NORMA KAMALI: a fashion conundrum

We don’t think we’ll ever understand how it came to pass that the person responsible for these pieces of utter loveliness:

Norma Kamali swimwear

Norma Kamali swimwear, available at Net-a-Porter

Can be the same person responsible for this:

Norma Kamali blue dress

Norma Kamali blue dress at Opening Ceremony

Or, indeed, these:

Norma Kamali leather fringe trousers

Norma Kamali fringe foil fishtail pants

It just doesn’t computer, does it? It’s like Norma Kamali is designing for two different types of women. Or actually, maybe just one: the type of woman: the type who’ll wear a classic, retro onepiece to the beach, and then slip into an electric blue shress when it’s time to go to dinner. And now we come to think of it, maybe that applies to ALL of us. After all, even the most stylish dressers out there have that little bit of fashion criminal lurking inside them, and even the most hardened of fashion criminals must have their days when they wake up and think, “Screw it! I don’t want to be edgy and bang on trend today! Pass me a pair of jeans and a sweater!”

When you look at it like that, Norma Kamali is an absolute genius.

We’re still arresting at least two of the items on this page, though.

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  • July 24, 2012


    What the hell?! That said, those bathing suits are to die for!

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