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Start Style on Trial: Nicole Kidman in see-through Prada


We’ll be honest: our first instinct was to frog-march Nicole Kidman straight to the Fashion Police cells for this little Prada number, which she wore to the Tokyo premiere of The Golden Compass, but then we did a bit of reading and discovered that a lot of people seem to think this dress was a good choice for Nicole, and even although most of those comments were of the "It’s Prada, so it must be nice!" type, we’re reserving judgment and putting her On Trial anyway.

The Case for the Prosecution:

The Prosecution put it to you that this dress is a hellish mish-mash of net curtains and feathers that Nicole possibly cobbled together from old scraps that she found in her grandma’s attic. The Prosecution also begs leave to point out that the top of this dress? Is see-through. Making it look from a distance like she went out in her bra and feathers. Case closed.

The Case for the Defense:

The Defense says that if the Prosecution was a few months pregnant, it would be happy to look even half as good as Nicole.

Over to you, The Jury. Is Nicole Kidman guilty or innocent of Crimes Against Fashion ?

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