Dress of the Day | Oasis winter butterfly shift dress

Oasis winter butterfly dress

Oasis winter butterfly dress, £55

Summer prints on winter dresses has been something of a theme this year. You’ve probably heard the term “winter floral” (It refers to floral prints… which you wear in winter. Because OF COURSE…) being bandied around, and now Oasis have continued in the same general direction with their winter butterfly shift dress.

Although butterflies – and butterfly prints – are something we generally associate with the warmer months of the year, the black background on this print makes it seem more winter appropriate, although there’s obviously no reason you wouldn’t be able to wear it at any other time of year, too. The shape is one Oasis have done a lot of this year: it’s such a classic shape that it doesn’t really date, but the butterfly print helps freshen it up, and make it a little more interesting than the usual little black dress.

This is £55, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, we also found this dress at Florence & Fred, for just £25:

winter floral shift dress

No butterflies on this one, but the shape is similar and the “winter floral” print creates the same feel, for half the price. The Tesco dress is uses a scuba fabric, and is a little more body-conscious as a result of that, but it makes a nice alternative to the slightly more expensive Oasis number.

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