A new dress for just £5? Too good to be true?

green wrap hem midi dress

When it comes to clothing, it kind of stands to reason, really, that you’re not going to get much for just £5 – and, if you do, it’s probably going to be cheaply – and unethically – made.

Enter Eveything5Pounds.com – where, yes, you guessed it, everything on the site is just £5. That’s an ACTUAL £5, too: this isn’t like one of those so-called 99p stores you come across, where almost nothing is actually 99p – no, absolutely everything you’ll find on this website is £5, from coats and dresses to shoes and handbags, plus everything in between.

Too good to be true, we wonder?

Well, we can say nothing about where these clothes come from, or how they’re made: we’ll make that clear upfront. A quick Google search revealed some vague excuse about them having “vast experience”” in the fashion industry, and therefore knowing where to source items cheaply, but we’d be interested to know where they’re ACTUALLY getting the clothes, and how they’re being made. Having said that, there’s no denying that, judging by the photos, at least, some of the clothes look pretty nice. We really like the look of the green wrap hem midi dress above, for instance, and we also came across quite a few other items we wouldn’t be adverse to giving closet space to – assuming, of course, that the quality is as good as the website claims it is, and, of course, that we can find some answers on how it’s all being produced.

Is a dress for £5 really too good to be true? Honestly, we suspect the answer to this one is probably going to be “yes, it is” – but if anyone has any evidence to the contrary, we’d love to hear it!

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