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On Trial: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses

So, maxi dresses – what do you make of them? For me personally, these are to be avoided at all costs – not because there’s anything wrong with them, pe se, but because, as a bit of a short-ass, anything longer than knee-length totally drowns me. The dress on the left of this picture, with all of that billowing material, for instance, would leave me looking like nobody’s child, and while I love the print on the purple one second from the right, it would probably drag along the ground behind me, leaving me looking like an extra from some weird costume drama. So, for me, I feel like fashion has gone out of the frying pan and right into the fire, with the move from unflattering tunics to – in my case – equally unflattering maxis.

But that’s just me. I know lots of women are big fans of the big dresses – are you?
(Oh, and if you are, you’ll find all of the ones pictures at Dorothy Perkins)

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