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On Trial: ‘Take a Bow’ shoes by Irregular Choice


I know Irregular choice are guilty of some of the biggest crimes of fashion ever seen on this site, but they also have moments of sheer loveliness, and for this reason I have to confess to being a bit of a fan. Yes, I love me some Irregular Choice – sometimes. Not, I hasten to add, all the time, and I’ve yet to actually take the plunge and buy a pair of their shoes, but one day I will. I’m just not sure it’ll be this pair.

I like the theory behind these shoes. Bows, velvet, pinkness… I’m just not sure I like the practice. It could be the brown lining, or it could be that the bow is just too damn big, but there’s something stopping me liking these unreservedly. What is it? Vote on them after the jump…

Oh, and if you want to buy them… Take a Bow by Irregular Choice – $111.56 at Zappos.

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