Nina Ricci silk bird-print dress

Nina Ricci bird print dress

Nina Ricci bird-print dress, £760

There are those who’d say that bird-print (and specifically swallow-print) has had its day, and is now well and truly played-out, but fashion designers don’t seem to have got that particular memo yet, so they’re still continuing to churn out bird-print dresses: probably because plenty of people are still willing to buy them.

We can’t say we blame them. Bird-print may be overdone, but that doesn’t stop us liking it, and this silk Nina Ricci dress is the kind of thing you could wear for years and never get tired of. It’s a classic, tea-dress shape, in an easy-to-wear navy silk, dotted with a subtle white swallow-print, and, as far as we can see, the only real drawback is the price, which, yes, is astronomical.

Not to worry, though: if you love the print but not the price, we tracked down this ASOS dress as a low-cost alternative:

swallow-print dress

Now, this dress isn’t even close to being a dupe for the Nina Ricci number. It’s roughly the same length, but it’s a skater shape rather than a tea dress, and it’s made from jersey rather than silk. BUT, the print is very similar, and at just £22, it’s way, WAY cheaper, allowing you to create a similar(ish) look for a fraction of the price.

Don’t like this one either? We’ve included some other bird-print dresses below: this is a print that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so if you like it, there’s plenty of choice in terms of colours and styles. And if you DON’T like, it, check back on Monday for our next Dress of the Day selection, or feel free to nominate your own current favourite in the comments section!

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