New Fashion Trends 2011: The Single Sleeve

(Single sleeved sweater, DSquared2, £175: click here to buy it)

As anyone who owns a right arm knows, sometimes that thing just gets SO DARN HOT, doesn’t it? Seriously, are we right? Your left arm? Freezing. Your neck and torso? So cold you could make ice cubes out of them. (Although that would be weird.) But trust the ol’ right arm to upset the apple cart and demand to be left as naked as the day it was born, eh? And thank goodness for fashion brands like DSquared2, for finding an answer to the eternal problem of the right arm…and for finding a way to charge people £175 / $280 for it!

Probably best not to mention to the people buying this that you could just buy a regular old turtleneck sweater and hack off one arm, eh? Or, better yet, find an old one you have no use for, and avoid dropping any cash at all. Because that would spoil their fun.)

We must confess, though, we were really just joking when we described this as a “new fashion trend”. It’ll just be a Dsquared2 thing, after all. It’s not like other designers are all going to be rushing to jump aboard the one-sleeve bandwagon, is it?

(One sleeve top, Sass & Bide, $165: click here to buy it)

Well, other than Sass & Bide, obviously. And wouldya look at that: their version leaves the LEFT arm bare! That totally destroys our theory of the Evil Right Arm.

While we’re on the subject of Sass & Bide, by the way, allow us to quickly draw your attention to this:

(Tete-a-tete pants, $265: click here to buy them)

Yeah. Anyway, back to those single sleeves, which are all of sudden starting to look pretty good to us, for some reason. Now, we’re all used to seeing single sleeves on dresses, for instance:

(One sleeve sash dress, £37, Miss Selfridge: click here to buy it)

It’s a bit of an eveningwear staple, isn’t it? It’s not our favourite look in the world, to be completely honest with you. But we barely bat an eyelid at it, so why not extend the same look to a turtleneck sweater, say? Will that one day seem as commonplace as the one-sleeved dress?

Well, we can only hope not. Because seriously: under what strange set of circumstances would such a thing suddenly seem like the ideal attire? (That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way: we genuinely want to know. We have a feeling that a story which included the line “And I just knew my one-sleeved turtleneck sweater would be the IDEAL thing to wear!” would be a story worth hearing.)

What do you think of the single-sleeved look, readers? Is it guilty or innocent of the charge of committing crimes of fashion?

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