Balenciaga wool coat

      Good coat gone bad : Balenciaga camel coat

      It’s always disappointing when a good item of clothing goes bad, isn’t it? We’re talking here about those otherwise perfect items: the ones that SHOULD be on our “Wanted!” list, but which end up in Fashion Police Jail, on a minor misdemeanour. They’re the good clothes gone bad: the ones we’d love if it wasn’t one for one tiny little detail that ruins an otherwise perfect item. We’ve all seen them, haven’t we? There you are, rummaging through the rails in your favourite store, when all of a sudden you see what LOOKS like the perfect dress. Excitedly, you pull it from the rack… only to find that it has a giant cut-out section on the ribs, or it’s completely…

      overpriced denim jacket

      How much would you pay for a beat-up denim jacket?

      [Buy it here] Can you guess how much this denim jacket costs, Style Sleuths? No cheating, now: don’t go clicking on the link and pretending you knew all along. Just give us your best guess, taking into account the fact that the style is dated, the denim is busted, and it looks suspiciously like its been cobbled together from a pair of jeans. Any guesses? OK, we’ll tell you: this denim jacket will set you back £1,735 British Pounds – or roughly $2,700. Surprised? We were. But then again, not really, because, you know, FASHUN. Only in the wonderful world of high fashion does something become more expensive the worse it looks. If it looks like something you wouldn’t be…

      green coat

      This coat is totally ‘armless

      This coat isn’t a crime of fashion: or not in our book, anyway. Actually, it’s quite nice: we love the colour, like the slim, unfussy shape… nope, no issues with THIS coat. Well, other than the lack of arms, obviously. This coat, you see, is totally armless (GEDDIT). It’s not particularly a sartorial issue, you understand, because as we say, its appearance is perfectly inoffensive. So we guess our main question with this one is whether or not you’d pay £89 for a piece of winter outerwear, which would require you to buy/wear other items in order for it to fulfil its purpose AS outerwear. This isn’t a new concept, obviously. We submit into evidence the humble body-warmer, which is…

      asymmetric coat in two colours

      Can’t make up your mind which winter coat to go for?

      [Buy it here for $928] For most of us, winter coats definitely fall into the category of “investment purchase” – and that means choosing one can be tricky. Because winter coats tend to be one of the more expensive clothing purchases you make all year, and also because you know you’re going to be wearing whichever one you choose every day for weeks, you really don’t want to make an expensive mistake. But what style to choose? Should you go for Dull-But-Sensible black or navy: the workhorse coat, which will go with everything, but never really make you excited to wear it? Or should you go throw caution to the wind, with the Pop-of-Colour coat? Sure, it might clash with…


      Crime of Fashion? Moschino’s Trench Coat/négligée hybrid

      [Buy it here for $2,995] It took us a few seconds to work out exactly what we were looking at here, but then it hit us: you know all those times – those many, many times – when you want to wear a classic trenchcoat, but you ALSO want to wear a silky négligée ? Well, this item is the answer to your prayers: isn’t fashion marvelous? Now, we have to admit, there have been times in our lives – and quite possibly in yours, too – when we’ve been tempted to throw a coat on over our nightclothes and run out on a quick errand. We’re not saying we’ve given into that impulse – yet  –  you understand: simply…


      Crime of Fashion? Lazy Oaf ‘Fur Face’ jacket

      Lazy Oaf ‘Fur Face’ jacket, $244 In a bid to be fair to this suspect, let us just first of all point out that at least it’s “only” $244, so while it’s still expensive (Especially considering its appearance…), it’s not QUITE as mind-bendingly expensive as some of the fashion criminals we’ve been forced to arrest. Er, that’s pretty much all we’ve got on the “positives”, to be honest. Because, let’s face it: this is a Muppet jacket. It even has the eyes. Two sets of them, in fact. Actually, if you try to forget that it’s supposed to be an item of clothing, it’s almost endearing: it’s the kind of thing you can imagine your much younger self absolutely LOVING,…


