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Style on Trial: Snake print leggings from Topshop

Hey, everyone! Want your legs to look like a couple of reptiles! Topshop is here to help you do just that, with their snake-print leggings, £22.

On the plus side, you know all those people who have phobias about snakes? Just think of the fun you can have with them. On the minus side, however: well, to be honest, it’s pretty much ALL a minus side as far as we’re concerned, and we say that as people who don’t even have a particular problem with snakes: just with these leggings.

What about you, though? Yay or Nay to the snake-print leggings?

(Click here to buy them)

Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Kilt-leg trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs

"That's right, they're half-kilt, half-pants. SO?"

The kilt trend has only just started, and already it’s getting totally out of hand. We knew we should’ve tried to put a stop to this last week, when we first addressed the issue of the kilt in fashion! We decided to let the designers run with it for a while, though, and, well, LESSON LEARNED. Because you give them some pleated fabric, and this is what they come up with, folks: a bizarre half-kilt, half-pant hybrid. For those times when you… no, you’re right, there IS no time when you’d need that, is there?

Oh, and boys? If you were feeling left out by Jean Paul Gaultier’s kilt-leg pants, don’t: Marc Jacobs has got you covered:

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Fashion Police Glossary

Fashion Police Glossary: The Foot Snatcher

The Foot Snatcher is a dangerous fashion criminal who gets his (or possibly her) kicks from depriving other people of theirs: in other words, the Foot Snatcher steals feet, so run, don’t walk – if you still can, that is!

Poor Kelly Clarkson, above, was a victim of the Foot Snatcher back in May 2009. As you can see, the Snatcher showed no mercy here and left Kelly’s pants trailing inches beyond where her feet would be, if she actually had any. It’s amazing she didn’t trip over those things!

The Foot Snatcher prefers to target celebrities, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can consider ourselves safe:

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Fashion Police

Leopard Alert: ASOS bandeau leopard jumpsuit

It’s a boob tube and leggings stuck together.  In leopard print.  What else do we need to say?

We can’t understand who would wear this and in what situation.  Even the model doesn’t look too happy, does she?  It is sold out in a size 6 and 8 so someone must be buying it.  Is it you?  (If it is you, please let us know where on earth you plan to wear this.)  ASOS have put a leather jacket over it on their site and believe us, that doesn’t help it at all.

Had this been two separate items (leggings and a bandeau top), we wouldn’t have had any issue with them.  Separately though.  We just feel that this is a little too much leopard print to take in one go.

If you want to buy this it is £30 at ASOS.


Get the oven-ready look: Isabel Marant Gunay Jacket

isabel marant gunay jacket

Does anyone else recall Babylon Zoo, that one-hit-wonder band of the 90s made popular by that iconic Levi’s jeans commercial?

Spaceman, I always wanted you to go into space, man (Intergalactic Christ…)

With that look in mind tell us, could you really see yourself wearing this jacket out and about this winter?

Astronaut jokes aside, is the bacofoil look ever really a good one? We mean, there’s no denying that, without the sleeves, this jacket would look suspiciously like a new-fangled kitchen gadget for the cooking and warming of baked potatoes – in fact, we wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see it turn up on an episode of Dragon’s Den!

But maybe you could see the spud look working for you? If so you can pick it up from My Theresa for €498,00.


Handbag of the Week: Leather pushlock bag from Topshop

We couldn’t decide which colour we liked best, so we’re showing you Topshop’s leather pushlock bag in both tan and navy, and noting that it’s also available in burgundy, just to make the decision even harder.

Now, this isn’t going to be the most exciting bag you see all month, but it has that expensive, could-be-designer look about it, which tells us it’s probably going to last forever, and accompany you just about everywhere. It’s also large enough to be useful (nothing worse than a pretty bag which forces you to carry another bag along with it, just to hold all your stuff), and has both a shoulder strap and handles, for versatility.

At £96, it’s on the expensive side of the high street price range, but we reckon it’ll deliver value for money. If you agree, click here to order it from Topshop.

Style On Trial

Dressing gown chic: Sonia Rykiel cashmere-blend long-length cardigan

In fairness this is not actually nightwear. It is a cosy, warm cashmere cardigan, ideal for chilly winter days. But you can’t deny that it looks more than a little like the kind of cosy you’d snuggle into after a relaxing bath rather than the kind you’d wear out shopping on a Saturday – because it looks undeniably like a dressing gown!

Being cashmere blend, of course, it comes in at cashmere cost – £1,565, should you have such readies lying around to spend on post-bathing luxury. Or, should you fancy hitting the high street in something that might be mistaken for your robe. And which, as such, might see you barred from your local Tesco

Sonia Rykiel cashmere-blend long-length cardigan, £1,565 from Net-a-Porter.


Fashion Trends, Skirts

Fashion Trends for Fall 2010: Kilts

Clockwise, from centre: Pink Vivienne Westwood kilt; Christopher Kane buckled wool kilt; Comme des Garcons black pleated kilt; Burberry long wool skirt kilt;  Warehouse cut-about kilt; Burberry mini kilt; Burberry heart kilt;

The kilt is making a comeback this winter, apparently.

