New Fashion Trends 2011: Skater dresses

(Skater dresses, L-R: Jane Norman, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Debenhams)

As with many other so-called “new” fashion trends, skater dresses aren’t actually particularly “new at all”: in fact, those fitted waists and circle skirts harken back to the 80s, while the typically short lengths are more reminiscent of… well, of an ice-dance costume, which is where the name comes from. (And try telling us you’d wear a skater dress and NOT want to twirl in it a couple of times. We find it physically impossible. A girl’s gotta twirl when she’s wearing a full skirt…)

Skater dresses on the high street

2011, however, has seen more than it’s fair share of skater dresses, which are currently being sold, in almost every high street store in the UK. The current crop of dresses come in all the colours of the rainbow, and are typically high-necked, with cap sleeves (or no sleeves at all), and are designed to hit at around mid-thigh. We like the Ponte Di Roma fabric skater dresses are often made in because it holds its shape well, and tends not to crease too badly, but the current popularity surge has seen them appear in various different fabrics. Lace is particularly popular with this style of dress:

(White lace skater dress, £48, Topshop: click here to buy it)

Long sleeved versions, like this one from Topshop, are also fairly common, and perhaps a little more practical for daywear, and colder temperatures.

Longer length skater dresses

The skater dress is normally mini-length (although not quite as short as an actual skater’s costume, for which The Fashion Police will be forever thankful), but if you prefer your hemlines just a little longer, fear not: the current trend for midi skirts means that it is possible (although not exactly easy) to track down similarly shaped dresses in a longer length. We found this one at ASOS:

(Orange midi skater dress, £50, ASOS: click here to buy it)

This dress is basically a fashion editor’s dream right now, checking the boxes for three different trends in one:

– Midi length? Check.
– Bright orange colour? Check?
– Can have the word “skater” applied to it?  Check.

So if you’re the kind of person who worries about being “bang on trend”, go for it. If you’re not, it’s also available in a shade ASOS call “cafe creme”, and which we’d probably call “beige”

How to wear skater dresses

One of the joys of the skater dress is how easy it is to wear. The simple shape and typically bright colours these dresses come in mean they really lend themselves to a similarly simple outfit: they’re the kind of thing you can just add a pair of shoes to, and maybe tights if it happens to be cold out, and be ready to go. A slim belt will also help accentuate the fitted waist even further, and a brooch or necklace doesn’t hurt if you really want to accessorize.

What do you think of skater dresses, readers? Got any? Want to get any? Just desperate for them to disappear off the face of the planet?

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