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Nicki Minaj would like more attention, please

Nicki Minaj in leopard print body suit and blonde wig

Nicki Minaj is still using New York Fashion Week as opportunity to market herself as having an “interesting” fashion sense. In a move clearly designed to get everyone talking about her, here she is doing the “Look! So zany! So wacky!” thing by matching her shoes to her body suit thing, to her hair. (Note: Matching your shoes to your hair is generally going to end badly. Just FYI.) The problem is, it’s working. Well, here WE are, talking about her. Damn, we walked right into the trap!

It’s a vicious fashion circle, this one. The more they dress strangely, the more attention they get, and the more attention they get, the more they dress strangely… and so the cycle continues. What Nicki here will have to beware of, though, is something we call The Gaga Effect. The Gaga Effect basically states that after a certain amount of “OMGCRAZY!” dressing, interest will suddenly and dramatically tail off, as everyone become desensitised to the strangeness, and starts saying, “Well, if it was someone else it would be shocking, but that’s what you expect from Nicki Minaj, isn’t it?” And before you know it, the would-be wacky dresser is being carried into venues inside a giant egg in order to keep the shock value going. Tragic.

Seriously, this outfit already seems pretty ordinary compared to THIS one, doesn’t it? And yet, imagine if Victoria Beckham wore it! Or Sarah Jessica Parker. Or almost ANYONE other than Nicki, Gaga or Rihanna, who should really look into starting their own gang. They could call it the Wacky Dressers Club, and they could swap tips on how to try and shock people with clothes, even although no one is even remotely shocked any more. Katy Perry could be in it, too. Think about it: it would keep them busy at least. That has to be worth something, no?

Our tip: really interesting dressers don’t have to rely on shock value to get their photos taken. Let this be a warning to you all. But especially you, Nicki Minaj.

[Image: Fame Pictures]
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