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What’s your favourite online fashion shop in the US?

campaign shot for J Crew's online fashion shop

(Image: J Crew Spring 2011 campaign)

A couple of years ago, we put together our directory of online clothing stores in the UK. Now we want to do the same for the US, but there’s just one problem: we need your help!

Not being US residents, we’re not quite as familiar with the online offerings across the ponds as we are with those in dear old Blighty. That’s where you come in. Leave us a comment with a link to your favourite online fashion shops in the United States, and our officers will check it out: simple!

There are just three rules:

1. The store must ship to the United States.

2. It must offer online shopping: so that fabulous little boutique around the corner doesn’t count unless it has an ecommerce website.

3. It must stock clothing of some kind.

Oh, and our spam filter sometimes overreacts when it sees lots of links being posted, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear immediately: it’ll just have gone to the spam folder, and we’ll dig it out as soon as we can!

Speaking of spam, comments on this post will close in a couple of days, to prevent us getting spammed to death, so if you have some stores to share, speak now!

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