New and Now: 10 Of the Best New Arrivals At H&M

Is there anything more exciting than seeing new items from your favorite retailers? We’re always on the lookout for new arrivals at some of the top retailers and we love sharing them with our readers! This week, check out 10 of the best new arrivals at H&M!

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1. Knit Turtleneck Sweater, $34

h&m new items

The rich mustard color of this turtleneck is beyond gorgeous!

2. Jacquard-Weave Dress, $199

h&m new items

This black dress is perfect for an evening out.

3. Wide-cut Paper-bag Pants, $59

h&m new items

These wide-cut pants will bring a retro vibe to any workspace.

4. Leather Gloves, $59

h&m new items

Cold weather is upon us, so you’ll need these gloves to keep warm!

5. Jacket with Faux Fur Collar, $59

h&m new items

This plaid jacket has the coziest faux fur trim!

6. Ribbed Jersey Top, $29

h&m new items

This ribbed top has a unique button-down design that we absolutely love!

7. Jacquard-weave Scarf, $17

h&m new items

Grab this jacquard-weave scarf to keep yourself warm in the chilly Fall weather!

8. Shoulder Bag with Suede Tassel, $29

h&m new items

This cross body bag is adorable and budget-friendly!

9. Pile-lined Boots, $39

h&m new items

These boots would make the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe.

10. Skirt with Fringe, $69

h&m new items

If you’re looking for something with a pop of color that will turn heads, don’t pass up this royal blue fringe skirt!

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