Oi! Miss Selfridge! Sort it out!

Miss Selfridge Tunic Dresses

See these two dresses? These dresses were going to be my salvation – a small victory in the ceaseless battle against tunics. "Why, those look almost like dresses with waists!" I gasped this morning as I saw them appear on the Miss Selfridge website (and yes, I know the one on the right doesn’t have much of a waist – it’s almost empire line, but it’s still lower and less sack-like than some of the monstrosities we’ve been seeing lately, and I thought it might be a useful little dress to pull on over my bikini on holiday). I was so excited I almost wet myself. (Note: not really)

Can I buy either of these dresses, though? No, I cannot. Because even although they’re just "new in!", Miss Selfridge don’t have any stock of them. And it’s not just my hard-to-find size that they don’t have any stock of either. No, Miss Selfridge don’t have these dresses in ANY size. So actually, you could say that there’s no point in them being on their website at all. Or on mine, come to think of it.

Miss Selfridge? When you sort it out, let me know….

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  • April 10, 2007


    I love the yellow dress! It’s so cute! Any idea how much it is?
    The other one is a little too messy for my taste.

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