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Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 shoes

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Shoe Collection

There is a saying that life is too short to wear boring shoes. Well, these definitely aren’t “boring”. And if everyone wore something like this, Fall 2012 would definitely be a much more interesting place. Would you wear them, though, assuming you could afford what will likely be astronomical prices,…

Moschino Cheap & Chic sweater

Moschino Not-So-Cheap-or-Chic

“No, seriously, I’m a size 0 – look how tiny my clothes are!” Well, that’s one way to try to trick people into thinking you wear a smaller size than you really do, we guess. And also a good way to make yourself look like you’ve been raiding the wardrobe…

sweater pants

Sweater Pants: not for shrinking violets

We just spent way too long looking at the close-up of these pants on Shopbop, in a bid to establish whether or not this model is wearing underwear. Way too long. We’re never getting that time back, people, but it’s OK: we stare at the model’s butt so you don’t…

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The Fashion Police is a style crime-fighting force dedicated to fighting crimes of fashion and solving style dilemmas. Whether they're arresting ugly items of clothing, answering Style S.O.S. calls, monitoring incoming trends or interrogating items of clothing in order to report back on their fit and quality, The Fashion Police keep a close eye on the world of fashion, and aren't afraid to call it as they see it. The Fashion Police blog is aimed at people who care more about style than fashion, and who won't be swayed by fashion trends and fads...