New uniform for Fashion Police inmates

Black and white striped unitard

Our thanks to Fi for alerting us to existence of this stripey unitard: we’ve now placed an order for a joblot of these, which we’ll use as the new uniforms for the Fashion Criminals incarcerated in our jail. Punishing bad fashion with MORE bad fashion: it sounds a little bit backwards, but it works! And surely no one would enjoy being made to dress like THIS, hmmm?

(We highly recommend taking a look at this item on the ASOS website, by the way, and viewing the catwalk video: the poor model just radiates embarrassment, and no wonder…)

This, of course, is the other side of the saggy jumpsuit coin, which we investigated yesterday. Jumpsuits can be sad and saggy, you see, but they can also be way, WAY too tight and figure-hugging. Is there a happy medium with the jumpsuit? We honestly doubt it, but if you think you’ve found a way to make these work, we’d love to hear about it…