New Look’s Spring/Summer fashion collection

New Look's Spring/Summer fashion collection

Lookit this New Look model: doesn’t she look happy, in a smug kinda “Ha ha, I’m wearing summer clothes and you’re not!” kind of way? (Well, except in the last picture, obviously. In that, she just looks pissed) And well she might: for she is modelling New Look’s Spring/Summer 07 collection, and as New Look don’t see fit to put more than a few pictures of their clothing on their website (WHY?), here is one of the few places you can actually see it. So far? I like it. Well, I like the little cropped jacket, anyway: that’s SO mine when it comes into the store. The raggedy skirt? Not so much. And the brown, yellow and blue dress? Well, I can see where they were going with it, but it looks a lot like a sack to me. A colourful sack, but still… More pics after the jump.

Behold, it’s that laughing model again. Beeatch. Again, these two dresses would look like a sack on me, although I’m liking the straps on the one on the right. As for the skirt and shirt – love it. Sold to the lady at The Fashion Police…

Coats: New Look's Spring collection

Brown dress – NO! Coat – love you! Outfit in the middle – pass, but nothing special.

Dresses: New Look's Summer collection

“Hey, lookit me in my suave, Bryan Ferry style hat!” Er, OK…