Fashion Accessories On Trial: Oversized sunglasses

Still reeling from the news that UK TV Style think oversized sunglasses are the third-worst crime of fashion you can possibly commit , I’ve decided to put the offending items up On Trial and find out what the Fashion Police regulars think about them.

Now, I’ve already given my opinion: I love my oversized sunnies and am rarely ever seen without them – but then, I don’t have the kind of emaciated, Nicole Ritchie-style figure that, when paired with big sunglasses, can make the wearer look like a giant, bug-eyed stick insect. (Do you even get bug-eyed stick insects?) I think Paris Hilton really suits her big sunnies in the picture below, but do you all agree with me, or should we be calling her a fashion criminal instead, as UK TV Style would have us believe? As the owner of several pairs of glasses not unlike these, I’m clearly too biased to judge on this one, so it’s over to you, dear readers. Whaddya think?


  • November 21, 2007


    i only where black oversized
    small ones make my head look weird
    like john lennon
    thats not the look i want…

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  • March 27, 2009

    Madonna Sunglasses

    I am myself looking for oversized sunglasses to put on this summer but could not find a great one yet.

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  • April 22, 2009


    I hate them. I know that it’s probably good and healthy to completely cover your eyes from the sun, but I just don’t like that insect look.
    Besides you can’t find ANY other sunglasses around, and that makes me mad. I’ve been searching for two years now and can’t find any that suit my small face.
    When will this ugly trend finally be over?!

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  • September 3, 2009


    I love them, they kind of make you look like a bug, but a glamorous one! They make me feel like a movie star and plus, they make your face look smaller and daintier in comparison. Sometimes it’s hard not to make them look too sloppy though.

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