The Emperor’s New Shirt

Nasty Gal Totally Exposed Blouse

Nasty Gal describe this item as a “totally exposed blouse“. Which isn’t strictly accurate, really: it’s not the BLOUSE that’s “totally exposed”, after all: it’s whatever lies under the blouse – bra, leather bustier, nothing

Let’s be honest, though: when you looked at this photo, you didn’t actually notice the blouse at first, did you? You were probably distracted by the aforementioned leather bustier, or the “classy” suspenders dangling from the cutoffs. So, the question is: if a blouse falls onto a model, but no one can actually see it, is it a crime of fashion?

We’re going to go with “yes”. If you’re going with “no”, you can either pay $48 for this one, or, alternatively, just don’t bother wearing a blouse over your leather bustier: it’ll create much the same effect, but be a whole lot cheaper. You’re welcome.

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  • August 9, 2012


    This needs to be paired with the scrap skirt from earlier this week for a wear or die challenge!

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