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Outfit Repeating: Fashion Crime or Absolutely Fine?

If you read fashion blogs at all, you’ll know that “remixing” is a thing now: “remixing” being the practice of taking a particular item of clothing and, you know, wearing it in more than one particular way. So, say you have a pair of jeans. One day you’ll wear them with a blue top, for instance, then another time you might wear them with a green top, or a yellow top. And you might also wear a different pair of shoes with them sometimes, too, if you want to get really wild. Voila! You are a “remixer”, you crazy fashion person, you!

Now, the idea of remixing has been around for a long time now, but not so long that we don’t remember when it used to go by a different name. Yes, way back in the day, when The Fashion Police were young whipper-snappers and this Internet thing was all just fields, “remixing” used to simply be known as “getting dressed”. It wasn’t a FASHUN thing, either: it was just what normal people did, every day. Because, let’s face it, not many people would buy that pair of jeans and think to themselves, “Now that I have this pair of jeans, I’m going to always wear them with this one blue top, and NOTHING ELSE, EVER.” Do they? Do people do that? We suppose some people do, but then again, some people wear pyjamas to collect their kids from school. Moving on…

What we’re trying to say here, is that we sometimes think “remixing” gets made out to be a little more complex than it actually is. But then again, the opposite of remixing – outfit repeating – is also sometimes made out to be much more of an issue than it really is. You’ve probably all seen those news articles in which such-and-such a celebrity is seen wearing the thing more than once, and the word is deemed to have ended. Or read a fashion blog in which the blogger feels they have to apologise for commiting the huge sartorial “crime” of repeating an outfit. We know we have, and we normally think, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t this what everyone does?”

Actually, we think it’s quite refreshing to see someone in the public eye wear something more than once. As with the remixing, that’s what real people do. We buy things and we wear them… and then we wear them again. And again. And, if you’re The Fashion Police, probably againandagainandagain. The alternative, you see, would be buying a completely new outfit every single day in life, and who can afford to do that? (And who has the closet space, come to think of it?)

So repeating items of clothing is just fine by us. And remixing is just what normal people do when they’re getting dressed in the morning. What about repeating the exact same outfit, though? As in, same skirt with the same top and the same shoes, say. Do you think that’s a crime of fashion, readers? Because we’ll be honest: we’ve done it. And we’ll probably do it again. Well, if you’ve happened to put together an outfit you absolutely love, it would be a shame to have to say to yourself, “You know, I really love this outfit of mine, so it’s a shame I’ll never be able to wear it again, because I wouldn’t want people to think I was repeating an outfit!” Wouldn’t it?

Here’s our guilty fashion confession, then: we don’t just repeat individual items of clothing, we sometimes repeat entire outfits. Not constantly, of course. We wouldn’t turn up to work in the same outfit day after day, for instance. And if we’re going out with friends, we’ll probably make a mental note of what we wore so we don’t wear the exact same thing the next time we go out to the same place, with the same friends. But we won’t obsess over it, or feel the need to never be seen in the same thing twice.

What about you? Do you repeat outfits? And if so, how often do you feel it’s appropriate to repeat them? Do you have rough guidelines (No more than once per week, or three times per month, or whatever?) or do you just wear whatever you feel like wearing when you wake up in the morning, regardless of whether or not you’ve worn it before?

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