On Trial: Emily’s camisole – what do you think?

EmilyscamisoleGuest blogger Emily, of Fabulous Fashion Sense wants to know what Fashion Police readers think of this camisole.

Emily writes…

I have this blog about my opinions and musings on fashion. As you can see, it’s called "Fabulous Fashion Sense". I know it’s such a daring move for me to even consider I have a fabulous fashion sense when the truth is I have a next to no fashion qualifications.  I do have a sister who has a degree in fashion. But I really think I have more fashion sense than her. Ooopss….sorry sis.

I have all these views about fashion through reading fashion magazines consistently and watching any fashion related show there is on the television. To cut the story short, I have posted a number of blog posts of fashion items that I bought, and had my say about them. There was this one particular post that I did which had sparked up an annoyance for a person, or maybe more than one person. But all of my one and a half years of blogging, this is the worst comment that I’ve ever received. This is what it says:

“I can’t help it but saying you gotta be kidding me with all your fashion statements. They’re not even close to fabulous as you have acclaimed. You need a major makeover…sorry to say.”

What do you think it does to my self-esteem? I was a bit offended of course but I tried to be as professional as I could be when I replied on the comments. But then the person never replied back to me. I don’t know whether he or she is afraid to leave any more comments or does he or she feel like puking to even see my posts. I think this is the worst fashion crimes I’ve made so far. It’s all because of this particular camisole that I bought. I just thought it’s a unique camisole with Bollywood-like detailing. Seriously, what do you think? Should this camisole be thrown away?

So, what do you think? Leave Emily a comment and let her know whether she really has made a crime of fashion…

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