Outfits for the Indecisive: Maison Martin Margiela’s leather trousers/skirt combo


Hey, does anyone here remember a brief trend back in the 90s for trousers that had a skirt attached to them? Anyone? They were just regular, tailored trousers, of the kind you’d wear to an office job, say, but they’d have this little "pelmet" style skirt over the top of them. What did you think of that trend, if you do remember it?

We have to say, it wasn’t a look the young Fashion Police were ever into, but if you like to layer, find it hard to choose between trousers and skirts when you’re getting dressed in the morning, and were secretly hoping that trend would make a comeback, your luck could be in. Here’s Maison Martin Margiela’s updated version: true, both items are leather, and you’d probably not want to wear these to the office, but it is a skirt and trousers in one, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you can pay £798 for it at Yoox.com.

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