New and Now: 10 Of the Best New Arrivals At Free People

Our favorite retailers are constantly getting in new inventory and we love to keep you guys updated when new items arrive! This week we’re showcasing ten of the best new arrivals at Free People. From cozy sweaters to boho accessories, it’s all here! Check out these awesome items below!

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1. Irena Asymmetrical Earrings, $38

free people new arrivals

These asymmetrical earrings will be the perfect finishing touch on any Fall outfit.

2. In Heaven Embellished Slip, $128

free people new arrivals

This embellished slip is absolutely gorgeous! You don’t even need to add accessories to your outfit with this one – it stands alone!

3. 1460 Smooth Lace Up Boot, $140

free people new arrivals

These white leather Dr. Martins boots will be the perfect addition to your shoe collection!

4. Meadow Lakes Sweater, $148

free people new arrivals

We are fully prepared to wear this boho-chic sweater to go pumpkin picking.

5. Alice Studded Houndstooth Beret, $48

free people new arrivals

She wore a studded houndstooth beret… ~ Okay, so maybe that doesn’t have the same ring to it, but we still love this beret!

6. Popcorn Pullover, $108

free people new arrivals

If you’ve ever looked at a popcorn ceiling and thought, “I wish I could wear something like that…” this sweater is for you.

7. Atri Distressed Clutch, $638

free people new arrivals

The price tag on this may be a little steep, but this bag is nothing short of gorgeous!

8. Sailor Stripe Jumpsuit, $129

free people new arrivals

This striped jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for a day at the beach or a Labor Day picnic, so grab it fast!

9. Jaden Ribbed Fringe Blanket Scarf, $48

free people new arrivals

Fall is rapidly approaching and you’ll definitely get use out of this super-warm oversized scarf!

10. Just Float On Cord Flare, $78

free people new arrivals

We’ve been singing the praises of flared pants for a while now and these take “flared” to a whole new level!

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