The Nubrella: Stay warm, look stupid


There comes a time in everyone’s life when the demands of fashion and practicality just clash. After all, no one really wants to look like a giant, pod-headed alien, but now that’s it’s raining more than ever (to quote Rihanna) we just bet there’s a small part of you – and yes, it may be a very small part – looking at the picture of this glamorous woman with her head in a bubble and just wishing you were her.

No? Not even a little bit?

For those of you who do love this concept, it’s called the Nubrella, and it uses a patent-pending shoulder strap and offset handle to envelope your head and shoulders in a transparent bubble, thus keeping you dry, from the shoulders up at least. The rest of you will just have to stay wet. Sorry.

No, it doesn’t look good, and we can’t really imagine Rihanna dancing with one onstage, but we have to admit that the sight of a street full of people, all wearing these things would be something to behold… Buy it here – and if you do, we’d absolutely love to see the photos of you wearing it…

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