      Style Stealer | Frankie Sanford’s (The Saturdays) bright yellow Zara coat

      Zara yellow piqué coat, £79.99 We loved this bright yellow coat when we spotted it on the Zara website a couple of weeks ago, and we love it even more now that we’ve had the opportunity to see it in action, as worn by Frankie of The Saturdays to the Kiss FM studios last week: (For those of you who’ve never heard of Frankie Sanford or The Saturdays, she’s the one in the bright yellow coat. Obviously.) This is a lightweight coat, suitable for the current season, and we love the 60s-style stand-up collar, and the causal-but-cool style. We also love the colour: yellow (especially bright yellows like this one) is a shade a lot of people hesitate to wear, fearing…


      The pastel coat trend isn’t dead yet…

      Lemon coat: Marks & Spencer Thought the trend for pastel coats would fade away like winter itself? Think again: cold weather may be on its way out (Let’s hope those don’t turn out to be famous last words…) but those pastel coats are still very much IN, and it looks like they’re going to stay that way throughout the summer, and probably into next autumn and winter, too. That’s bad news for those of you who hate them, of course (or who just wish we’d stop talking about them), but if you’re a fan of all things pastel, it could be very good news indeed. As you’d expect, the current crop of pastel coloured coats are far more lightweight than…


      Stylish Down Coats and Jackets: do they exist?

      As the temperature plummets, the search for stylish down jackets begins… January is a month when many of us feel like giving up on style altogether. When the temperatures are sub-zero, and the rain never seems to stop, all you want to do is either stay indoors, or bundle up in the warmest coat possible – who cares what it looks like? If you DO care what that coat looks like, however, it can be easy to feel uninspired by the choices available. The warmest down coats always look more like giant sleeping bags than actual outerwear, and by this point of the year, even those “sleeping bag” styles can be hard to find, because so many brands have replaced…

      which coat to wear with jeans

      The Fashion Police’s Quick Guide to Coats (and how to wear them)

      With the Northern hemisphere now firmly in the grip of winter (even although it doesn’t officially start for another couple of weeks), chances are your trusty winter coat is seeing a lot of wear right now. Coats and other pieces of outerwear almost become outfits in themselves at this time of year, and although that might make you think it doesn’t matter what you wear under them, think again: the wrong coat, with the wrong outfit, can make you look more like a badly-wrapped parcel than the stylish person we know you are. With that in mind, here’s our quick guide to coats, and how to wear them… What kind of coat to wear with a midi dress/skirt? Midi-length skirts…


      How to dress up your winter coat

      Winter coats: Collectif Remember Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, and her amazing selection of outerwear? At this time of year, we often wonder why more people don’t take a leaf out of Blair’s book and turn their trusty winter coats into outfits all on their own, as opposed to simply the warm covering you use to HIDE the outfit underneath. We’re not suggestion you go all-out like Blair, of course, but when you spend so much time in a particular item of clothing, a few small touches can go a long way to making that drab winter coat look a little more glamorous. We’re talking about little things like… Switching out the buttons Many coats come with perfectly serviceable, but not…


      Wanted! Winter coats at Miss Selfridge

      Miss Selfridge full-skirted coats, £85 If you’re anything like us, the recent plunge in temperature here in the UK has got us just a little bit obsessed with outerwear. More so than we usually are, even. The problem with winter coats is that, because they tend to be to pretty expensive, they can end up taking up a huge chunk of your clothing budget, and if you’re dropping that much money on something, you REALLY don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Enter this Miss Selfridge full-skirted coats. Not only are these reasonably affordable at £85 (No, it’s not what you’d call “cheap”, but it’s not easy to find a great coat for a whole lot less), they’re also the…


      Random Roundup | Five colourful winter coats

      When it comes to winter coats, dark colours tend to dominate. Why is this? We’ve never really understood why people seem to want to match gloomy weather to gloomy colours, but this season we’re pleased to see a number of exceptions to the general rule, with winter coats cropping up in just about every colour imaginable. Here are a few of our current favourites: ASOS pink Dolly coat, £85 Pink coats are a big trend this winter, so there’s no shortage of them for those of you who love them.  This ASOS Dolly coat is a much brighter pink than some of the winter coats we’ve seen, but the classic shape and (comparatively) affordable price tag makes it our favourite…


