Crimes of Fashion

Nunettes joke-shop style glasses: the new “hot trend” apparently

We know: you’re wondering what on earth we’re doing policing joke shops when we’re supposed to be a Fashion Police, aren’t you?

Bear with us: these may look like your typical prank glasses, the kind of thing you’d buy for Halloween, or to play a joke on a friend, but nope, they’re being sold at designer fashion emporium Colette, who say they are a “must have”. They also claim the brand has been seen on celebrities such as Lady Gaga, P Diddy and … Carine Roitfeld. OK, we can totally see Gaga in them, that’s for sure. And we wouldn’t put it past P Diddy, either. But we can only assume Carine Roitfeld wore another style from this brand, and NOT the glasses pictured. Because we just can’t see it somehow, can you?

More to the point, can you see YOURSELF wearing these? Well, they’re only about $35, so at least they don’t cost too much. This particular style has already sold out at Colette, but there are plenty more where those came from, and you can click here to view them all on the Nunettes website.

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