New Look Spring/Summer 08 Collection

December can feel like a bit of a fashion wasteland: the shops are filled with wall to wall glitter, they’re getting ready to bring out last season’s unsold old tat for the sales, and there’s still months to go until the next round of shows. Worry not, though, fashion fanatics, for here’s a quick preview of New Look’s Spring/Summer 08 collection to make you think of sunnier days, happier times, and massive, tie-dyed tent dresses. Enjoy!


The girl on the right is running away from the girl on the left, lest she, too, be swallowed by the huge dress…


Over the knee socks: still fashionable in S/S 08, apparently.


Flapper style!


70s style. Not quite as sucky as it used to be.


Whee! Let’s go boating down on the lake!


Still rockin’ those socks.


Down on’t farm. (Also: die, wide leg jeans, just die already!)

In conclusion: next season just pick a decade – any decade – and go with it. And if you want to be a model, consider working for New Look. It looks like a whole lotta fun.

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