And just like that, it’s 1995 all over again, and we’re all dressing up like Cher in Clueless, in our little mini kilts and our knee socks! Well, OK, not quite: this season’s kilt isn’t quite as mini as Cher’s was (although as you can see from the image above, the mini kilt is still around). In fact, this season’s kilt comes in a range of different guises: some are short, some are long; some are plaid, some are plain; some are purple, some are bright pink – you get the picture. All, however, share that distinctive pleated detail that makes a kilt a kilt, and while most of the examples above come from designer brands, fear not, the high street won’t be far behind, and many of our favourite retailers are including kilts as part of their Autumn/Winter collections.

Round these parts, kilts are still an integral part of many a school uniform, so we struggle not to associate them with schoolgirls, or with those drunken relatives you always see at weddings (pretty much the only place you’ll see a real kilt worn in Scotland these days), but kilts do tend to come in and out of fashion, and if this winter is going to be one of those times when they’re back in, well, we’re going to need to know what you all think of them, so hit up the comments box and give us your thoughts!

Yay or Nay to kilts?


Fashion Police

Carrot/Karat: Solange Azagury-Partridge’s carrot ring gives new meaning to ’18 karat gold’

It’s 18 karat gold, and it’s also a bunch of carrots. Geddit?

It was mildly funny until we saw the £3,400 price tag, and then we were all, “Er, yeah, it’s not THAT funny…”

It must be that funny to some people, though, because it sold-out at Net-a-Porter almost as soon as it arrived there, meaning that if you want it, you’re going to have to add it to your wish list and hope more stock arrives soon.

Click here to do just that: but don’t forget to tell us what you think of it before you do!


Bootcut leggings, courtesy of Alexander Wang: the next big thing?

We know many of our readers are getting very, very tired of the whole skinny jeans/leggings look that’s dominated the fashion world for the last few years now. We can’t say we’re totally with you on that, because you’ll be prising our skinny jeans off our cold, dead legs, but hey, a change is as good as a rest, and we fully support the idea of having lots of different choices when it comes to legwear, rather than the current “all skinny, all the time” situation.

Most of the people who’ve been crying out for a change of cut seem to favour the bootleg jean/pant, and we can see why: it’s a pretty flattering shape, and it can be smart or casual as required which is always a good thing.

Well, bootleg lovers, we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that leggings aren’t going anywhere. Nuh-uh. They’re here to stay for the foreseeable, and it’s likely that people will be continuing to wear them as pants, despite the best efforts of The Fashion Police to put a stop to this practice.

The good news, however, is that there is a compromise on the table. It is… THE BOOTLEG LEGGING!

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Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Levis’ ‘Texas Tuxedo’ denim romper is possibly the worst case of Stuck Together Clothes ever seen

Yes, you read that right, readers: this is a “romper”. NOT a pair of jeans worn with a denim shirt, but a pair of jeans STUCK TO a denim shirt.

WE KNOW, right?

And just before we go any further here, we know fashion victims are going to come along and be all, “Oh, but double denim is, like, SO HAWT this season!” When have The Fashion Police ever bothered about such things, though? Seriously, they’re not even particularly nice jeans (not that it would be OK if they were, we hasten to add), so why on earth would you want to have them stuck to your shirt?

Also: how would this even work? How do you get the thing off if you want to go to the bathroom, say? Is there a way to separate shirt from jeans (which would kinda defeat the purpose of it being “one-piece”, wouldn’t it?), or do you just have to get nekkid? Which would be a pain, in all honesty, and would ALSO defeat the purpose of wearing such a sloppy/casual looking outfit.

Questions aside, though, we have no hesitation in declaring this to be a crime of fashion: bail is set at £158, and is payable to Urban Outfitters: click here to take a look.

Shoes, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Sally Seashell ankle boots by Haus of Price

Shoes! And… shells! OK, so it’s not the most obvious of pairings, we’ll give you that. It’s not like you can’t see a pair of stiletto ankle boots without thinking of crashing waves, golden sand, and lots of little creatures living inside seashells, is it?

Haus of Price, however, have managed to make just that connection, taking a pair of regular looking ankle boots, and then sticking seashells to them, in the manner of a child’s craft project. What do you think of the result, though? Do you find these pleasingly unique – after all, it’s not everyone who’ll have a pair of seashell shoes, now, is it? – or are you wondering how long it would take to pick all of those shells off them again? Tell us!

(Click here, meanwhile, if you just want to buy them)

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Celebrity Fashion

Angelina Jolie in Amanda Wakeley at the London premiere of Salt

If Angelina Jolie isn’t wearing black, she can generally be relied upon to wear white, and while this Amanda Wakeley dress is technically silver, it’s still not too much of a departure from her usual style. Anglelina chose to wear this dress without the belt that was shown on the catwalk, giving it a looser, more flowing silhoette. What do you think of it? You’ll find some more images in the gallery below!