just subbing out the year each time? Yup, we’re pretty sure we did, and that’s because, let’s face it, plaid is not a “trend”. It’s a winter perennial, and if we have to read ONE more fashion editorial -seriously, just ONE more – trying to convince us that this is a fresh new look that will be “bang on trend“, we’ll eat our hats. (These are the hats we’ll eat. Please don’t make us do it, fashion magazines! No more “Mad for Plaid” headlines, we…


Five Habits of Highly Stylish People

Stylish people have five things in common which set them apart and enable them to look stylish, no matter what they look like, or what they wear. Here are the five habits of highly stylish people…


Fashion Crime Files | Terrible Trousers

Trousers. So easy to get right. But also, apparently, so easy to get catastrophically WRONG. This week our officers have been policing the world of pants, and here are a few of the suspects they’ve brought in to our trouser unit for questioning:   Jean Paul Gaultier, £877 Ah, the Half-Pant! Part totally sheer legging, part baggy combat trouser! Well, some morning’s you just can’t decide, and thanks to this ingenious item, you don’t half to! The only thing that would make this better would be if the model was wearing two different shoes, to match the two different legs of her trousers. Heroes in a Half-Pant!   Comme des Garcons, £672 Is that a growth on the leg of…


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