NooShooz – one shoe, different uppers


Ever wished you have one pair of shoes that would go with just about everything you own? Bernie Hurst-Crossley did, and when she was faced with a hefty excess baggage charge after trying to take ten pairs of shoes on holiday with her (well, you need a pair for every eventuality, don’t you?) she came up with the idea for NooShooz – the shoes that zip off so you can replace the uppers.

Each pair of NooShooz comes with either two or three spare uppers, in colours of your choice. The idea is that when you get bored of the uppers you’re wearing, you just unzip them and replace them with new ones. One of the styles is shown above, and there are more at the NooShooz website. Prices range from £99.99 to £155.95, and spare uppers can be purchased sepparately for £20.

What do you think of these? It certainly sounds like a great, space-saving idea, especially for the aforementioned holidays, but we can’t help wishing the zips on the shoes were a little less obvious, on this style at least…

[via Shoewawa]
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