Natalie Portman is Best Dressed Lady of 2007 says InStyle

Natalieportman Natalie Portman has topped InStyle Magazine’s Best Dressed list, with the magazine claiming that Natalie "exhibits unwavering faith in the cut and quality of a great dress.”

Is that so? Well, she rarely makes a fashion mis-step, so I don’t have too many arguments with Natalie appearing on the list, although I perhaps wouldn’t have put her right at the top. Actually, I’m more concerned about how Jennifer Lopez got to number 5. I know the woman’s pregnant, and can therefore expect to be cut some slack, but seriously, have InStyle seen J.Lo lately?

You’ll find the full list after the jump. Take a look and then tell us what you think: is Natalie Portman really the best dressed woman of 2007?

The InStyle Best Dressed List in Full:

1. Natalie Portman

2. Drew Barrymore

3. Cameron Diaz

4. Penelope Cruz

5. Jennifer Lopez

6. Anne Hathaway

7. Cate Blanchett

8. Sienna Miller

9. Dame Helen Mirren

10. Former Tommy Hilfiger model Joy Bryant

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