      Style Trial | Bright yellow coats

      We’ve already talked about pink coats as a fashion trend for this autumn/winter, but pink isn’t the only colour dominating the outerwear world right now: in fact, another, slightly less “safe” colour has also been cropping up on coats and jackets this season: we’re talking yellow, folks. Neon yellow, to be specific. Bright yellow coats are one of the slightly more unusual trends of the year, and we need to know what you think of them. First, however, let’s take a look at the evidence: Bright Yellow Coats for winter 2013 Coats by Topshop // Orla Keily // Zara Yellow itself isn’t an unusual colour for outwear, of course: in fact, mustard yellow is shade we see fairly often on…


      Miss Selfridge bow detail coat

      Bow detail coat, £79 Have you broken out the winter coat yet? We generally try to hold out until October before getting into the “proper” winter gear (Not because we consider that to be a fashion “rule”, we hasten to add: purely because we love summer, hate winter, and want to avoid the layering for as long as we possibly can. After all, we’ll soon have months and months in which to wear coats and boots to our heart’s content: why rush it?), but even we’re starting to think we may not be able to hold out much longer, given the current freezing temperatures here in the UK. Which makes us start thinking about coats, naturally. This little bow-pocket coat…


      Style Trial | Pink coats

      We’ve already talked about pink as a colour trend in general for winter 2013, but there’s one area in which all of that pink is really going to dominate: outerwear. For some, the pink coats will come as a welcome relief from all of the grey, black and navy that retailers usually try bombard us with as the weather gets colder. Why do fashion designers think that when the weather’s gloomy, we’re going to want our clothes to be gloomy, too? We will never know. What we DO know, however, is that they’ve recently had a change of heart: last winter saw an infusion of pastel coloured coats into the outerwear market, and this season the trend continues, but with…

      green jersey blazer

      Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer

      A closet hero is an item of clothing which, once purchased, quickly becomes indispensable to its owner. Here at TFP, we don’t believe that there are particular items which “every woman” should own: we’re all too different to need or want exactly the same clothes. We do, however, believe that most people have their own closet heroes, and in this regular column, we’ll be sharing some of ours: and hopefully some of yours, too…. Today we’re kicking off with one of our favourite items at this time of year: the jersey blazer. All blazers: Zara Actually, we reckon there’s a convincing case to be made for ALL blazers to be considered as closet heroes, regardless of what they’re made of….

      mustard swing coat

      High Street Shopping: Topshop A-line 60s swing coat

      We’ve been showing you a lot of coats lately, but given that those of us in the Northern hemisphere have reached that time of year when it’s impossible to leave home without one, we hope you’ll forgive us. This coat is from Topshop, and combines a simple shape with a stand-out colour. Mustard is one of those shades that gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes. It definitely doesn’t work on everyone, but if it works on you, it can be surprisingly versatile, and will also provide a splash of pretend sunshine on days when the real sun won’t oblige. We can’t say no to that… [Buy it]

      Oasis tweed padded jacket

      High Street Shopping Pick of the Day: Oasis tweed padded jacket

      Staying stylish in the winter is no easy task, and if you’re anything like us, you might start out with the best of intentions, but quickly revert back to good old “comfort clothes” and anything at all that’ll keep you warm, regardless of what it looks like. We’ve already shown you some cheap winter coats, plus some more expensive pastel-coloured ones, all of which will make great weapons in the style war against winter, but if you’re looking for a more casual option, we also really like this tweed padded jacket from Oasis, which is that all-too-rare thing: a padded jacket that actually looks stylish. Imagine! We think this is a nice alternative to the traditional down jackets, which are…

