On Trial: Harem pants. Stop! Hammer time!


OK. We’ve spoken out against Harem Pants before. Some of you have even joined us in condemnation of them, thus securing their place forever in the Fashion Crime Hall of Fame. Or so I thought. Lately I keep seeing harem pants everywhere. It’s like some awful recurring nightmare, and I just can’t escape it. The ones pictured above are by Topshop, but they’re far from the only offenders. There’s only one conclusion I can come to here: people must actually be buying and – gasp! – wearing them.

So, I have to know: what do you think of harem pants? Do you wear them? And if so: what do you wear them with?


  • October 16, 2007


    I suppose I’m strange, but they don’t look like “harem” pants to me, they look like knickerbockers, and i love the look of knickerbockers.

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  • October 17, 2007


    Yeah, those seem more like knickerbockers/gypsy style to me, and I can get behind that.
    Now when the crotch is low, the waist is high, and the ankles are tapered? EEW.

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  • October 18, 2007


    this would make a good example, i think
    (it was posted on the sartorialist’s blog in the past week, i think)
    what i own are a pair or red longer example of harem pants and usually combine them with some feminine tops that follow the feminine curves and ballet flats, going for a funky overall image. and yes, it can be pulled off. (though the truth is i would only wear these in summer)

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