Nicki Minaj Halloween costumes set to be most popular of the year

Nicki Minaj Halloween costume

Forget the witches, ghosts and other ghouls which traditionally parade the streets at Halloween: this year the word on the Fashion Police beat is  that the Nicki Minaj Halloween costume is the one everyone will be wearing.

Nicki Minaj providing inspiration for Halloween costumes? Gosh, we wonder why?

Store-bought Nicki Minaj Halloween costumes are probably going to be hard to come by this year (Give it time, though: Lady Gaga has her own costume range now, after all…), but let’s face it, the fact that Nicki is ready and willing to wear just about anything will make this one a pretty easy DIY, especially if you have easy access to a semi-decent thrift store. Or if you have a little sister who does ballet, and you can fit into one of her old tutus.

Want to be Ms Minaj this Halloween?  You will need…

  • Candy coloured hair.
    A wig would be the sensible option here, but according to the glossies, pastel hair is “bang on trend” right now (an angel dies every time that phrase is used, by the way….), so if you decide to dye it, you could be Nicki Minaj for Halloween and a Fashion Victim for a few weeks afterwards!
  • Candy coloured clothes.
    Are you sensing a theme here? Really, anything goes with the clothing, as long as it could reasonably be described as “wacky”. Your outfit aim should be a kind of “Clown Barbie meets Ice Dancer” extravaganza. Go wild!
  • Anything that makes you think of Barbie.
  • Pale pink lipstick, bright blue eyeshadow. Or any other brightly coloured shadow, basically. Finish up with the longest, fakest looking false eyelashes you can find, and prepare to hit the streets looking just like Nicki Minaj!
What – or who – are you dressing as this Halloween?

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  • October 26, 2011


    Hmmm, to look like her I also think you need a face like a smacked arse – she always seems to look completely miserable.

    As for me, Hallowen is a Monday, and not something I ‘do’ anyway, so I expect I’ll be wearing pyjamas.

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