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New shoe line Acrobats of God: Ecstatic for elastic or a bit of a stretch?

There’s definitely something cool about Acrobats of God, the new shoe line from designer Nicole Brundage. It’s kind of hard to do something new and fresh in footwear that isn’t too gimmicky or unwearable. So kudos to Brundage and her collection of woven elastic and leather shoes featuring funky wooden heels and a pretty unique vision.

But the line attracts some unfashionable comparisons. First, a lot of the elastic here – especially the black and nude – reminds us of bra straps. Another negative association? The elastic-trim craze of the late ’80s and early ’90s which saw everything from overly chunky heels to grandmotherly loafers sporting spans of the stretchy stuff. Nowadays it’s mostly relegated to “comfort” footwear and the panels on boots to allow large calf sizes to fit in the same shoes as their skinnier counterparts.

Obviously, these designs are more fashionable than these counterparts, but are they attractive and would you wear them?

[View more of the line on The Cut, and purchase at Opening Ceremony or]
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