Crimes of Fashion

Nice day for a fashion criminal wedding

paco rabanne wedding dress

It’s a wedding dress.

Well, D’UH! What did YOU think it was?

This is by Paco Rabanne, and is an archive piece from 1985, which just goes to show, there was fashion criminals, sorry, we mean edgy, daring dressers, back then, too.

Paco Rabanne futuristic wedding dress

Paco Rabanne futuristic wedding dress

Want to wear this to your own wedding? Well, items like this don’t come cheap, but then, neither do dull, ordinary wedding dresses, and at least this one will give your guests something interesting to look at as you stand at the alter.

It’s £4,239, and you can click here to buy it at Far Fetch.

[Thanks to Justin for the report!]
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