      Karen Millen pastel blue coat

      Wanted! Pastel coloured coats

      img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-36856″ title=”pastel coloured coats” src=”http://www.thefashionpolice.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/pastel-coloured-coats.jpg” alt=”pastel coloured coats” width=”630″ height=”436″ /> Thought pastels were just for the summer? Think again, friends. This winter, we’re pleased to see that quite a few of our favourite brands have decided to carry the summer’s pastel shades right through into their winter collections, and, specifically, into their winter coats. Now, these shades aren’t quite as practical as the traditional blacks and jewel tones found in outwear at this time of year, true. They may need a little more dry cleaning, depending on just how dirty the weather gets. But just because the weather’s dark and gloomy, it doesn’t mean our clothes have to look the same, so if you’re looking to…

      Frightening Fashion: Meadham Kirchoff monster-print faux fur jacket

      Frightening Fashion: Meadham Kirchoff monster-print faux fur jacket

      Halloween is “just around the corner”, as we are reminded by helpful press releases at least twenty times per day, so we thought it only appropriate to show you a piece of truly frightening fashion. When we say “frightening”, though, we’re not just referring to the monster face on the front of this Meadham Kirchoff jacket. We’re also referring to the £4,455 price tag. For faux fur. (Not that real fur would make this any better, obviously. Actually, it would make it considerably worse, because it would mean some poor animal had died for it. But at least it would to some way towards explaining the price tag, no?) Want to see what it looks like on? Your wish is…

      cheap winter coats

      12 Cheap Winter Coats from the UK High Street

      We’ve already established that a good coat is a winter wardrobe essential, and winter coats are generally talked of as investment purchases, too: those few items that are worth paying more for. That’s all well and good, of course, but what if your budget can’t quite stretch to a big investment right now? Worry not: there are plenty of cheap winter coats out there, if you know where to look for them, and buying a cheaper coat doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality: you might be surprised how warm some of the budget options can be, but even if you only get one season’s wear out of them, at least it’ll give you a bit of time to save…

      addidas x jeremy scott puffa jacket

      Addidas x Jeremy Scott ‘Animal Puff’ jacket

      You know those people who are always banging on about how wild and kerrazeee they are, and going out of their way to prove it, by using the words “wacky” and “zany” a lot to describe themselves, and sometimes adopting a wardrobe to match? They’d totally wear this. Mind you, you’d really HAVE to be a bit “kerrazeee” to want to pay $648 for it, wouldn’t you?  And on the plus side, at least people would be able to see you coming from a mile off… [Buy it]

      winter coats

      Wanted! Covetable Winter Coats from Coast

      Winter coats are boring. Well, most of them are, anyway. They’re also that unfortunate combination of super-expensive – generally one of the most expensive clothing-related purchases you ever make – but also super-dull: the kind of purchase you make because you HAVE to, not because you WANT to. (Disclaimer: The Fashion Police are not fans of winter or its fashions. This colours our judgement in this matter. And by that we mean “it makes us totally biased”.) These winter coats are different, though. They’re by Coast, who we’re more used to associating with wedding guest and bridesmaid attire, but who also do rather an excellent line in outerwear, bringing to their coats the same giant dose of “ooh, that’s fancy”…

      Marc Jacobs fur jacket

      Crime of Fashion: Marc Jacobs faux fur and crystal-embellished stretch-wool cardigan

      Uh-oh: Marc Jacobs is trying to make Muppet Fashion happen, again: we may need to call in reinforcements here, folks! This £2,280 “cardigan” looks a lot like a badly-plucked muppet to us, but then again the use of patchy faux fur, dyed a shade that doesn’t occur on real fur, almost almost has an unfortunate comedic effect as far as The Fashion Police are concerned. What do you think, though: guilty or innocent?  [Click here to buy it]

      Maison Martin Margiela jumpsuit jacket

      Crime of Fashion: Maison Martin Margiela jumpuit jacket

      That awkward moment when the hostess asks if she can take your jacket and you have t wriggle your way out of it and then hand it over, legs dangling… (Oh, don’t give us the, “But it’s ART! It doesn’t HAVE to be practical!” thing. Yoox.com describes it as a “jacket”, not a “sculpture”. It’s being sold as an item of clothing, on a clothing website: it’s fair to assume they expect you to wear it, not hang it on your wall…). [Click here to buy it]