New in at Nasty Gal

Well, Fashion jurors, it’s been an interesting few days over at Nasty Gal, and no mistake.

First, we found this:

Nasty Gal shag pile jacket

We were all ready to make some joke about cheerleaders, or muppets, or… muppet cheerleaders (Shut up, it is SO a thing. Or it should be, anyway…) when we found ourselves totally distracted by this:

low-cut dress

HOW. How is she keeping this on? Liberal applications of Hollywood tape? Sheer willpower? WHAT? And even with the Hollywood tape, we don’t know, wouldn’t you still be afraid to actually MOVE in it, in case The Girls decided to cut loose? They look dangerously close to making a break for it here. Maybe we should put them behind bars?

Oh, wait: no need…

Nasty Gal Hot Legs dress

From this we deduce that breasts are in fashion this season. Or rather, nipples are. Need some more proof?

Nasty Gal Reply tee

The Reply Tee says it all, doesn’t it? So if you, too, want everyone staring at your nipples all day, head over to Nasty Gal and snap it up!


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