Nicole Ritchie looks good in a jumpsuit


Normally just the word "jumpsuit" is enough to make me dry heave, but actually? I think Nicole Ritchie here is looking pretty good in hers. No, really. OK, she looks like she’s auditioning for a Mariah Carey video – actually, scratch that, she looks like Mariah Carey (although without the boobs, obviously). And I’m talking like this is a good thing?WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, PEOPLE?

(I still think she looks good, though.)

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie Does Stripes

 Nicole Ritchie Does Stripes

I’d normally hesitate to recommend horizontal stripes to anyone other than Nicole Ritchie because they’re notoriously fattening, but if you do want to try and copy this look, the striped sweater is $58 at Banana Republic, the skinny jeans are by Blue Cult and are $117at Bluefly, and the Steve Madden peep toes (which, OK, aren’t as nice as Nicole’s Louboutins) are $149.95. Oh, and don’t forget the trademark huge sunglasses – Nicole never does. These are by Dior and are $210.

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  • May 8, 2007

    Mischa Kiedis

    oo Nicole Richie is my idol,she wear very good,i want to dress how she.
    she’s the most fashion girl for me.

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