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Five UK Fashion Stores we’d like to see selling online

Onlineshopping Last week when I was writing about Matalan’s current shoe collection and bemoaning their lack of an online shopping facility, it suddenly occurred to me that there are lots of other great stores in the same position – and that my life would be so much more stylish (albeit poorer) if I could just whip out my credit card and shop from them online, rather than having to haul ass all the way to their nearest store, only to find out that the thing I’m looking for is sold out in my size anyway.

So, here they are, the top five UK fashion stores the Fashion Police would love to see opening up online stores. They can consider this a first warning: if we don’t start seeing some shopping cart action from them soon, we may have to start nagging…

1. Primark

OK, Primark, the gig’s up. I’ve had enough of reading about your cheaper-than-chips designer copycat items, then waiting for months only for it to sell out within five seconds of going on sale. I’ve had enough of finding your clothes on eBay for 5x the original price. And, come to think of it, I’m tired of the way your stores always resemble a jumble sale thirty minutes after the doors open, with women happily pulling each other’s hair out in order to fight their way to that last, precious, size 10. No, I’d much rather sit at home, in front of my laptop, and have your bargain goodies delivered to my door. You couldn’t sort that out for me, Primark, could you?

2. Zara

Zara, I love you, but you know what? I only ever shop in you when I go on holiday, because you don’t have a store in my town, and I can’t be bothered driving all the way into the city to get to you. I promise I’ll lavish much more money on you if you start selling online, though, ‘kay – do we have a deal?

3. New Look

Now, there’s a New Look just ten minutes away from my house, so this is really just my laziness talking, but please, New Look, take pity on a lazy girl and let her buy from you with just a few clicks of her mouse? She’ll love you for it forever, she promises…

4. George at Asda

There are rumours you’re actually going to be selling some of your clothes online next year, George-at-Asda, and all I can say is I really hope it’s true, because I’m a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown here. That dress? That green dress with the big, swishy skirt I really wanted for my honeymoon earlier this year? Five times I visited you in the week before my wedding, to see if you had that dress, that precious green dress in my size, and five times I came away disappointed. And this happens a lot, George-at-Asda: you have one of the best size ranges I’ve seen, ranging from a 4 to a 24 (I think), but you rarely have MY size in the clothes I want. It would help me so much to be able to just jump online and check before I make the weary journey to your door yet again, and hey: there are still lots of people out there who are yet to discover the wonder of you because you don’t have a store near them. Do them a favour, too, hmmm?

5. H&M

Oh, H&M: how fabulous you can be, and how rarely I get to shop in you because – guess what? You don’t have a store near me. Again. Some of my favourite clothes came from you, though, H&M: you’re always cheap, always on-trend, and you have some lovely little pieces hiding away in your depths. Thing is, though, I always forget you even exist because your lack of an online store means that you rarely cross my radar these days. Fix it? Please?

So there we have it: those are the five stores I’d most like to see start selling online. Now it’s your turn to tell me yours…

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