Irregular Choice's Dan Sullivan collection

Strange Fruit: Irregular Choice’s Dan Sullivan collection

There are shoes hiding under the fruit and flowers in these photos, we promise: would you want to wear them, though, that’s the question? These are just a small sampling of some of the styles available from Irregular Choice’s Dan Sullivan collection. As many of you will know, Mr Sullivan is the founder and creative force behind Irregular Choice, so the fact that this collection is a little bit “out there” (to put it mildly) is no less than we’d expect from the brand which has brought us some of the strangest footwear ever to grace The Fashion Police’s jail cells. Don’t worry, though: not ALL of the shoes are covered in flora n’ fruit. There’s also this: The Visionary…

cheap winter coats

12 Cheap Winter Coats from the UK High Street

We’ve already established that a good coat is a winter wardrobe essential, and winter coats are generally talked of as investment purchases, too: those few items that are worth paying more for. That’s all well and good, of course, but what if your budget can’t quite stretch to a big investment right now? Worry not: there are plenty of cheap winter coats out there, if you know where to look for them, and buying a cheaper coat doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality: you might be surprised how warm some of the budget options can be, but even if you only get one season’s wear out of them, at least it’ll give you a bit of time to save…

sheer bodysuit

Underwear as Outerwear: Prey of London sheer bodysuit

We’d like to think this almost-sheer bodysuit is actually supposed to be lingerie, and that ASOS have simply neglected to point that out in the product description. We’d also like to think that when they showed it styled with a mini-skirt, earrings and ankle boots, as if ready for a night on the town, they were simply messing with us. As we say, we’d LIKE to think those things. But let’s face it: we’re The Fashion Police. We have learned to lower our expectations when it comes to clothing, so we’re pretty sure this garment is designed to be worn out in public, hopefully with copious amounts of fashion tape to keep it in place. We’re also pretty sure there…

Fashion Police at Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

[Images: PRPhotos.com] We’ve already shown you what Lea Michele, Uma Thurman and Elle Fanning wore to Elle’s Women in Hollywood celebration last night, so here’s the best of the rest. Or possibly the worst of the rest, depending on your point of view. Speaking of bests and worsts, though, it’s your job to look at the suspects and work out which is which, so take a look at the gallery and give us your verdicts in the comments section!

Elle Fanning and Uma Thurman

Worrying Celebrity Fashion Trends: Elle Fanning and Uma Thurman try to make shresses happen

[Images: PRPhotos.com] Whoops! Can you believe Uma Thurman and Elle Fanning BOTH turned up to Elle’s ‘Women in Hollywood’ celebration with their slips showing? OK, not really. They did both turn up wearing something we hesitate to call a “trend”, because we really hope it isn’t about to become one, but given that there were two examples of it on show at this event alone, we’re raising the alert anyway. We’re referring, of course, to the sheer black dress with the white under-layer. For us, this is probably always going to look like the kind of accident that can easily be avoided by wearing flesh-coloured underwear under black clothes, but which we suspect other sections of the fashion world will…

Lea Michele at Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

Style Trial: Lea Michele at Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

[Images: PRPhotos.com]  Any time our officers come across one of those “dresses” that requires the use of inverted commas around the word, because it’s really just a fancy bodysuit with a net curtain slung over the top, they find themselves wondering: who would wear such a thing? Today we at last have an answer to that question: Lea Michele would wear such a thing. To Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration, no less. Is Lea committing a crime of fashion, though? Does the fact that it’s a particularly fancy bodysuit, covered with a particularly elaborate curtain, make up for the fact that she’s out in public in something that most of us would class as lingerie? Does the “if ya got…


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