New Look starts selling on line! Fashion Police crack open the champagne!


There will be partying at Fashion Police HQ tonight, people, because it would appear that one store at least has taken heed of our whining and opened an online store. Yes, New Look’s new website went live over the weekend, in a move which had actually been in the works for quite some time, so had nothing whatsoever to do with The Fashion Police, although we’d like to think our whining helped.

The site was pretty shaky over the weekend, presumably due to the high volume and traffic and the to-be-expected teething problems, but it seems to be running a little faster this morning, allowing you to go and buy all those cheap shoes and other items you previously had to travel to the store to get your sticky little mitts on. So far nothing’s really caught my eye, but I’m celebrating anyway, because now I’m that precious one step closer to never having to leave the house ever again. If Primark, Asda, Zara and H&M UK (yes, I know they sell online to most other countries, but I don’t live in those countries) could just follow suit, I’d be a happy Fashion Police office indeed.

Sadly, they’re only shipping to the UK at the moment, and the full line doesn’t appear to be available (there’s a certain little clutch bag with my name on it that I may just have to leave the Headquarters to acquire at some point), but bear with it – it is but early days.

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